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Different But Easy To Follow; View Of Life


Apr 3, 2007
Sat Shri Akal

I am new to this forum. I have read some discussions and liked the view of people over here. I tried to understand and write answer to somewhat absurd question and that is "What is life?"

I have posted this at different places but got very few responses to improve myself on this context. I hope to get more from here.

Please give your views on my answer considering it in general and Sikhi. The article is here: What is life?

Sarbat da bhala





Mar 28, 2006
Respected Sikhtaz ji,

article is good, thought process is excellent, add a flavor of wholeness in it-DISSOLVE THE I-NESS INTO WHOLE-NESS. UNLIMITED ANAND.

forgive me please


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Sikhtaj Ji,

The ancient scripture of the land (India) considers merging with 'The Sat' as the intent of the life in human form. Gurbani also says the same: gobind Milan Kee Tery Bariyya. So that is what life is. Ancient scripture of the land says that giving up this world and remaining engrossed in The Almighty is the way to get rid of the cycle of rebirths. This way the ancient scripture in a way negates life in this world. it asks its followers to shed it.

Sikhi is a life affirming religion. It asks the house holder to achieve purity of mind, perform the duty of the house holder and follow the path of Simran.

Even if one takes ancient scripture of the land - Gita, Lord Krishna told Arjun and Duryadhana that he will not take up arm. To me ther is a subtle message in this refusal, which has gone unnoticed. The Author of Gita in this way is telling that God doesnot interfere in the worldly matters, the humans have to do things for themself, they have been endowed with mental and physical capabilities for this purpose. in other words it means that humans do not have to run away from the world but live an active yet pure life to up hold truth.

Guru Sahib have asked us to live the worldly life with honesty and purity as householder upholding truth. This way a ture Sikh becomes an instrument of the will of 'The Sat'.

The question that demands answer is what is the will of 'The Sat'. It is clear to me that progressive evolution of humankind has taken place in the past. If 'The Sat' did not wanted it to happen it would not have taken place. So stiving for further evolution, to me is the will of 'The Sat.

This means as Sikh we have to live a honest and pure life as house hold, practice Simran and strive for continues improvement in all that is creation of 'The Sat'. This is life as I understand it

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh


Apr 3, 2007
Amarpal Singh Ji

You have written the truth very well. In contrast with my view (considering only house hold) you have considered both sides of life. But if you read another article one has tried to desribe the second part also, by considering the same example.

The article is here

Bhul chuk maaf

Sarbat da bhala
Jan 6, 2007
Dear Sikh Taz

I am responding to your topic in the same spirit as you put it forward. I have also read your other Blogs and have tried to comment on them.

What is life?

A question which always pinch and deviate me from most of the things I do. A person do a thing when he sees a benefit in it whether it is job, religion, donation, work for others or what ever. A desire becomes a reason for any work or action. But there is no desire, no dream, no aim for me. Everything looks vanishable and like everything will be not here one day not even me. Then whats the reason to run behind something as the thing and the person running behind it will not exist after sometime? Why? All these thought make to think about "Why are we here?", "What we have to do?", "???" The reason?

All these thoughts meshup my mind and even after hours of thinking I found myself nowhere. But now it is being more clear. I can answer why I am here, actually why everyone is here. And the answer is really simple.

As part of it we respect the Nature.

I disagree. We do not respect nature. If we did, then we would not be here. This is why our Gurus have given us this basic guidance.

Bhanna” – Stay in the will of nature” When ever we disrespect nature, it creates an Account for which we have to make payment. This is one of the reasons for our coming and going.

“Dukh daroo sukh rog bhaya, Jaa sukh taam na hoee” Pain and suffering is the way nature balances its accounts. When we are at ease, having a good life we are not conscious of our actions. It is at that time when unconsciously we disobey nature. It is at that time when “Kam, Krodth, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar are operating at its best. We have walked into the maze and traped ourselves. That is why we are still here.

Dassan Nohan di Kirit Kamai” – Honest earnings. Guru ji tells us to make an honest living. We are here due to our desires. Our desires, our greed keeps multiplying, not realising how big the bill is getting and having no means to pay. There is no such thing as “Free Lunch”. We want more and more for doing less and less. We run after Self Proclaimed Babeys in the false notion that we may find a short cut to fulfil our desires through them.

