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For Madmen Only

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    It is interesting to note that the facets that I hold dear as wolf, have a lot in common with Sikh philosophy. My view of death for instance, as a wolf, I could not care less, every day the game that is played out all over the world, has my full interaction, but I feel apart it, outside it, as a youngster I yearned to be part of it, part of anything, but the more I interacted, the more I became bored, I do not fear death, I have courted it so many times, why would I fear it. In fact, I do not fear anything at present, I recall shortly after my bankruptcy, feeling numb for months, it was not a planned bankruptcy, it was a full blown £1.5m affair with fiances leaving and many many repurcussions, I always remember feeling relieved when I felt cold, or hungry, I could still feel, even after everything that had happened, I could still feel, it meant the numbness went away, feeling cold was better than feeling numb. Helping others, also, sustained me then and it sustains me now, no matter what was thrown at me, I was able to dig my way out, some are not so lucky, call it wolfish honour, and then there is the connection, albeit the wrong connection, but what I do to maintain that wrong connection, I do religiously, and with happiness.

    Sikhism has the truth, wolfism has convenience, compromisation (is that even a word), and darkness, the pay off is the short lived moments, when you feel alive, like a shooting rocket, showering all and sundry with the ecstacy of happiness, knowing, full well, that such can be a 24/7 experience, with none of the darkness, to able to rise above the earthy, base animal, and be a man,

    I have spent the last ten minutes lost just staring at the screen, what shook me out was the sight of one of the smilies making fascist gestures towards me[​IMG],
    gallows humour, yes, thats what saves madmen,.
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