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Follow Only The Guru And No One Else

Jun 11, 2004
Fourth Mehl:
The self-willed manmukh is occupied with greed all day long, although he may claim otherwise.
At night, he is overcome by fatigue, and all his nine holes are weakened.
Over the head of the manmukh is the order of the woman; to her, he ever holds out his promises of goodness.
Those men who act according to the orders of women are impure, filthy and foolish.
Those impure men are engrossed in sexual desire; they consult their women and walk accordingly.
One who walks as the True Guru tells him to, is the true man, the best of the best.
He Himself created all women and men; the Lord Himself plays every play.
You created the entire creation; O Nanak, it is the best of the best. ||2||

( Note : Before anyone raises a eyebrow, this is Gurbani. We all agree that Guruji is talking about evil people and not labelling any gender as bad. )