Wand ke shako” – Share your bounty. How often do you do that? And if you do then is that record still in your mind ?. If it is then it will be in the section of filling called “EGO”. “I HAVE DONE THAT” – again disobeying the rules of nature. Why does the rich gets richer – because he lives off others and saves all he has. In a nut shell “Mine is mine and Yours is Mine”.

The nature of Nature is "giving" by getting what it gets from surrounding. It gives to everyone without any discrimination. It gives equal and of same quality and try to fulfill others' needs. What you get is what you want, not more and not less. So, I look at myself as part of this Nature and try making my attitude and nature according to Nature.

NO!. Whatever is in the surroundings of Nature is Nature itself. The nature of Nature is Survival - Expansion. Nature runs a business. If it gives, it wants something back in return. We are all subordinate to nature. It does not discriminate whether you are a common person or a Spiritual Giant. Everyone goes through the same grind. Everyone has to obey the rules.

The equality it gives is “ An equal chance to improve irrespective of your past record/actions”. By default, it gives enough to fulfil our basic requirements plus What we get is What we Deserve, good or bad, not more and not less”.

Yes , a change of attitude it definitely required. Do what SGGS tells us. Stay and behave in the “Hukam”.

“Kiv sachiara hoyeaa, Kiv koore tutte paal,
Hukam rajaee chalna Nanak Likheya Naal”

We are no more than an instrument of nature and as long this “I” keeps coming into it you keep degrading your self. We are like actors in a play. We have participated in this play for sooooooooooooo long that we have forgotten our own identity. Just like Sharukh Khans’ acting is always a copy of Some Other Actor.

Nature shows me the way I should live, means giving. Give to your surrounding what you can (should) give. I think of myself as a tree, which give shadow, a safe place for nest, beautiful holes for squirrels to make its home, a power to sand to hold itself, strong but flexible stems for animals to play and joy, beautiful and soft leaves to become food for insects, sweat and sour fruits, fresh air to breathe.

Yes, I agree, Nature gives us various lessons on life. Be like a ripe fruit that is always bowing towards the Earth. “Nimarata”. Become a “Reneka”(dust of every ones feet). “Giving” is what Nature does. We are the recipients. We are the squirrel who is enjoying all those fruits. How can we give what is not ours in the first place. The only time we give/contribute is when we do unconditional Simran.

All this for cost of nothing. It just gives and tries to stand with its duties no matter what are the circumstances, whether it is a drought, flood or autumn. It just gives, whatever it can, to all.

You are mistaken here. You are performing a duty and that is a payment. Throughout your life you are made to work but for whom ? You are not the beneficiary. The one that benefits from your lifes earnings is someone else. Someone that comes into you life. Mainly as your offspring. The one that has come to collect its dues from you. That is your payment that you are making for the benefits you enjoyed previously on the account of someone else

I see life as a part of nature, part of this cycle, nothing else.

We need to learn the lesson to stay in the “Hukam”, the way nature wants us to be, the way Guru Nanak Dev ji has shown us the way.

I have to reach nowhere, I have to achieve nothing, there is nothing like a 'Aim', it is all about giving.

As a Sikh it is your Dharam, your Duty to follow and live by the teachings of SGGS and through Naam Simran, realise yourself, find what is written in your “Hukam” and find the way back to your Spiritual Home. That is the Universal Aim. We have nothing to give because NOTHING is not ours.

“Mera muj me kush nahi, Jo kish hai so tera”

I try to live like that. I just do my duties. I just do what should I do as part of this cycle. This is the meaning of life.

You are wasting you life. This life is predetermined. It is not in your control. You can only live it. The meaning / purpose of life is to discover who you really are?, to lift the veil of illusion. Life is your chance to free yourself out of the clutches of Nature. Life is liberation. Life is merging with your maker. Life is “Mann jeete Jag Jeet”

Like an Eagle that flies so high up in the Sky but it has only one purposes in mind and that is to look down for a dead rat on the ground so that it can prey on it.

“Vishta ka keeda Vishta mein reha Samai”.

We are bound by the “Hukam”, we cannot think beyond our ability. Our thoughts can only dwell within the circle of the “Hukam”. Even before we enter the warmth and experience the HELL in the Womb hanging up side down, your “Hukam” has already been determined. This is where we get our first lesson of Nimarta but as we are born this Head that did not get a chance to lift up, never looks down again and by the time one realises it, there is little time to implement, the life cycle starts again.

