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Disgusting Email About Asthma, MS, ADD And Autism


May 9, 2006
I received this today from a friend who is also a mother of a child with Asperger syndrome, who had intercepted this email from a colleage. And golly it makes me mad!

Mysogeny comes in many forms.

My heart goes out to those families effected by these disorders, the mums AND the dads who feel like they failed, like they could have done more, or like they've done something wrong for their child to have such a disorder or illness. They don't need idiots like this pushing their agenda under a guide of caring "Christanity". Pfft.


True Causes & Cure of Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Hyperactivity & Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism

I urge you to read “Health, Healing, Hospitals & Health Professionals” on my internet web site:


and appreciate the personal and professional implications of this, especially in relation to the underlying causes and cure of Asthma, MS, HD, ADD & Autism in its various forms (including Asperger’s Syndrome).

I also encourage you to carefully read through the document: "To: Men (or Women) Everywhere" on the "Human Behaviour" page of the same web site for a better insight into and understanding of your own (and of children’s) feelings, behaviour, attitudes, beliefs, needs and relationships.

Asthma is not the inability to breathe in, it is the inability to breathe out. What Asthma sufferers need, as do all those who suffer from MS, HD, ADD or Autism, is for them to learn to be expressive, honest, spontaneous, open and direct with all their feelings. To do this they need emotionally mature, self- aware, informed, caring people to give them intensive support, advice and guidance so as to assertively encourage them to learn to recognize, trust, understand, acknowledge and constructively express (and so discharge) their anger, their pain, their fear, their guilt and feel their joy. This requires them to confront and deal with the terror from what was done to them and not done for them in their mother’s womb and in the early year or so after birth.

What sufferers’ most certainly don’t need is the involvement of little-spirited, interfering young females (and males), fresh out of university armed with their precious but totally worthless university degrees (like Nursing, Social Work & Psychology). Invariably these arrogant, intellectually and academically fixated and emotionally crippled robots have absolutely no understanding of themselves, have faced and resolved none of their own personal childhood issues and have gained no real life or relationships experience whatsoever. Living in total fantasy, desperate emotional denial and escapist rationalization themselves, their advice is at best useless but most often dangerous, destructive and misleading.

The most intense of sufferers’ emotions will have been repressed and denied since early childhood following aggressive parental conditioning and terrifying intimidation and abuse by one or both parents (or by others intimately involved in the baby’s/child’s care). Examples of this include being tormented from conception in their mother’s womb due to her selfishness, physical, emotional and spiritual irresponsibility and culpable negligence during pregnancy (see “Health & Healing” and the chapter on Pregnancy in “Pregnancy, Birth & the Care of Babies & Young Children”) and after birth by being repeatedly screamed at, roughly shaken, smothered, throttled, hit, thrown or held under water while they were screaming or crying.

The end result of this violation is that these children grow up living in desperate denial too scared to express (or even acknowledge) their true feelings, especially their outrage, fear and pain. The fear effectively causes the past and present feelings to be “bottled up” and so stored in bodily tissue which invariably seriously compromises health, wellbeing, quantity of life, emotional honesty and the clarity and integrity of subsequent relationships as children, adolescents and as adults. It certainly gives rise to a multitude of health complaints, disorders and conditions: physiological, behavioural and emotional/spiritual (‘mental’). When this essential escapism, dishonesty and evasion only affects themselves, it is bad enough – when it affects their own children or other children, it is far more destructive, irresponsible and dangerous!

It is this backlog of denied feelings which results in children being ‘disobedient’, frantic and uncontrollable or withdrawn as in Hyperactivity & Attention Deficit Disorders and Autism. It is also obvious in teenagers with the angry eruptions of their skin (pimples & acne), their recklessness, rebelliousness and ‘antisocial’ attitudes and behavior and in their dress, hair styles and music which is often loud, angry, sexual, violent and offensive.

In fact all children who suffer Autism, Hyperactivity (HD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have been badly damaged from conception by pregnancies, births and early childhoods which feature horrifying neglect, deprivation, abuse and violation, often by nightmarish, violent mothers and the total absence of an involved father. In essence these children all need unselfish, involved, affectionate, caring, strong spirited fathering, certainly not more silly lost females with their own agenda interfering and making things worse! They need firm but gentle paternal limits to stop any destructive, frantic or violent behavior, when small by physically holding while they scream, later by more vigorous physical restraint such as holding the child front down on a bean bag or large cushion while they struggle, swear, spit, try to bite and lash out in their fury (as they most assuredly will!)! One session of this and they will clearly respect the person who is helping and guiding them making it easier and easier to handle the healing crisis.

Despite the comforting fables and fantasies held onto by most people about fathers and especially about mothers and the public posturing and pretence by parents today, the systematic violation of babies and young children in families in countries like Australia is far more common than anyone wishes to acknowledge or admit. This is especially true in those countries where mothers have little or no daily support from their extended family. A conservative estimate is that at least one parent is guilty of serious abuse in over 85% of families and often the offender is the mother because she is left looking after children, alone and overloaded and struggling to cope yet refusing to ask for or admit that she needs help.

The nonsense that people believe in about disorders such as Autism, Hyperactivity, Asthma and MS is a direct consequence of them living in desperate emotional denial themselves, refusing to face the truth about their own childhoods and parents. When a sufferer allows themselves to get really angry or to weep, the condition immediately improves - immediately!

You certainly need to read "Christianity & the Churches" on the same web site and fully understand the serious spiritual consequences of this in your own life, both in this world and in the next,


Michael Israel


Mar 28, 2013
Or maybe you just want little kids to touch mr Micheal zionist lol.

Check your karma and keep your negativity under control. spnadmin
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