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Food For Thought: Dozen Facts Of Life

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Dozen Facts of Life

1. Life is a precious gift given to us by the God.

2. From sun to sea, every thing has a purpose and so has life. No doubt, the purpose of life is to work towards the betterment of humankind.

3. One should believe and act according to "Service Above Self".

4. A life without good goals is like a ship without navigator. So, your life should have good personal and professional goals. Don't live a random life.

5. At every step in life, you will find that there are two ways of going ahead - the bad and the good. The bad will seem easier to follow and may appear very appealing but the good path, may be difficult, will lead to forever happiness.

6. If ever depressed then look high into the sky and see God has created so many things to entertain you - the chirping birds, fresh breeze, etc

7. Although experience is the best teacher and time is the best healer but always learn from the mistake of others rather than waiting it to happen to yourself.

8. Suffering injustice is also an offence.

9. Life is a mix of joys and sorrows. If there would have been no sorrows then you would not know what joys are.

10. The biggest irony of life is that in most cases, if you help someone then it is your responsibility but if you cannot help due to your limitations then it is your fault.

11. Remember that nothing in life is as uncertain as life itself

12. A simple life with high positive thinking should be your motto.

- Syed Feroz Zainvi