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Divorce And Sikhism

Jul 8, 2004
GurFateh Jio

A Muslim asked me about the rules concerning divorce between Sikh couples. Is it permitted? It doesnt seem to be mentioned in any historical sources.


The Sikh marriage is monogamous. In the case of a broken marriage, divorce is not possible according to the Sikh religious traditions However, the couple are at liberty to obtain a divorce under the civil law of the land. In Sikhism, divorce in marriage is done with the consent of both couples and it is very straight forward.

But in Islam there are hard rules for women. All a man has to say is Talaak (divorce) three times and they are divorced. If he wants to remarry her then his wife has to marry someone else and spend a night with her other husband. Then if her newly husband gives her divorce by saying the word divorce three times she can remarry her old husband. Now you can see, what a woman has to go through in a marriage life. Such a ridiculous way of marriage in Islam does not fit the modern way of life.

Marriage in Sikhism is regarded as a sacred bond in attaining worldly and spiritual joy.



Jul 26, 2004
New Delhi, India
I had a long discussions about this,though as per sikh maryada ,divorce is out of question, but there r certain situations where there is no other recourse, so in that case as per the discussions with chief of Akal takht at that time it was decided that its ok for the amritdhari sikhs to take divorce as there is no other way around, like for ex when marriage is not consummated, battered spouse or such extreme case where all the efforts have failedthat can keep the union.
Jul 13, 2004
Didnt come across such incident in present or past times, but I think, such events are decided as per civil law of the country of residence.

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