Destination Wedding In Jamaica


I have been doing some research on Sikhs and Sikh weddings in Jamaica. From the search so far, i have found that there currently is no Gurudwara in Jamaica, but i am wondering if there are any Sikhs in Jamaica, any of them active on this forum or if anyone has any contact info of any Sikhs living in Jamaica.

Also, if anyone has had a Sikh wedding or been to a Sikh Wedding in Jamaica or any contacts that could help answer some questions about possibilities of doing a Sikh wedding in Jamaica would be very helpful.


Harry Haller

Panga Master


A quick search of google shows many potential sources of information for your quest, here is a photoset from one Sikh wedding in Jamaica, you may be able to email for details,

Sikh weddings in my opinion ,and it is only my opinion, should focus more on the union and bond between the two parties and Creator. Such a coming together of souls, in consonance with each other and with Creator, has the potential to be such a potent, mind blowing experience, that the location is irrelevent.

However, if you are just looking to 'get married the Sikh way' in the Caribbean, and the actual meaning and point of the wedding is just a formality, why not just have the fun bit in Jamaica, and then come back home and do the boring bits at the local Gurdwara.

I find it quite strange that the SGGS, seems to be playing second fiddle to the location,

In any event, best of luck, and I hope you enjoy your wedding day.


In most other faiths, a wedding is where they have 2 souls uniting/merging in the presence of God as witness........A sikh wedding is completely different.

Sikh wedding is about 2 souls not merging together but merging with Satguru at the same time.
In my opinion, if someone wants to carry and transport the satguru- Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji over to some exotic beach island just for the formality, so that satguru can witness a wedding-then that is NOT sikhi in any way.

Maybe I'm being a little ''khali-ban'' here...... I don't know ?

Also. it's precisely one of the reasons that the UK sikh committee's disallowed sole gyani's who would transport the Guru granth sahib to wherever and whatever for their own personal fees.

Do what Harry says.....have the fun wherever you want and the ceremony as per gurdwara maryada.