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Five Kakars (5Ks)

P J Singh

Oct 7, 2022
For a baptized Sikh, 5Ks ( Kesh, Kanga, Kara, Kirpan, and Kachiara) and daily recitation of five Banis is mandatory as prescribed in Sikh Rehat Maryada; there are additional requirements as well to follow. In the context of Khand Ki Phul, the 5Ks collectively define the Khalsa identity - a unique status in Sikh Panth.

However, often people curious about the Sikh faith ask the significance of these individual 5 Kakars. For example, people often ask why are you keeping long hair or why are you wearing bracelet ( kara) or why are you carrying kirpan. Yes, as Sikhs or baptized Sikh, we are expected but what is their significance beyond being part of Khalsa identity.

The Sikh Rayat Maryada does not speak to or explain the significance of each Kakar. The genius and brilliance of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib's profound insight is embedded in prescribing these 5Ks. Can someone please help me understand what do you think is the significance of each individual Kakar ( 5Ks) that Guru Sahib might have assigned while prescribing these for the Khalsa, I do not know if there is any written record. WGKK-WGKF!

Logical Sikh

Sep 22, 2018
Read Parashar Prasna (translated in Punjabi by Harpal Singh Pannu, original in english by Kapur Singh )
It has one essay on one kakkaar each,
Although it may get a little/or (too much ) off topic sometimes, but they do give you alot of perspectives and indepth on kakaars...