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Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by kaur-1, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. kaur-1

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

    Below are a few tuks from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. What does it mean by family being saved. How and why? Could someone explain please.

    mMnY prvwrY swDwru ]
    mannai parvaarai saaDhaar.
    The faithful uplift and redeem their family and relations.

    pivqu mwqw ipqw kutMb sihq isau pivqu sMgiq sbweIAw ]
    pavit maataa pitaa kutamb sahit si-o pavit sangat sabaa-ee-aa.
    They are pure, along with their mothers, fathers, family and friends; all their companions are pure as well.

    Eie Awip Cuty prvwr isau iqn ipCY sBu jgqu CutIvy ]3]
    oue aap shhuttae paravaar sio thin pishhai sabh jagath shhutteevae ||3||
    They themselves are saved, along with their family, and all those who follow them are saved as well. ||3||

    qosw hir kw nwmu lY qyry kulih n lwgY gwil jIau ]1]
    thosaa har kaa naam lai thaerae kulehi n laagai gaal jeeo ||1||
    Take the Provisions of the Lord's Name with you, and no stain shall attach itself to your family. ||1||

    Awip qrY sgly kul auDwrw ]3]
    aap tharai sagalae kul oudhhaaraa ||3||
    They save themselves, and save all their family and ancestors as well. ||3||

    pwrbRhmu AwrwDIAY auDrY sB prvwru ]2]
    paarabreham aaraadhheeai oudhharai sabh paravaar ||2||
    Worship and adore the Supreme Lord God, and all your family will be saved as well. ||2||

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  3. vaapaaraa

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    Jul 15, 2004
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    As I understand it is that when Someone does God's simran and is liberated, then his/her ancestors/ parents family are also redeemed. If they are in hell, they are taken out.

    When Guru Nanak Sahib ji's parents made a request to him, to show them where their parents are. Guru Nanak Sahib ji said, lets do Parmatma's Simran and see what is hukam of Parmatma. Then Guru Nanak Sahib ji, sang a particular dhun of IK Oankaar , and all the listeners got intuned in it. Guru Nanak's father also got intuned into it.

    Guru ji's parents were then seeing a scene of Sachkhand, where they saw their grandparents, and asked them you are in such a blissful place. Grandparents said them, Yes, You will also come here, when you leave Earth, We were before suffereing, but as soon as Guru Nanak Sahib ji came to your house, we have uplifted to sachkhand. Do not think of Guru Nanak Sahib ji as an ordinary person, Guru Nanak Sahib ji is himself Parmatma. After Hearing this, The vision vanished, and Mehta Kalu, woke from the vision, and saw Guru Nanak Sahib ji's glowing face, smiling.

    In my own words, forgive any mistakes.

    From this we do learn that our highest duty is to do God's simran.
  4. Hai_Bhi_Sach

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    All theses verses basically give the same message.

    Those that recite the Naam are saved along with their families and those who become inspired and follow your foot steps are also saved.

    Recite the Naam in abundance and your family lineage shall be free from any blemish.

    Guru ji is telling us the power/influence of the recitation of the Naam is such that not only you but all those around you get a positive effect of your simran.

    If it is done properly.

  5. MKAUR1981

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    Aug 24, 2006
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    I'm sorry but I am lost. Are we saying that the is heaven and hell? I thought it was just a temporary state?

    Say, for example, a mum who is an Amritdhari and lives the way of Naam and there's her child who does every thing against it, how will the child be saved?

    Also: If for example the grandmother who did not go to Sach Kand but went to Dharam Kand and then come back reincarnated, how would she transfer to Sach Kand?

    Bhul Chuk Maaf. Sorry about the hypothetical examples. It seemed the only way I could put across whay my query is.
  6. Hai_Bhi_Sach

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    Heaven and hell are both on this Earth. They are both state of ones Mind.
    In order to explain to people who are not educated, one has to resort to different terms. These terms were mainly used by Islam and Christian religions that have caught onto us as well.

    Heaven is when you are problem free. Enjoy life to the full. Your wishes are coming true.

    Hell is a life of worries, misery, serious illnesses etc.

    Narkon Raaj, Raajon Narak.

    When you are Heaven you make mistakes and then repent them in Hell.

    Astrologically speaking a child is under the protection of his parents until the age of about 8-9 years. Thereafter the childs own Karams awaken. The effect of Naam on the child will reduce. As long as the child is living in the family the positive Aura in the house will still have some affect. Saving can only be done by oneself or by the “Kripa” of a true Guru. That will only come if you done good Karams. We are here to liberate our selves first and not others. Others may benefit by being in your company and may get inspired and follow your way of life. In the event of you getting enlightened, you can exercise your own will on your katumb(family) and inspire them.

    The only way to reach Sach Khand is by dying a death where no more death occurs. What that means is stop begging to God for more and more(kill your desires) Whatever is due to you you will get, no one can stop that. Do Naam Simran without desires attached to it. Live in the Will of nature (Bhanna), Be thankfull for what you already have (Sabbar), Do your karams (Duss nohan di kamai), Wand ke shako (Share you labour with others) The very basic things we learn/hear every day but forget to do. And finally when the seed of Naam has fully ripened in you, Your Guru will be your guide(That will be your Parshad). Like a small child, he never says I. He will always calls his own name and says that so and so is hungry etc. When he learns to say I, Karams start tracking him/her. Become objective, we are not the body, we are the soul trapped in the body. Etc etc etc

    No problem. Make your life simple. The mind is like a monkey. The more it gets to know, the more it jumps around. Knowledge fuels the EGO. Simran allows us to control this monkey. Then and only then we can conquer the world. “Mann jeete jag jeet”. Meditate of self. Become sensitive to the tune of nature. Only then you will know its secrets.

    Our Gurus have made our life so simple that we do not have faith in it. We are always making our life more and more difficult and at time it seems we are competing with other religions. This is why I often say "You are chasing your own Tail".
  7. lovely_silky

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    from another post of yours under- Baba Questions:
    I feel all of your post are self contradictory. Now in one post you do not believe in remembering God 24/7 and asking Surinder Bhenji to share her way- whereas in SGGS Ji it is said thousands of times.
    How can one talk about-hells and heavens and simran if does not believe in remembering God.

    Simran without God’s Remembrance

    Is it possible.

    please explain if possible and please make sure you use gurbani to support it.
    your posts confuses many

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