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Hinduism Debunking/exposing Arya Samaj

Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh
Hari Om Tat Sat

As there is no hindu over here so Das will put tjere views also.In fact before Dayanand came to punjab there was no hindu or No Sikh both were brothers.In fact there was no divide in Islam and Panth also.

Das can give you a link of his Hindutva related brother Sunil Birodkar by PM where he also aknolegdes that lots of damge has been done by him.

Next clear thing is that from Das's writing you all will understand why should Sikh understand Triya Chritara.By logic only Faith is ruined as people called Arya Samaji are Nastiks(Non Belivers).And then why did Sikhs became reactiuonary at that time Das could understand due to such peoples.

He mr Vijaysingh is not hindu and claims to be Arya.So he must not keep hius name in hindi but change it into Sanskrit Vijayah Singham.But Arya means civilised.So evem Shia Muslim Brother Basha is an Arya.So Are Mr Thecoopies.Civilesed is one who see God in all.But Who hate all is uncivilsed.

In Blinds one eyed man can be king.Dayanad Ji could be revered by Arya Samajis.Say a rabbied Dog who barks on all is stoned(as he said already).that Rabid Dog may be respected by fellow Rabid Dogs but not by human.

Our God is in Dog as in that form we are warned of danger or have a lesson of loyalty.In form of Pig flith is removed and pork ,a food is Given.

This Guy Dayanand Ji are even in not those two cateogries.Das was to complete today Dasham Granth by today and a bit of Article on Damdami Taksal and research on caste issue but was forced by this brother to write what Arya Samaj is?

Das also wants that if possible there should be debate of logic with Babbersher Ji and Singhvj Ji in chart room.Call Rajs and Muslim also to take part.Das request admin that let them be having a MATCH. And facilitate this.and let what so ever happened be published.

Singhvj when he talks with Sikhs on Veda looks like a nursury class person is trying to teach logerthims table to computer scientist.So this Das vijaydeep Singh who knows logerthims (Vedas ) also which teach computer sceince(Gurmat) to SinghVJ.

(to be continued..)

Ek Oankar Shri Akal Sahai

Well there are many good Arya Samajis around us.Like Swami Agnivesh Ji who is a champion of bonded labour redressal.Then he is against the overspaending in festivals and vulagarity in socity.He is respected in Panth and by Sikhs he is worthy of worship.He also wears a turban .He visit GuruDwaras also. Then there was Khusbakht Rai,who worte a book Sahib E Kamal Guru Gobind Singh Ji.This means that all of them are or were idiots.
Then just go to site below.your vice President of Arya Samaj is sitting in the feet of Sikh Fakir.

If you sit in the feet of Greatmen you can go higher then them.But if you try to keep your feet on their heads you may loose your feet and abilty to stand.

(To Be contnued..)
Das also wants that if possible there should be debate of logic with Babbersher Ji and Singhvj Ji in chart room.Call Rajs and Muslim also to take part.Das request admin that let them be having a MATCH. And facilitate this.and let what so ever happened be published.
chat rooms are always open for progressive discussions. But somehow I get more of a feeling that there is going to be a bashing - Whose Dad is better, which Guru is Best, Which Religion is universal etc etc.

Hatred is a big problem. If we are able to overcome this evil, and learn 'live and let live' without interfering in other's values and beliefs, world would be different one.

so Vijaydeep Singh ji, I strongly feel, sometimes it is needed to get the people quiet using strong words, when they cross their limits. Otherwise, no point in putting your energy into negative discussions where people wont come to learn, but just relax and see people getting excited. I look forward to the Dasam Granth writings which you are working on. Looks like an entry to 'Original Articles' section here.

Bhull chukk maaf karnee ji. Chotta veer, Arvind.
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Then lets talk of your Vedas.

They are made of two basic wrods Ve(knwolegde) Da(Directionn or space)

So Veda are Granth whcih bring knowledge of space or universe.Veda aslo means to hear.

Rig is of two words Ri and ga .Ri(stands for cycle and also for hairs) G(is for movement or to go).

Rig Veda gIVES ABOUT the details of cylce of movement of universe and how it started.

Sa(that) Ma(in) so Sam Veda tells about who is in universe.

Ya(Here) Ja(Birth) ur(heart or in) so Yajur Veda talks about how cahnge of state occur.You calle it birth or Creation.

Ath(Start) Rav(with in) Atharveda Tells how sustaining is done.

Das is aware that Sanskrit of your swami was substandard and he was unable to understand the sceince of Paranormal in Vedas. In fact your Haven are nothing else then like farmer or muniicpality killing pests or Makhmachher via pestcieds till you have not devotion and have ego.

So in Rig Veda there is Salok may be Purush Sutra

Purush EvDa Sarvda
(pu) Sustainer Ru(obsructor) Sh(decay) Ev(ever) Da(Direction) Sar(all) Da(Direction).

So God(Sustainer,Obstructor of decay) Forever(in all) Direction(in All direction).

