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Eka Jot


Jan 9, 2008
mwJ mhlw 3 ]
eykw joiq joiq hY srIrw ]
sbid idKwey siqguru pUrw ]
Awpy Prku kIqonu Gt AMqir Awpy bxq bxwvixAw ]1]
hau vwrI jIau vwrI hir scy ky gux gwvixAw ]
bwJu gurU ko shju n pwey gurmuiK shij smwvixAw ]1] rhwau ]
qUM Awpy sohih Awpy jgu mohih ]
qUM Awpy ndrI jgqu provih ]
qUM Awpy duKu suKu dyvih krqy gurmuiK hir dyKwvixAw ]2]
Awpy krqw kry krwey ]
Awpy sbdu gur mMin vswey ]
sbdy aupjY AMimRq bwxI gurmuiK AwiK suxwvixAw ]3]
Awpy krqw Awpy Bugqw ]
bMDn qoVy sdw hY mukqw ]
sdw mukqu Awpy hY scw Awpy AlKu lKwvixAw ]4]
Awpy mwieAw Awpy CwieAw ]
Awpy mohu sBu jgqu aupwieAw ]
Awpy guxdwqw gux gwvY Awpy AwiK suxwvixAw ]5]
Awpy kry krwey Awpy ]
Awpy Qwip auQwpy Awpy ]
quJ qy bwhir kCU n hovY qUM Awpy kwrY lwvixAw ]6]
Awpy mwry Awip jIvwey ]
Awpy myly myil imlwey ]
syvw qy sdw suKu pwieAw gurmuiK shij smwvixAw ]7]
Awpy aUcw aUco hoeI ]
ijsu Awip ivKwly su vyKY koeI ]
nwnk nwmu vsY Gt AMqir Awpy vyiK ivKwlixAw ]8]26]27]

Maajh, Third Mehl:
The One Light is the light of all bodies.
The Perfect True Guru reveals it through the Word of the Shabad.
He Himself instills the sense of separation within our hearts; He Himself created the Creation. ||1||
I am a sacrifice, my soul is a sacrifice, to those who sing the Glorious Praises of the True Lord.
Without the Guru, no one obtains intuitive wisdom; the Gurmukh is absorbed in intuitive peace. ||1||Pause||
You Yourself are Beautiful, and You Yourself entice the world.
You Yourself, by Your Kind Mercy, weave the thread of the world.
You Yourself bestow pain and pleasure, O Creator. The Lord reveals Himself to the Gurmukh. ||2||
The Creator Himself acts, and causes others to act.
Through Him, the Word of the Guru's Shabad is enshrined within the mind.
The Ambrosial Word of the Guru's Bani emanates from the Word of the Shabad. The Gurmukh speaks it and hears it. ||3||
He Himself is the Creator, and He Himself is the Enjoyer.
One who breaks out of bondage is liberated forever.
The True Lord is liberated forever. The Unseen Lord causes Himself to be seen. ||4||
He Himself is Maya, and He Himself is the Illusion.
He Himself has generated emotional attachment throughout the entire universe.
He Himself is the Giver of Virtue; He Himself sings the Lord's Glorious Praises. He chants them and causes them to be heard. ||5||
He Himself acts, and causes others to act.
He Himself establishes and disestablishes.
Without You, nothing can be done. You Yourself have engaged all in their tasks. ||6||
He Himself kills, and He Himself revives.
He Himself unites us, and unites us in Union with Himself.
Through selfless service, eternal peace is obtained. The Gurmukh is absorbed in intuitive peace. ||7||
He Himself is the Highest of the High.
How rare are those who behold Him. He causes Himself to be seen.
O Nanak, the Naam, the Name of the Lord, abides deep within the hearts of those who see the Lord themselves, and inspire others to see Him as well. ||8||26||27||

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