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Doea The SGGS Sanction Others Doing ARDAAS/PAATH For You

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
A CHALLENGE OF SORTS..... find one Tuk in the entire SGGS that declares that an ardass/path/prayer done for you by another is acceptable....


We need to understand that earning a living out of ”religion” is BIG business in Sikhi. From the multi million dollar worth deras to the 150 dollar Akhand Pathee walking the streets of KL to New York, there is an overabundance of all sorts in between.

This despite the strong message of Guru Nanak: DHRIG TINA JA JEEVEAY JO LIKH LIKH VECHEY NAO. Cursed are the spiritual lives of those who make a living on account (likh likh) of selling (vechey) spirituality (Nao).

In the world of the sellers of “spirituality” (and buyers too) ARDAS is BIG BUSINESS. From the local granthi who charges for an ardas on one’s behalf, to the deras and babas who thrive on collections that are pro-rated according to the request of the individual, and to “special babey at special places” that do ardases for “special purposes: - the business is ardas is booming as a BIG enterprise.

The biggest sum (on record that we know) for a ardas was US 1 mill paid by a lady to Nanakasari Baba Amar Singh Burudi who did an “ardas” to get rid of her mother’s cancer. This is on record as on a USA Court judgement because the lady sued the Baba after her mother died of the cancer. The judgement is beautiful read of a white man prouring scorn on that nanakasri thug. She won, he ran off to Australia to continue with his ARDAS INC PTE LTD.

To keep the business of ardas thriving – these “DHRIG TINA DA JEEVYEAY” people have created a whole gamut of sales pitches. Some are as follows:

A) Our ardas will change your KARAM (fate)
B) An ardas by a “mahapurash” is heard faster by God.
C) An ardas requires FULL SHARDA in the person doing it on our behalf. (Read FULL sharda as meaning FULL CAPACITY PAYMENT WITHOUT ANY QUESTION.
D) a collective ardas by a congregation led by a “mahapurash” is answered immediately by God.
D) many more that cannot be stated here.

A vast majority of Sikhs are sucked into it. It is NOT in anybody’s interest to change anything.

The challenge for those wishing to pursue authentic Sikhi is to cross check ALL claims pertaining to ardas with Gurbani verses and messages. That’s our challenge. Take it if you seek the real Sikhi.

The FIRST challenge is to find ONE SINGLE verse in the 1430 pages of SGGS that approves of an ardas DONE ONE OUR BEHALF BY SOMEONE else. With or without payment. Let’s look for that ONE verse.
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Sep 26, 2016
There seems to be a huge lack of understanding of what Sikhism is about. And then you have these people exploiting that ignorance for their own monetary gain.

Its like people are practicing Sikhism in the opposite way that our Gurus intended. The type of superstitious/ritualistic thinking our gurus challenged and fought against, is what is seeping back in.

Education on Sikhi from real leaders is needed.....and these leaders need to encourage people to also learn and reflect for themselves, and not blindly follow anyone else.

There is no quick and easy fix to anything. It took nearly 250 years until the Khalsa was established.


Apr 14, 2006
Real prayer is not by the lips, not by set words. It comes from the heart and the heart knows the eloquence of silence. It is simply surrender to his will.
Vin Boleya Sabh Kichh Jaanda
Kis Agey Kijey Ardaas..

Having said that if someone still wants to say some prayer, to get some mental satisfaction than they can pray themselves with whatever words/language they want. God can hear the slight whispers even, if he cant understand us than he is not worth praying to.


Dec 29, 2019
I agree with the above - it is as straightforward as this: If I am hungry - someone else eating will not take away my hunger. So it is with Ardaas in my opinion. But where to start to change the views of people when there is a 10 year waiting period for Akhand Paath at Harmandir Sahib? The leaders of the panth should illuminate the way not obfuscate it.

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