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Flung My Shoe To Protest PC’s Remarks:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Flung my shoe to protest PC’s remarks: Jarnail
CHENNAI: Jarnail Singh, the scribe who flung his shoe at Union Home Minister P Chidambaram for his remarks on anti-Sikh riots was welcomed like a hero by the Sikh community here on Sunday.Jarnail released his book I Accuse on anti-Sikh riots. Admirers of Jarnail from the Sikh community, who gathered in large numbers for a signed copy of the book reflected similar anguish and dissatisfaction over justice being delayed in anti-Sikh riots. “This is what my shoe throwing act has done to me”, says Jarnail, pointing to the crowd waiting to talk to him. “The younger generations of Sikh community are getting aware of the injustice that had been meted out to their ancestors. I have been able to keep the demand for justice alive with my act. I am proud of its output.

Only regret is that I lost my position as a journalist”, he said in a chat with Express after the book release. “My act was only a symbol of anguish and protest as an individual against delayed justice by the State. It was not a personal attack on Chidambaram,” says the journalist-turned-author. “Though Chidambaram is a sensible leader who minces no words, he failed to respect the sentiments of the Sikh community at the press meet. Even while an entire community was denied justice for more than two decades, Chidambaram was expressing joy over the clean chit given to Congress leader Jagdish Tytler,” he recalled his act.

Speaking about his book I Accuse, Jarnail claims it to be one of the first works on the massacre. “When I started writing this book, I realized that not many facts or documents of the riots exist. Even in the media an entire generation of younger journalists knew nothing about the incident”, he said.

Singh says his book tries to prove a point about the State. “My work tries to prove that the riots were carried out by the State. Actually there were no Hindu-Sikh riots happening. It was a state conspiracy.”

Flung my shoe to protest PC?s remarks: Jarnail