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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Delhi Cops, Govt Colluded During 1984 Genocide, Sting Operation Alleges


May 11, 2010
Ancient Greece
New Delhi: Spelling more trouble for the Congress, a sting operation by Cobrapost has claimed that the Delhi Police acted in connivance with the then state government during the 1984-anti Sikh riots.

The sting shows many Delhi Police officers alleging that some top brass officers worked in tandem with the government to teach Sikhs “a lesson”. The officers also admitted that they failed to act as a force.

The Cobrapost interviewed police officers - Shoorveer Singh Tyagi, then Station House Officer (SHO) Kalyanpuri; Rohtas Singh, SHO Delhi Cantonment; SN Bhaskar, SHO Krishna Nagar; OP Yadav, SHO Srinivaspuri; and Jaipal Singh, SHO Mehrauli.

While the then Police Commissioner SC Tandon evading all the questions by the undercover reporter, ex-Additional Commissioner of Police, Gautam Kaul, said that he had no first-hand information of rioting.

Amrik Singh Bhullar, the then SHO of Patel Nagar, in an affidavit had named some local leaders of participating in the 1984 riots and inciting the mob.

According to a report published on the Cobrapost website, the police force had succumbed to anti-Sikh sentiments, thus abetting rioting and arson, even encouraging rioters.

Some of the confessions made by the police officers who were interviewed during the sting operation:

• The police force had succumbed to anti-Sikh sentiments, thus abetting rioting and arson, even encouraging rioters
• Repeated warnings about the simmering communal sentiments against Sikhs in their areas went unheard by senior officers
• While news of arson and rioting bombarded the police control rooms, only two per cent of the messages were recorded
• Police logbooks were conveniently changed to eliminate evidence of inaction on the part of senior officers
• Some officers did not act for fear of punishment being transferred
• Some police officers dumped bodies of victims somewhere else to minimize riot-related crimes in their areas
• The police did not allow the riot victims to file FIRs or when they filed FIRs, they clubbed disparate, unconnected cases of murder and arson in one FIR
• Messages were broadcast directing police to not take action against rioters who were shouting slogans of ‘Indira Gandhi zindabad’
• The government of the day did not allow the police to act while creating an impression that the police were not performing their duty
• Senior officers like did not allow their subordinates to open fire on rioters
• Police officers did not act even when some press reporters informed him of killing and arson by rioters all around Delhi
• Even the Fire Brigade refused to move to areas where cases of arson had been reported by police.
Three police officers of SHO rank accused the ex-police chief for mismanagement. Shoorveer Singh Tyagi criticised Tandon for acting under the influence of the government of the day. While, OP Yadav accused Tandon of not providing leadership to the force, another officer SN Bhaskar said that instead of singling out some station house officers, the police chief’s head should have rolled.

(Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/delhi-police-congress-govt-colluded-during-1984-riots-cobrapost_926281.html)


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