Food And Spirituality

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    Following principles should be kept in mind with regards to consumption of food
    (i) Food must be earned by the sweat of the brow (haq paraaya nanaka us sooar us Gai )
    (ii) Should be shared with the needy (Ghal khaye kich hatho de nanak rah pachane sey )
    (iii) Must not have caused hurt to sentient beings (e.g meat or dairy extracted in western style dairy farms) .... (Dukh na deyi kise jee pat seo ghar jaye )
    (iv) Should be consumed after few minutes of meditation with complete attention to the act - chewing, saliva, swallowing etc (no multitasking like surfing internet , watching tv while eating) for it is waheguru himself who is enjoying the meal through us (Ape rasiya aap ras)
    (v) Finally we must not eat beyond our appetite since this is detrimental for both mind and body - very hard on the digestive organs as well as causes all kinds of negative emotions - too many thoughts, worries, lust etc
    Dhrig eha jeeviya jit khaye vadaya peyt / Pasu jeo udar bhare .
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    Where did you get these principles from?

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