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Diwali Di Raat Diwey Ballian. Diwali And Sikhism ?


Dec 4, 2011
I agree with that article and can fully understand and comprehend how one can be actively interactive and in align with the truth. That is providing, the true intentions and devotion are there.
I can feel it. But may be there is still a huge cloud on my lens, although I feel it has become clearer.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I was impressed that Guru Nanak did not hesitate to tell the truth to Babar. He then becomes a model for correcting errors and amending mistakes. Mistakes can also be innocent. I do think that once one realizes there is more to the 'truth,' be it in one's own words and actions or shortcomings in the telling of history, then accuracy, honesty and authenticity can never be superficial.

Guru Nanak himself as a historian is the teller of truth, and his Shabad is shabad but also an historical record.

A modern day example - 1984. Someone has to be wiling to say that the full story has not been told. And there are parallels with Diwali, in that Karminder Singh Dhillon describes historical efforts to distort Sikh history; efforts to diminish Sikh identity. Truthful awareness of our identity cannot be ignored.
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Ikk Khalsa

Mar 19, 2013
For some reason our festivals do not coexist with Islam but only with Hinduism (Diwali, Rakhri, Karvachauth etc.)

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
For some reason our festivals do not coexist with Islam but only with Hinduism (Diwali, Rakhri, Karvachauth etc.)

Islam or Muslims of the time..sought to SUBJUGATE and DESTROY Gurmatt...while Hinduism/Hindus seek to ASSIMILATE/ABSORB Gurmatt...swallow Sikhism and amalgamate it within...thats the reality NOW..the 15 Million Sikhs are afloat in a ocean of Hindus 1000 Million strong..in Islamic Pakistan/Afghanistan/ Iran etc Sikhs are almost NIL..ZERO...

But if we read the SGGS..the Mulsim is called KAANNA (one eyed)) STILL SALVAGEABLE becasue he ahs full Faith in His Prophet Muhammed SAW and in the ONE CREATOR Allah...and the rituals of five namaaz, rozah fastings, hajj, etc do have deep SPIRITUAL Meanings which GURU NANAK JI expresses in His shabads...and Guru Ji does express the HOPE that a MUSLIM can be a GOOD MUSLIM if he tries to be one....while the HINDU is TOTALLY BLIND - ANNAH. None of the rituals thta Hinduism follows..Janeau, castes, teeraths, pilgrimages, sacred rivers and sacred baths, fasts, ( Chhoddeh aann kareh PAKHAND ...Na uh sohaggan na oh raand) aartees, havans, etc etc etc are ALL SOUNDLY CONDEMNED as the WRONG ROAD..and then the 33MILLION DEVIS and DEVTAS is the final nail in the coffin...and there is no "good Hindu"..the road itself is WRONG..so no one traveling it can reach any destination...so there are no shbads instructing how a Hindu can be a GOOD HINDU as there are for a Good Mulsim !! The Only WAY a Hindu can become a Good Hindu is by following GURMATT..discarding janeaus, and castes, and ritualistic baths, fasts, pilgrimages etc etc...
Feb 28, 2010

and sadness equally.

IF we SIKHS take Diwali/Vasakhi to be great time to CONGREGATE and spread GURMATT/do Gurbani Vichaar....its FINE....BUT when this is a time to burn money on lamps/fireworks/give and take mathiayee/giftsd/drink alcohol/gambling etc THEN this is anti gurmatt. I am afraid we have lapsed into the latter.

jarnail singh
Dear Gyani g,

I agree with your post , I think spending money on gambling , alcohol should be strictly prohibited. However if one wants to spend money on crackers ( to a certain extent), gifts etc I don't see any reason why they shud not do it as long as everyone is spending in their means. This is the society we live in and if its not hurting someone feelings then why not.

We have tons of example where Sikhs spend money when its not needed. perfect example golden temple, the amount of gold in there can feed poor families for a good number of years and can help build good schools in Punjab that is a must for our future generations.....what are your views on it?

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
I think spending money on gambling , alcohol should be strictly prohibited
why does that statement send a chill down my spine? People embrace Sikhism out of choice, follow the Bani out of choice, because they wish tio do so, for everyone else, free choice and free will stands.

Understanding, rather than strict prohibitions, is what makes Sikhism different

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
It would help immensely IF we could find the NAMES etc of the so called 52 Hindu Rajahs ???? is the huge Chola still around somewhere?? After all the DATES etc dont match at all...so whats left?? No where are these 52 names, their states etc listed..WHY ?? Were they that INCONSEQUENTIAL??? minions...?? Why didnt their STATES make sure that Guru hargobind was given due status and honour of being thier ruler's saviour?? The Truth is that ALL the Hindu Rajahs, Rajputs, marathas etc etc only had eyes on their own State/Dynasty/Tribe....at the earliest opportunity they ALLIED themsleves with the INVADERS by giving away their daughters etc in marriage....Akbars wife and Jehangirs mother was a Rajput Royalty...Jodhan.....Akbar has 22 Commanders who were Rajputs..major one being Mann Singh !!

REALITY CHECK: This may be a fake news of the 17th Century.....just as Today FAKE NEWS is such a big thing... Comparison scenarios: GURU NANAK ji went to huge gatherings of NON SIKHS (Hindus, Muslims, Yogis, Siddhs etc etc)....and EXPOUNDED HIS OWN GURMATT . TODAY...huge gatherings of SIKHS occur at places like Fatehgarrh Sahib and Muktsar....BUT...we have NON-SIKHS attending and expounding their versions of OUR history...Prominent BJP and Bhagva Leaders have attended these SIKH Gatherings and declared form stages that Gannggu, Sucha Nand Chandu etc have been falsely implicated !!! They were INNOCENT and dont deserve the bad press Sikhs give them....and NONE of the Prominent SIKHS seated on stage dared say anything...and the Sikhs below the stage let go Jaikaras after Jaikaras.

13 of Guru Gobind Singh Jis Battles were SOLELY with the HINDU HILL RAJAHS......the Last and Final battle no. 14 was with the COMBINED forces of the 22 baidhaar Hindu hill Rajahs and the Mughals they had called in from DELHI. In the Very First battle of Bhnanggannee..700 MUSLIMS and the 4 sons of Pir Buddhu Shah DIED on the side of GGS/SIKHS fighting against the Hindu Hill Rajahs and Mughals. YET all our Ragis and kathakaars always sing ANTI-MUSLIM sakhis and vaars etc...

we SIKHS do need desperately to RESEARCH and REWRITE our true HISTORY and remove all the FAKES...

Simran Sidhu

Filmmaker (Writer-Director)
Aug 21, 2018
Is the Ramayan GurMatt?

According to at least one gentleman, it is:

Would love to hear peoples' take on this.

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