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News Defective Birs Printed In Ludhiana (ਪੰਜਾਬ ਸਪੈੱਕਟ੍ਰਮ)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004


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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
http://sikhweekly.com/index.php daily dated 23rd July, 2011

Can the Singh Sahibaans come out from UNDER the SGPC THUMB ??

1. Since the SGPC President CONTROLS the Jathedars of the three Takhats and their Chief Granthis in PUNJAB.are these PAID SERVANTS/EMPLOYEES of SGPC capable of making INDEPENDENT DECISIONS ?? The answer is a resounding NO. If anyone jathedar Akal takhat or Keshgarh or Damdama dares to even bat an eyelid AGAINST the SGPC ( In turn controlled fully by BADAL )..he is instantly and unceremoniously SACKED. Has happened with several jathedars in just the recent past..Jagir Kaur, Pooran Singh, Ranjit Sinhg, Joginder singh Vedanti etc etc.
2. The Undeniable reality is..Badal chooses the SGPC Presidnet..who in turn pays the salries of the Takhat jathedars. So none of these Five dare take any decisions thta dont suit BADAL. That is why when Pooran Singh issued a Hukmnamah against the Editor of Daily Ajit Jalandahr..he was sacked and the Hukmnamah was put in cold storage...wheres Joginder singh Vednati REFUSED to issue a Hukmnamah agaisnt the Rozana Spokesmn Editor Joginder Singh and was Sacked for that.
3. JAT has taken several decisions against PUBLIC OPINION...several people found INNOCENT by the FIVE were later dragged to CRIMINAL COURT and suitably PUNISHED by the Justice system....This raised concers as to the integrity fot he Five...SGPC Presidnet Jagir kaur was taken to Court and case of murder still ongoing... Dhanwant Singh Plai Chakee was acquitted by the Five in a rape Case but Found GUILTY by a Court and sent to prison. Vedanti refused to take action against a similar accused Ragi Sadhu Singh of SGPC as he was under sgpc protection and untouchable.
4. Latest case of Birs sent to Italy. The Snagat of Italy asked for 150 Birs of SGGS..but it was discovered that the Bus ( full of dirt and in a very deplorable condition contrary to propoganda put out by sgpc) actually ahd a cargo of an "extra" 300 more Birs !! When the assembled snagat demanded them all be downloaded and despatched to the Gurdwaras, the SGPC contingent in the bus forcefully shut the doors of the bus in the snagats face and sped off. Later the Ladies found several Birs UNDER THE SEATS of the bus in a dity dusty condition. ( THis is the same SGPC that stopped a Container at Bombay Port prepared by the DGMC to transport SGGS Birs which was suitbaly modified with shelves and Chandoas etc inside as UNSATISFACTORY and insulting to SGGS !! ) When the ladies confronted the SGPC delegation with this..they were subjected to verbal abuse....and the harbans Singh daduwaal. one of Italy's most respected Sikh Leaders was summoned to Akal takhat to appear and present his case against punishment !! The Panches of nearly 30 villages surrounding daduwaal have written to Akal takhat to support Harbans Singh daduwaal as a most respected NRI who could not have doen what is allaeged..and in the Court of Public Opinion he is percieved INNOCENT - but of course he ahs hurt the sentiments of the sgpc delegation that tried to take "extra" sggs birs ??? for what purpose ?? as free ride in the bus paid for by the Italy Sangat.. Apparently these extra birs were for personal profit.
5. It was SGPC that bore down on the Badla govt to pass the SGGS Act 2008 barring all others form printing sggs. It made this a sgpc monopoly. The Private publisher CSJS of Amrtisar was even grabbed and taken to the SGPC offices in Darbar sahib Complex and the crowd there Blackend his face in public and humilaited him for selling SGGS at his shop facing Darbar sahib. This was an attempt to forcefully enfprce the Act 2008...via taking the law into private hands !! Anyway later on many many cases and FIRs have been lodged agianst perosns and jathebandis under this Act. Latest case is of the ragi that snag at Sauda saadhs function - even the Five issued a snaction against the ragi.
6. BUT yet the Golden Bir case is strangely in COLD STORAGE. It is clearly established thta Makkar gave his permission to PRINT those Birs...and they ARE DEFECTIVE. Yet no action/fir/case has been filed under the ACT 2008 !! Even though the DGMC via its Religious secretary T{censored}m singh has filed a FIR in Jlandahr Police Thanna and Makkar is named as defendant...the Punjab Police is also sitting on it. The Delhi DGMC investigated and found out that the DEFECTIVE BIRS were indeed sent to SGPC Gurdwaras for parkash..and the Grnathi at Gurdwara Sang Dhesi admitted it was delivered by sgoc van and he knew that it was printed by makkar's permission.BUT when the CASE BROKE..the SGPC immediately REMOVED those BIRS from the Gurdawaras overnight and installed them in the Sikh Reference Library ( NOTE: The Presence of such a DEFECTIVE BIR..in a Prestigious library such as SRL..is EXACTLY how spurious literature/defective Birs/adulterated birs etc etc were EARLIER installed in Gurdwaras...by VESTED INTERESTS !!! People always ask..just how did a Kharee Bir like Bhai banno bir or Gurbilas Patshhi chhevin etc end up in Gurdwaras ?? WELL here is the ANSWER....100 years in 3011..people will ask..How did the GOLDEN BIRS end up in Sikh reference Library ?? and any extra banis added to the BLANK PAGES intentionally left BLANK and BOUND into the Golden Birs are for...nefarious purposes...just as raagmala, ink dee vidhi, likh dher muhammadah shabds end up in some Birs of sggs CENTURY AGO !!...SAME ANTI-SIKH Elements were also in Charge fo Sikh Gurdwars Century ago...and this is exactly how they MIXED adulterated birs and documents with authentic ones...)
7. Anyway T{censored}m Singh of DGMC alleges that the Highly Prestigious Laser Printer in Ludhina used for this purpose accepts ONLY ORDERS of more than 100 Pages....so the number of Golden Birs is definitley MORE than just FIVE admitted...No printer will print such a small amount of Pages !!
8. makkars Logic in not pressing a case under the Act 2008..These Golden Birs were prepeared in FULL SHARDHA..love for sggs and in full attention ( full attention led to so many mistakes..just imagine if the attention was any lesser ) The BHAGTEE BHAAV of these persons will be hurt if case is registered !!!
9. The Person mainly behind this has gone overseas...and Makkar has registered a case against the DGMC..for fanning this case and hurting sikh sentiments !! Chor Kotwaal nu dnateh..Thief threatens the Police !!
10. Its clearly a case under the Act 2008..and the POLICE have the resources to investigate..which the Five Jathedars cannot do as its beyond them. So its natural that the Police be allowed to do their job.
11. The Sikh leader of Italy harbans Singh daduwaal has sent in a VCD containing the full proof of what really happened in Italy. and what was doen by sgpc sec dilmegh singh and his gang...and he has informed the Jathedars that IF he fails to prove hsi innocnece he is prepared to ahve hsi Face Blackened in Public at harmandar Sahib and if he proves it..the faces of dilmegh singh and his sgpc jatha should be similary Blackened in Public.
12. The COLD STORAGE of the case by the Five clearly point ot an effort to save the Guilty and buy time for the sgpc....BUT its also true that Punjab Vidhan Sabha assembly elections approach..sgpc elections approach..and the DGMC is at opposite ends with sgpc...this matter will be a powerful weapon in DGMC hands to erode the sgpc further...the more the delay..the more the damage in Public Perception..



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