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Ethnic Cleansing In Britain

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by thecoopes, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. thecoopes

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    Dec 27, 2004
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    This news item copied from the BNP Website.

    Nobody cares, except the BNP. An 80 year old pensioner is facing a campaign of harassment in her own home just because she is white and British. Margaret has lived in her Rotherham home for fifty years trouble-free, gradually her entire street saw her friends move away as the Muslims moved in. She has remained in her family home despite the pressure to get her out of the way.

    The trouble started when a mosque, a former church opened in her street, directly opposite her house. The Muslims want rid of her and have even turned up with a bag of cash to buy her out of her home. The offer that was made was much less than the market value of her property.

    Since then Margaret has been subject to

    • Black paint thrown at her window
    • Rubbish thrown into her garden
    • White paint thrown over her lawn and footpath
    • Police arrest for defending her property
    Margaret has contacted her local councillor, the three Rotherham MPs and the local newspapers and not one of the people she has contacted has offered any support or words of advice. One vexed councillor has called her “a nutty old bat” and Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis McShane with a massive 13,000 majority suggested she moves away from the area. It would be poetic justice if the Muslim bloc vote ensures that Mr. McShane fails to get re-elected on an anti-Iraq war protest.

    Ethnic cleansing

    This ongoing harassment against this grandmother is nothing less than ethnic cleansing and not a single councillor or MP has had the courage and bothered to help this pensioner. The followers of the religion of “peace” want rid of non-believers from what they consider to be “their area”. Similar situations are being acted out in towns and schemes across the country; Luton, Glasgow, Peterborough, Bradford, London and Oldham, areas where there is a sizeable Muslim community.

    In desperation Margaret contacted local BNP representative Marlene Guest, Marlene is the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Rotherham constituency. Marlene has contacted the local council and the local newspapers on Margaret’s behalf and other BNP members have offered to help clean up the mess in her garden and keep her company and generally look out for her. That is real care in the community, something that the failed New Labour politicians can never understand.

    Britain’s political leaders are sowing seeds of turmoil by allowing these things to go on. They will push the ordinary citizen into the arms of the far right which will spell disaster for everyone.
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