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Sikhi Farewell to SIKHMARG website ....


Jun 6, 2018
Popular Tat Gurmat website is no longer updating itself with new articles . It seems like the author of this website is no longer interested in running the website .Even he has expressed his anger and anguish with the kind of sikhi being propogated :

"....I can't live in a religion that is a plaintiff of the scriptures that cause theft and robbery and the Sikhs consider him a great martyr. So from today on I left Sikhism forever. Humanity is my religion. From now on, I will never go to any gurdwara or perform any religious rites. What to do about Sikh Marg? I have a lot of books and Granths, what to do about them? I will explain in a separate article how to make adjustments with housewives and children and any other such questions. Please don't call or email me about this. Thank you all.''

Makhan Singh Purewal,

The last article posted by the editor can be read here:

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swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
You are blaming the individuals. human being is very cunning. lot of them cheat, steal and do bad things to make easy living or just out of their gut feelings. they have nothing to do with religion. they were never religious but there are some who disguise themselves under the umbrella of faith to cheat. everybody is not the same. by the way. I give you my own example. i was cheated by christians who went to church every week looking for prey. i was cheated by a sikh who deisguised himself as amrit dhari. i was cheated by two muslims who told me that they prey five times a day. they all are cheats under the umbrella of faith. Religion is different than individual thinking. You only get what you earn. If you hope for more than you deserve. it is not going to happen. It is like donating a penny at gurdwara and beg for million. even God watches. I do not know what hurt you but earn first and then pray that you get the reward. same time whoever hurt you stop their company. just praying for reward does not yeild anything. I like your comments. by the way give me your books then i will guide you out of your misery. I might be living close to you, tell me where
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Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Jan 3, 2010
I have been regularly writing for Sikh Marg. He had an eye problem later due to which some breaks were seen. But suddenly he has turned against Sikhism with the remarks unexpected of him. There must be something which had hurt him. We hope that he takes on the writing again and starts with the old enthusiasm. This is the only channel which has been cited by Sikh Missionary Co0leges and students of Sikhism seriously. I am sure he will show up again.

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