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Food For Thought: BE DIFFERENT

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Be different

    To make a difference, you often must be different. It takes courage and confidence to go against the grain of negativity that surrounds you, and such courage can bring great rewards.

    Where others see only doom and gloom, look for the bright glimmer of opportunity. For it is most certainly there.

    When everyone is looking for someone to blame for what has already happened, turn your focus toward the future. Exploring the current possibilities will create infinitely more value than arguing over past failures.

    When you encounter rudeness and irritation, generously offer your own polite and confident patience. When you bump up against the arrogance of another person, melt it away with your own sincere, self-assured humility.

    Just because everyone is heading in a negative direction doesn't mean you must go that way too. On the contrary, it's a valuable opportunity for you to set a positive example.

    In times of great difficulty and stress, choose to be a beacon of encouragement, understanding and positive purpose. Be different, and you can truly make a valuable positive difference.

    -- Ralph Marston


    Practice: - STRONG FAITH + WILL POWER (DETERMINATION) + PATIENCE in difficult times !
    - choose an experienced & trusted "guide / mentor" to assist you during hard times !

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  3. SadeePuri

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    Jul 9, 2008
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  4. Canuck Singh

    Canuck Singh
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Just would like to ad...
    In order to make a difference, BE the difference. Whatever it is that is presenting us from seeing Peace in this world, be Peace. Then let your self practice of this concept relay into the world.
    What normal eyes see as still and unmoving, the eyes of the one connected to Source sees as an allusory play. All of life is moving with, and there is only transient stillness. These eyes see Light in all places
    Regard the future, the past, the present as immeasurable. All that we truly have is now. The Future is Now in time that will come, and the past is Now in time that has passed. Now is all there is and ever will be, and once we live in the Now we live Consciously.
    In such cases, practice being present. By being present there is nothing we bring to the stage, but we become a medium for outer energies to diffuse or to pass and slip away. Be present, nothing more, and then listening to your own Inner Presence, you will be able to create a positive action, not a reaction for that implies opposite polarity. You are here, and your are Now.
    Positivity is something that we can only express if we consciously choose to do so in every moment. The mind is the true struggle, it will coax you, jinx you, curse you, depress you. Meditate and remove the mind, and bring Spirit, bring awareness to the fold. This Spirit is intangible it is only a Source of Giving. It knows nothing else but to be Love.

    Discovering ones purpose is an ever blossoming event in the heart and mind of the individual. Allow it to blossom forth and encourage it to shine...
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