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India For The Unity Of Sikh Brotherhood


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
While we are fighting each other over issues like Dasam Granth and meat eating, let us not forget, in the end we are all brothers and sisters. Our disagreements have to be within the norms of sibling love.

For some people have decided to make fun of things which unite us strongly, our hero Fauja Singh and our fateful genocide of 1984. Please see this video and think twice before disparaging or making fun of a fellow Sikh, there are so many people working on it full time!


Dec 17, 2007
Kanwaljit Veer Ji,

Sorry to bother but the video appears as being Private and Youtube won't let me view it :/
Perhaps, you could offer a solution.

Sukrit Kaur
I saw this video yesterday morning. It's full of hate towards SIKHS. I stopped watching within 1 or 2 mins. Here's my take from the video - One of India's National TV (JaiHindTV) is mocking SIKHS (Fauja Singh - 100 year old) ?s were like this - why are you running ? and answers are like this - I have been running since 1984. and then why are you still running ? - I have been running since 9/11. Bottom line - Hindus scared overseas Sikhs out of Hindustan. The fools fail to admit, SIKHS left Hindustan because of discrimination, to seek better life, to be treated equal, to earn living etc...
One of my friends intake on FB was - Fauja Singh's accomplishments are for the world. Not just for the Sikhs, he is over 100 years old and can still run 26 miles. Most of us cannot walk 26 miles. But Indian media didn't run a single news after Olympic Torch bearing by Fauja Singh. But he same media was full of news on another Sikh Hater ( Amitabh Bachan ) whose speech cost thousands of lifes in November 1984.
I believe it was taken offline because of all the complaints and marked private.
For those of you who didn't get to see it - you are better off like that. It was full of hate. Loss of peace, which we seek by dissing Hindustan ( full of .....)
I apologize in advance to all !

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