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India Fauja Singh Leads Anti-drug Awareness Rally At Amioh, Punjab


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
101 years old Sikh marathon runner led anti-drugs awareness rally at Amloh (Punjab)


Amloh, Punjab (January 22, 2013): As per information 101 years old Sikh marathon runner Baba Fauja Singh led an anti-drugs awareness rally at Amloh, Punjab. The rally was reportedly organized by an education institute named Desh Bhagat Private University.

As per reports the rally was largely attended by University students and staff. In this awareness campaign students and staff marched for about 3 kilometres in Amloh town. The purpose of rally was to motivate the local people, especially the youth to avoid drugs and live an addition free life.
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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Earlier report from Bathinda

Promote rural sports to curb drugs menace in Punjab – Elders responsible for youth’s alienation from cultural values: Baba Fauja Singh

by Hainder Singh

Bathinda/Ludhaina, Punjab (January 24, 2013): According to a news report by Hindustan Times (HT) Baba Fauja Singh, world’s oldest marathon runner at 102, has given the state a tip to maintain stamina in the long race against drug abuse.

Promote rural sport, get the young generation involved, says the London Olympics torchbearer. “Every t i me I visit the country, I find the drug situation worsened,” he said on January 23, 2013 in an interaction here with the media during his visit to Punjabi lyricist Amardeep Singh Gill.

The Sikh icon thanked Gill for filing a case in Bathinda against the anchor, director, and producer of an online televison show on Jai Hind channel who had mocked at the legend and hurt his religious sentiments. On the show, an animated character of Fauja Singh was shown wiping his face with his white, flowing beard as a towel. “I am thankful to the people who stood by me,” said Baba Fauja Singh.

He told the media about the diet that keeps him going. “I avoid ghee and heavy eatables. I am not in the age to build body but to remain cautious for the next day,” said the astonishing athlete.

“People very young are falling prey to diseases because they have a wrong choice of diet: fried and junk food.”

As per report, on being asked about Punjab’s alienation from its culture, Baba Fauja Singh said the grown-up people were responsible for that.

“The children will only follow the path shown to them,” he said. Reflection on his last marathon in Mumbai, he said people there were good and energetic. “Proper arrangements were made and people showed a lot of spirit.”

“My body doesn’t allow me to run anymore, and this is the best time to retire,” Baba Fauja Singh reportedly added.
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