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Dr Swaraj Singh: Punjabis’ Health Is On His Mind


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
This Punjabi surgeon in Washington is riding a crest of success in the field of medicine, but his native land is not far from his thoughts.

Dr Swaraj Singh is deeply concerned about the rising health problems in Punjab and the failure of the government in tackling these. Pained at the state of affairs in his home state, he along with other Indian origin medical experts in USA, has decided to launch a series of seminars in Punjab to spread awareness about the excessive intake of liquor and other health problems.

The doctor, who specializes in laser, laproscopic and vascular surgery, and has a clinic in Ellensburg, Washington, believes the change of lifestyle is the main reason that Punjabis are no longer in the pink of health.Chalking out a detailed plan to set things right, he has requested some colleges and other educational institutes to organize seminars.

"I believe if we succeed in convincing the youngsters to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we will see lesser number of unwell people. I will also rope in other medical experts from USA for this,'' said Dr Sawarj, who has been staying for some months at his ancestral house at Patiala. The doctor also plans to start a helpline through internet to provide free help to Punjab-based patients.

Dr Swaraj, who has been running a clinic in central Washington since 1988, said the number of youngsters facing health problems in Punjab is more compared to western countries.

Youngsters in Punjab are embracing only some aspects of the western way of living. They don't realize that those people enjoy their life, but are very particular about exercising and following the advice of health experts, while Punjabis don't bother about this, he said.

Though youth in the US, too, have health problems, their number is far less because the US government has framed strict policies to prevent the overuse of liquor by youngsters. In contrast the '6th river of liquor' in Punjab is causing liver ailments and other diseases among the old as well as young.

Medicine is not the doctor's only passion. He also writes for several newspapers in America, Canada, UK, India and other countries and has won many awards, written more than 15 books on various subjects and has been featured on many talks shows.

Some of the books authored by him are Aa Sikh Punjab Tu Ghar Aa, Bauh Dhruvi Sansar, Punjab Aatey Sikh, Our Society and Globalization, Multi-Polar World, Punjab and Purab da Ubhar Aatey Sikh Vichardhara. The doctor has been conferred with Professor Puran Singh Award by Punjabi Sath (Punjabi Literary Society) in 2002, Pride of India (Bharat Gaurav) Award in New Delhi, in 2007 and 2009.




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