India Farmers Develop Novel Technique To Recharge Groundwater


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Jun 17, 2004
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Moga, July 24

Kulwinder Sandhu/TNS

Overexploitation of ground water to meet irrigation needs has in recent years created a big problem of water shortage in Punjab. Unfortunately, rain water harvesting and recharging of ground water, which are the need of the hour, are virtually not in use in the state. But, some farmers of Ghal Kalan village in Moga district have developed an innovating technique to pull out extra water from the waterlogged fields through electric tubewells without consuming power. They do this with the help of natural gravitational force and atmospheric pressure.The technique is very simple.

The farmers attach a 10-12 metre pipe with the main pipe of the tubewell and put in the water-logged paddy field by digging a small pit under it. Then by holding it in the water, the electric motor is switched on and as soon as water starts coming out of the pipe the motor is switched off. The water gushing out of the pipe stops and the atmospheric pressure forces the outside water into the pipe in a sudden reverse action and then the gravitational force keeps the system working in continuity sending the water under the ground through the bore well pipe.

The water starts going down the ground at almost an equal speed by which it comes out. When the system starts working, the farmers place a basket made of wooden twigs under the pipe dipped in the flood water from where it gushes into the pipe.

]Another farmer Guljar Singh said he had saved his paddy crop that got completely submerged with the help of this technique within two days. “Water level in my fields has now come down from four feet to half feet without any damage to the crop”, he said.

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May 25, 2010
I would not think thats a novel way of recharging groundwater. This way these farmers are only contaminating ground water secure aquifers. They are just introducing introducing water borne illness agents like E.coli, salmonella, giardia, crypto and viruses like hepatitis in secure water source. These aquifers could be shared by the community for drinking water and now they all may be at risk due to these quick fix can't fix things that you have deteriorated over years......
Punjabis are not very far sighted with all the resources they have....and politicians and bureaucrats are just pathetic...

Good luck with all these quick fix methods..