Did I Do Something Wrong? Kirpan Legal Issues

recently as iv posted else were i got charged with carryin concealed weapon for my kirpan, it was a straight dagger with double edge, which is illegal in my state. now normal kirpans i seen on most sikh of being from 3-9inches total and sharp on one end are legal. Anyway, i was put in jail and bond out. well i got help from united sikhs and aclu. but i also had a court appointed attorney to. well united sikh told me call them if i was offered a plea. so i did. well they didnt reply till couple hours later. mean while 2 hr earlier i was in court and offered a plea of just a 200 dollar fine and the issue would be over with so i informed sikh. needless to say they are kinda upset with me. Did i do something wrong?? i was lookin at 1-5 years in prison for this illegal double blade i used for my kirpan. also i fighting my ex for custody of my little one.. so i weighed it all out in thought and took the plea. united sikh said does that mean your gonna stop wearing kirpan?? i said no. he said united sikh are for not just person but sikh community. In my opinion, i made the right choice becuase i had to weigh my options and choices. i think i did right and am still a good sikh.
when i first wrote this post i was angry.. which is a bad vice. I realize now i was reckless. i have my kirpan with me at all times but i will not wear it out because until i FUlly understand sggs and the message the gurus taught, i refuse to wear it out of the house. i realize i was not only reckless but very reckless and more then likely did more harm then good to sikh faith, and for that i am ashamed of, i hurt the faith i was learning about and felt drawn to. hopefully yall as a community can forgive me for being reckless and hope i wasnt the only one who has made this mistake. i guess i was over excited or zealous, im not sure which. but again im sorry to waheguru,and my fellow brother and sister sikhs.

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Its all a learning curve, no apology needed, good to see you have dealt with your anger, welcome back brotherkaurhug

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