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Charitropakhyan Examples Of Charitropakhyan

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
Posts moved from Is Dasam Granth Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji's bani? -Ishna
I was sitting at he computer translating one of my poem in English when I found your comments. more people talk about it more affect it is going to have. more to you both ladies
I already have one foot in the grave, so if someone wants to kill me. it will be salvation for me and the jail for him.
you did not answer my question also
about an hour ago I heard explanation of dg page 1009 on the u tube. the scholar explained
one king had two wives. he gave the names but I do not remember. if someone wants, go to page 1009
he was in love with one and had sex with her. she gave birth to a son
the other; he did not care and she was jealous. First she shoved some ornament from her head in the {censored} of the boy and then she disguised and poisoned his mother. then she started to care for the boy. that where I switched off.
the second story he had from page 1334. it was also similar one. so that is that . people are starting to wake up. let us see what comes next.
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Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
Or the suggestion that the 'raja' in this story is Guru Gobind Singh Ji... this is paraphrased...charitar 16 (how can this be attributed to our Guru??)

A king used to leave happily by the bank of satluj river ,where a prostitute came to live.She was very beautiful, she got attracted towards Raja, but Raja didn’t give a damn about her. Then she made the appearance of jogi(hermit) and went into the court of Raja. Raja saw that jogi and thought that he should learn some “jantar mantar “ from that jogi.

So secret arrangements were made and at midnight Raja went there to learn Jantar Mantar. Jogi told Raja to bring Rice,flowers and GOOD ALCOHOL/SHARAB. Then Jogi told King that I will show you magic/chamatkar, I will change gender, as male I will teach you Jantar Mantar and as female I will have sexual intercourse with you.

King said one who teaches Mantar is like Father and Mother, how can I have Sexual Intercourse with you?

Then jogi said that I made this appearance to meet you, now have sex with me, come and lie down on my bed.

If you will try to run then I will make noise and will get you caught as thief and if you will not have SEX with me then I will hurl abuses at you.

Then she pleads with King to have Sex with her, King then tells her that I came to learn Mantar, I will not have sex with you. She tried all the means but could not convince the King to have sexual intercourse with her.

Then she went out and started shouting chor-chor/thief, listening to it people came there. Then she told(people) them that I was just shouting as I had a bad dream. When people left, she told King, that have Sex with me or I will get you caught.

Then king thought that I am in a tight position, if I will have intercourse with her, and if a son is born he will become a pimp and if daughter is born she will become a prostitute.

So King told her to bring “post,bhang,afim,sharab” marijuana,opium,alcohol

Dohara "post,bhang,afeem bahu gehari bhang ghutaai Turat taran layawat bhai mad sat waar chuaai"

Alcohol was obtained after seven rounds. Then after consuming these intoxicants she passed out, then King gave her 60 mohars and ran away."

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