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Sikh News Driven By The Greed For Power- KHUSHWANT SINGH

Jul 10, 2006
This Above all
Driven by the greed for power

N anecdote was fabricated about Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra who was elected President of the SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee) for a record period of 18 years. It was said that once as the Jathedar was leaving the Golden Temple, he was accosted by an elderly woman who touched his feet and placed a ten-rupee note on them. Taken aback, Tohra protested: "Bibi, go and place this money in front of the Granth Sahib." The lady replied: "Jathedarji, it will ultimately come to you, so why do I have to go through the ritual and not hand it directly to you?"

There is no substance to the story. Jathedar Tohra was a wily politician and used the SGPC’s enormous income from offerings to keep his stranglehold on the many institutions run by it and ensure his re-election year after year. Unlike other leaders, he never feathered his own nest. He lived a spartan life of a small farmer in his village. The story gained currency because it made a point. All religious institutions, be they Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, are corrupt to the core. Since offerings are made in cash, opportunities of pilferage are plentiful. That is why every time they have elections, candidates fight like dogs to get elected. They are not motivated either by Sewa of their gurus or the Panth but greed for power, patronage and money (golak, the brass pitcher in which the offerings are put.) K.J.S. Ahluwalia of Amritsar who specialises fabricating new versions of abbreviations — at times he sends me ten post cards a day — with his suggestions, writes it was time that the SGPC was re-named Shiromani Golak Prabandhak Committee.

Personally I am for the government taking over the managements of all religious institutions and appointing civil servants belonging to the community to manage them. :shock::eek:I am sure many people will agree with me. I am equally sure this is not likely to happen as no governments, Central or state, could be able to stand up against the onslaught of vested interests and bigots construing the move as an attack on religion. Even states run by Communists haven’t dared to make a move in that direction.

Our best bet is to build up public opinion against the skulduggery rampant in the managements of our temples, mosques, dargahs, gurdwaras and shrines — not to destroy religions but to prevent squandering money on meaningless rituals (e.g. organising massive processions comprising elephants, horses, gutka groups, bands on the pretext they are Nagar Keertans), but to restore religious practices to the pristine purity.

The Tribune - Magazine section - Saturday Extra

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
NO Guarantee that "civil servants" will not abuse it as well..MOST of the CORRUPT persons in India are CIVIL SERVANTS !! ( not very civil eh ??)
Secondly as the Governemnt is now MISUSING the peoples TAX money...it will get soem more GOLUCK money to MISUSE as well.
Guru Ji has RIGHTLY SAID..DHARAM bina na RAAJ challeh Hain..Raaj bina sabh daleh malleh hain. DHARAM MUST be ABOVE POLITICS, Civil servants, Governments..IF all these are DHARMEE (religious and afraid of God)..then NO PROBLEMS will arise..if they are all political opportunists..then there will be ONLY Problems..nothing else.

Gyani jarnail Singh
Jul 30, 2004
Raj Bina na Dharma Chale.. is also found in Old Panth Prakash perhaps,,it was told by Bhangi Sardar to Ahmad Shah Abdali,when he sent Bhangis an offer to be ABdalis tributaory over Punjab.

Bhangis told him that it is as per thier Faith that they will be not tributorires but sovergn state.Das would like to know that in which boook Guru Ji stated this?Das wants this for referance purpose only.

Then coming to fact.sgpc or dsgpc is full of guys not knowing about Panth at all.They them selves act like bureaucrats.

Better to have educated people to run the affairs but sometime before three great intellectuals from missionary side were not allowed to hold the office as they were learned,so they could have exposed the hypocrcy in the bureaucracy.