Each New Day The God Is In New Form

Dalvinder Singh Grewal



Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal

God is too great: too great to fall in the measurable capability of human beings.1 He is boundless; He is limitless. No one knows His limits.2 Even if there are limits those are beyond the reach of human beings. We can see some planets, stars and constellations with open eyes from a distance; we can see more stars and constellations in depth of the sky with the help of powerful telescopes; but beyond those we are not able to see.

Similarly we can see some beings with open eyes but there are living objects which we cannot see with open eyes because of their smallness. Some of these can be seen with the help of microscopes. For example some of the countless cells, virus, DNA’s, RNA’s in the body of a being can be seen with microscopes. There are bound to be much more of these in a living body which cannot be seen even with the most powerful microscopes. We know about electrons, quarks, fermions, and bosons etc., which are not yet fully identified.

The costly experiments at CERN are planned to find the conditions at the time of big bang which is stated to be the cause of origin of universe and the existence of Higgs Bosons; the fundamental Boson of life according to the scientist. The atomic structure comes to life only with the help of Higgs Bosons or God particles they guess. Will these CERN experiments find out the reason behind life or origin of universe is debatable. The scientists now say that visible universe is only 4%, while dark matter is 22% and dark energy as 76%. They also agree that dark matter came from dark energy and the visible universe came out from dark matter.

The scientists also agree that the entire universe is made of energies and that these energies are continuously changing. These energies change from wave form to particle form and vice versa. It further changes into gaseous, liquid or solid substances as we name the matter today. The change being continuous, nothing is stable; nothing is same at the next moment. Solids are in the process of change to liquids or gases, liquids into gases or the like. The matter changes into energy and energy into matter.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

The visible universe is also gradually changing from visible matter to dark matter and dark matter into dark energy. This dark energy is changing back to dark matter and then to visible matter making the circle of change complete. Dark energy, dark matter or visible universe: all are in regular and continuous contact and each impacting on the other continuously.3 This continuous impact through regular contact causes the continuous change which we may also call continuous instability.

According to Sikh Scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), God can be described both as sargun (having all attributes) and nirgun (having no attributes).4 He is invisible as well as visible. He is invisible because of his nirgun attributes such as in dark energy and dark matter but visible because of His visible attributes as are visible in visible universe. He is visible in his creation. We can easily compare it with the visibility in dark night and broad day light. We can see him in human beings, trees, creatures and the like. SGGS also declares that everything in this universe is changing 5. The change is continuous and positive; it is forward and not backward. Due to this order of change, every matter in the universe changes continuously; nothing remains the same the very next moment. The child becomes adult and adult old and thereafter changes into another form. The nature becomes green in spring while withers in autumn. We see trees growing up, becoming green with leaves, having flowers and then fruits; which when ripe fall on the ground or eaten away by birds. Thus the nature too keeps on changing regularly. The God whose sargun attributes are related to nature; thus found different every minute. The God’s creation is never found in its old form; it becomes new every moment. Thus the God when seen in Its sargun form or through its creation It is found to be new every moment.

The effect of this continuous change has fundamental impact on the universe as follows:

1. The visible universe is only a 4% while 22% is dark matter and 76 % dark energy.

2. The visible is changing into invisible and vice verse as visible matter is changing into dark matter and dark matter into dark energy.

3. The change is continuous and forward looking as nothing cannot be recreated into its original shape because of the continuous change.

4. Nothing is same the very next moment because of this continuous change.

5. This continuous change is caused because of the continuous contact of particle every particle impacting the other and causing change from particle to energy and vice versa.

6. God is invisible and visible as well. It is visible through its creation. It is not visible as it is beyond black energy and it is visible just in front of us in the form nature and the vast universe. It is those both far and near.

7. The God is in new form daily because of its visibility in the form of nature and which in turn is seen in new form the very next moment due to continuous change however the change is identifiable after lapse of time say a day.


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