You started off very well but your Ego the “I” started taking over your thoughts.

“Changa naao rekhayeke jass kirat jag ley, Je TIS naddar na aweyee ta vaat na pushey ke”

“Naam” also gives you the wings of the Eagle. Nature pays back its dues. Naam Simran without the guidance of SGGS ji you will be no more than the state of that Eagle because you have no one to give you guidance. The difference is that the size of your cage has gone bigger. But it is still a cage.

The power of Naam is uncontrollable. Only the ONE that tastes it, knowns it. And yes, It wants to show its colours. That is where the True Guru who resides in us all, comes from within to ones aid. Because it is only the True Guru that can control this Power going out of control and show you the path home from thereon. What we see outside is an illusion. But in order to reach the stage inside we need to practise outside so that we can through practise prepare ourselves for the journey and become worthy of meeting the GURU.

“Karmi avey kapda, Naddri Moksh Duarr” – Blessing is a prerequisite.

So “Tajinder Singh ji” – Back to the Drawing Board.

Our Gurus were most Technical and Intelligent

We are incapable of understanding or defining the capacity and the intelligence of our Gurus. We can only do that when we reach that stage and state.

eyvfu aUcw hovY koie ]
Only one who reaches that level of understanding
iqsu aUcy kau jwxY soie ]
then only one can know His Exalted State.
Understanding the aim of life is first thing, second is to achieve it with power, stability, strength and in right way. By strength I mean how long I can stand with my actions (to get aim). To get and retain this power I need energy and that can be get through Simran (meditation).
Firstly, your concept of life is incorrect. You lack understanding. Achievement is by Gurprashad and his Will.
To make myself understand the concept I consider myself as tree and my aim to serve. I see the earth as God and Simran as roots in the earth. The stronger the roots more the power to stand with floods (pain, desires, sex) and deeper the roots more the stability and power to fight against draught (poverty, instability, dissatisfaction).

AwKix joru cupY nh joru ]
joru n mMgix dyix n joru ]
joru n jIvix mrix nh joru ]
joru n rwij mwil min soru ]
joru n surqI igAwin vIcwir ]
joru n jugqI CutY sMswru ]
ijsu hiQ joru kir vyKY soie ]
nwnk auqmu nIcu n koie ]33]
Now understanding the complexity of roots (how it holds the earth, how it extract water, carbohydrates, etc) is the most technical part. Our gurus were able to understand that and to make us understand they intelligently wrote it.
hukmY AMdir sBu ko bwhir hukm n koie ]
Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command.
nwnk hukmY jy buJY q haumY khY n koie ]2]
O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego. ||2||
To fight against all above and control it, we need to control the energy. The only way is Simran (meditation). Also this is the difficult to do. So, our gurus intelligently wrote the Gurbani so that one gets feeling and a strong desire to do Simran. Gurbani inspires and tells us a way to medidate while hiding the intricacies. I will not reveal the hidden parts (according to my little understanding) of Gurbani.

You are absolutely right. You do have very little understanding of Gurbani. It reflects in your thought process. Too little knowledge is very dangerous. First understand the Gurus Message. People like you become devoid of the blessings of the almighty and start life at the very low end of the life cycle.

bMid KlwsI BwxY hoie ]
Liberation from bondage comes only by His Will.
horu AwiK n skY koie ]
No one else has any say in this.
jy ko Kwieku AwKix pwie ]
If some fool should presume to say that he does,
Ehu jwxY jyqIAw muih Kwie ]
He shall learn, and feel the effects of his folly.
vfw swihbu vfI nweI kIqw jw kw hovY ]
Great is the Master, Great is His Name. Whatever happens is according to His Will.
nwnk jy ko AwpO jwxY AgY gieAw n sohY ]21]
O Nanak, one who claims to know everything shall not be decorated in the world hereafter. ||21||
The above are my humble views presented to the best of my ability and understanding as per my “Hukam”. I make NO claims.

Sincere appologies if any of my comments are found to be offensive. If you do, feel free to follow what is in your “Hukam”. Only you will know because it is within you.

May God have Mercy on you.
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