Canada Farm's Phone Ringing Off Hook With Offers Of Help

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Farm's phone ringing off hook with offers of help

Amy Reid - Surrey Now
August 15, 2013


Jas Singh said his phone hasn't stopped ringing since he put a call out for volunteers to help pick the crop he's growing for local food banks and charities.As of Wednesday morning around 9:30, he'd received 188 phone calls and 140 emails from people wanting to pitch in and help."My phone is still ringing every five minutes," Singh said Wednesday."I'm really excited. I know this is a done deal if even half of those people show up."

Singh started God's Little Acre farm three years ago and grew 62,000 pounds of potatoes on three acres of land, all donated to those in need.

Fast forward to the present and he's expecting 265,000 pounds of vegetables from the 34 acres he's farmed. The bounty includes carrots, red potatoes, green beans, mixed squash and cucumber.

Earlier this week, Singh publicly urged residents to volunteer and help pick the produce before it spoils.He wasn't expecting such an overwhelming response."It feels really good. I always have faith in everyday regular people. It makes me feel really good that people have a place to come and to do their community a service." He expected the farm to be swarmed Wednesday afternoon, the first day of volunteering since his call for help."I'm sure we'll be packed."

The extra help picking the produce will make a world of difference, Singh said."We're going to get 100 per cent of our product out efficiently," he said.

The farm will have the ability to deliver produce in stages, Singh said. "We will be able to give it to them as they need it. It will last a lot longer that way."

Marilyn Herrmann, executive director of the Surrey Food Bank, said local, fresh, high-quality produce is hard to come by, so it's greatly appreciated anytime it's donated. She said she looks forward to receiving some of the bounty."Any initiative that's going to bring healthy food to people who are really vulnerable ... it's just a fantastic thing."

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