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Experimental essay on guru within, our hearts and death.


May 28, 2024
All of the creators creation is a reflection of him, and therefore him. Hence Ik Onkar.

As man we are deluded by our own subjectivity caused by will to survival and will to power (given to us by the creator).

Our subjectivity removes us from oneness.

For example we are under the falsehood that we will have a subjective afterlife, under our own subjectivity. This causes us pain.

But when we die we merge back into an objective state. We lose our subjectivity and merge back into the creator.

Much of life we are deluded by the pains of our own subjectivity, our own mind. (Manmat)

The writers of the Granth are trying to direct us to our hearts, to our Sat Gur as guide through this life of subjectivity. (Gurmat)

According to them the heart only conforms to the rules of objectivity, the rules of the creator (hukam), and from there we can better understand the world around us by contemplating the essence (Amirt) of our hearts/ Sat Gur.

The heart provides endless virtues.

The heart connects us to Akal Purakh as it operates off of divine objectivity, its own rules, that do not come from our minds, manmat.

The fear of death, of the transmigration of the soul to either reincarnate or go to hell is lost because we understand that duality is the outcome of our own mind (Manamt) not that of our hearts (Gurmat).
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