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Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
I think its a bit odd to be alone, odd thing to happen. Some take it as a challenge, not to be alone when alone. And succeed most times since we know God is very cool.

When you feel alone, you try find people on chat, go write a mail or make a call. Or you could talk to God. God is vast like the universe but stil the fastest to reply back.

So it doesnt take one time to settle with Him. More over Gursikhs prefer His company to most people, some prefer Him more than almost everyone.

Nothing like a room reverberating with anhad naad of Gurbani. Let me not blame people for what they are but let me praise God for vice versa.
Aug 29, 2010
What Gursikh is required to do should be very clear fro this quote from SGGS

"Jee Ki Birthaa Hoee Su GuR Pae Ardaasi Kar"

There is nothing beyond GuR in Gurbaani.

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"aloneness is an illusion. We are part of a spiritual family, breaking away to experience life on earth in a human body, so we come complete and whole in spirit and leave complete and whole in spirit. What we get attached to is part of our life experience, so we can find our path. It is like a moth is attracted to fire, and gets burnt, in order to become one with the light, one must give up it's form. Entering the light, is entering eternal life, and this only happens through giving up what seems to be important in order to receive what really is important. - Life Coach
Aug 29, 2010
Really wonderful and thought provoking message.

Surprisingly there is nothing withiout form.Even the light which ultimately leads to eternal life has definite and specific form.Thus it should be important to get the understanding and knowledge of the form of this light. This is actually what Gurbaani is telling us.


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