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Paganism Difference Between Wicca And Paganism


Nov 11, 2004
Some people are not very clear on the difference between what a Wiccan is, what Paganism is and what witchcraft is. So I've provided some links to help you out.

Wicca: Frequently Asked Questions

What Wicca Is-Wikipedia

Wicca is a popular Neopagan religion, originally founded by the British civil servant Gerald Gardner, probably in the 1940s, although it was first openly revealed in 1954. Since its founding, various related Wiccan traditions have evolved, the original being Gardnerian Wicca, which is the name of the tradition that follows the specific beliefs and practices established by Gerald Gardner.
What Paganism is-Wikipedia

Paganism is a catch-all term which has come to bundle together (by extension from its original classical meaning of a pre-Christian religion) a very broad set of not necessarily compatible religious beliefs and practices that are usually, but not necessarily, characterized by polytheism and, less commonly, animism.
Both the Wikipedia links give explanations of the terms and how they came about.

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