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Did Shaikh Farid Ji Passed Away While Doing His Intense Chilla?


Aug 29, 2013
If you read Shaikh Farid ji's baani in SGGS, it becomes clear of his conversation with the crow that ate away almost all his flesh while he was in the forests (?) doing chilla .

A poetic conversation between him and the crow in which he tells the crow to not touch his eyes as he wanted to see his lord.
This raises one interesting question . God is not seen by the eye. Then why is he telling crow not to eat away his eyes.

Did Shaikh farid ji physically survived his intense chilla. Of all the bhagats in SGGS, perhaps he's the one who took the most hardships on his body for the sake of spiritual epiphany.

Perhaps its for this reason, some scholars contend the baani of Farid ji in SGGS is actually of a spiritual successor of Farid ji .


Jan 22, 2005
Question is, can a crow eat flesh of living person. Do Crow understand our language . If crow was able to eat at that time then why not now. Even otherwise in medical terms when the whole body is eaten the question of eyes remaining with tears does not arise. If all the body is eaten then how will eyes get the light or tears. Therefore, Shaikh Farid is not referring to biological eyes but of duality

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