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Eating Meat In Sikhism । Reply To Avtar Singh Missionary । Sikh Voice

Sikhi 24/7

Jun 17, 2004
Eating Meat in Sikhism Reply to Avtar Singh Missionary from Sikh Voice

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Oct 29, 2010
Not been at SPN regularly - I am not sure how I can view the last reply to Avtar S or what he actually said. I alopgise if I have started on the wrong foot.

In my view Granth Sahib has laid out the options on meat and also spelled out the good and bad of each.

Both are open to interpretation and circumstances of the individual.
To quote a wise person 'no two finger prints are the same and that makes 7 billion individuals and their needs are also individual'. Hence a give and take regime may instill peace and harmony in a society.

This leads to rules and regulations which make a society so that people can be guided to 'harmonius living with eachother' - (does not mean it helps all).

So for give and take Granth Sahib also has guidance 'when you lose your sense of direction assume all that you do is 'paap'. The individual's decision should be guided by the least amount of 'paap' earned.

In case of meat - one is taking an easy and short sited way (my interpretation) of feeding. I note that milk also has 'meat' content which is fed to a child.

The other end is 'vegetarian' where same applies but as the gurus found and practised, I believe, seeds and pulsars are the least 'paapi' foods as the plant has lived its life to full and produced seeds which human steals to feed on.

There are of course situations where people are constrained by time, environment or war where equally appropriate measures need to be taken.


Jan 10, 2011
London UK
Perhaps from a moral perspective an argument could be had whether there is a moral justification for "killing" non humans for consumption sake when there is abundance else available for human survival given non humans have neurological substrates to trigger conscious states that supports consciousness ?

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