Different Religions Or Perceptive Difference

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    Hello/ Namaskar/Jai Mata Di/ Asslaam Valekum/ Sat Sri Akaal.

    All are ways to greet when someone meet.
    Ways are different .

    Religion follows laws of Region

    In Church followers wear shoes, as religion was born in cold climatics.
    In hindu temple, shoes to be outside,
    and in
    Sikh Gurudwara shoes to be out, socks to be removed and feet to be washed.
    As region of religion demands.

    Hot Deserts, as woman skin is soft, demand of nature, to prevent skinburn,
    Burka is prescribed by region of religion
    I ask my hindu friends, in hot weather, why when they to move on two wheeler, why they cover complete with only eyes visible than imaginative stroke thimks of burka as savior.

    Burning was easier in equatorial region, but hot and cold deserts, need woof for Survival in those times, for death burial is ok, there is enough space and negative population growth

    There is EGO, set boundary of thiking.

    It not allows to think beyond boundary.
    And further the misunderstood training of mathematical equality.
    Where 0=0 .And 1=1 . Nature is different.

    Some has 1 in science but 0 in home science
    Or Some has 1 in home science but 0 in science.

    They are equal but with understanding of deviations of nature

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