This God lives everywhere.

so this is the seed of Vedanta before your Dayanand was born it was there.Ved Vysa wrote Brahsutra to brake the neck of nyayik mat of Dayananda.
Das is well aware that you Swami Daynanda said that Vedas tell to go by Manu and approves manu Samriti.

Das does not want to humilates you further but will continue..

brother Arvind Ji let Das first complete the obutiary of Arya Samaj here. Das is just going to the level these people understand.Das request you that you have a full authority to edit if das is using unparliamenatry language.But these guys of Arya Samaj are known to deviate from main topic just by offending debator this is there modus opernadi since there Dayananda.As they have no stuff.lie mad they move in other direction just to avoid logic discussiom.let das complete his article for now.

(to be continued..)

Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Dayanand did said Manusamriti is OK.But if it was to be presented as it is it would have put you people in embarracing situation.

Then they (Arya Samajis) made new Manusamriti by removing what they said was conrtadictory to Vedas(As per them) or Contradictory to other verses in the same Manusamriti.

So this means Vedas sre wrong.They say follw manu as it is.Even go againt Vedas.Then even it is contradicitory let that contradiction remains.

Then why he talked about Rama as Yug Pursuh while Rama was Sikh or Sanatan Dharmi.He worshipped Shiva at Rameshwar in the form of stone(that was symbloic only) but we has a beliver in Akal and not a Nastik.

And Mr Kanya Lal M Talreja Ji(another Arya Samaji and Hindu leader also shame on you) even quotes Gita so if you follow Gita that means that Krishan who is toaltly againt Nayiyk Mat of dayanand.S o Krishan another Sikh(Shisya in that times language of Sanskrit) is OK.

And did no he killed or ate cow you Dayanand.At that time cow could be of use then why were Muslims beef eaters were richers then hindus or Britishers another beef eater ruling Hindu.If cow was like mother of Dayanand Ji then combine harvestor or transplanter or Bus is your father in that regard.

To Be continued....
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das will now write the history of Arya Samaj and Dayanand Ji and at its end two only two theoratical question will be asked.If Singhvj does not answer them then story writtan by das is correct else das can belive that it not up to the mark.

Dayanand was born in brahmin Family of gujrat.His name was moolsankar.
mool sanker has two meaning.mool(oriegeon or breed) Sanker(cross) and another meaning is mool(space of emrging) sanker(narrow).Gutter also has such thing.
He use to get food as left over from other.

One day he went in the temple to steal Prasad.He saw that rats have slowly overtook him.He was impressed by rats and then he treied to copy them(as rat eats from humans and then bring plague in them so did he did ditch Sanatan Sikhs later on in Punjab).

Like rat he also had sense of insecurity and lack of self confidance.He had a doubting nature this makes an person insane.So for that he tried to leanr yoga in uttranchal but due to his nautre he could not get any divne expirance.So he said that there is nothing devine.Any faith which does not belive in devinty and with devotion is not a faith but a gruop like that of communists.

Then he studied from a swami aNd got a new name dayanand Sarswati.That swami was also from nayik mat so this guy also became of Nayik Mat.Dayanand has two meaning Daya NAND ie son of Daya and Daya anand mercy and pleasure last could be his name.Saraswati is name of reiver and is female godess.why he was Saraswati and not SarasWAN.Das will tell it later.

So he raomed here and there.Got beating from here and there.And even got some similar disgruntled element supporting him.das will give there history also later.In Lahore once upon a time while boarding a hack(tonga) his feet got tangled in broken ground.while tonga which had half of his body ran.This made this Brrahmchari in very Bad shape.He did survive.

This guy was a Brahmchari,Guru said that if god has to be got by Brahmchari then hijra(third Gender) may get God automaTICALLY. But this guy(Dayanand) did not get God.

Onnce he went to Rajasthan.He enjoyed very cosy realtionship with king that his harlot became envious to Dayanand as if he was her Sautan.She offered herself to him.He was unable to do anything with her.She told that she may expose his secret of Brahmcharya to world.So Dayanand asked his servent to bring poison and commited sucide.

Real logical end of the enemy of Hinduism.

Das will start history of his follwer now..

Pandit Lekhram Arya killed by Muslim for his misdeeds Lahore 6-3-1897(Arya Samaj could not avenge it )
Swami Shradhnand killed by Adbul Rashid 23-10-1926 Delhi
'Veer' Rajpal killed by Ilmuddeen,Lahore 6-4-1929
Vir Narayan Dev Arya and his company was brutally killed and ladies taken away by mob in Karachi when Pakistan was been made.

Das ponders that inspite of So Much martyerdom why did not Arya Samaj became so strong.As they only spoke and did nothing and as theere cult is impractile.

Then this could be seen by the fact that Bhagat Singh another Arya Samaji also commited a virtual sucied by surrendering unlike true Hindu Chandra Shekhar Azad who died fighting.Had Bhagat Singh did not been couoght he would have orgainsed his party which was destryoed after his caputre and hanging there after.

Oh what about Lala Lajpat Rai,Just by fear of two sticks caused his heart failure and he died while Akalis and all did not die even after so much of beating.

Best example of present day Arya Samajis could be taken by a person serving in Indian Army from Rohtak.During Kargill War, he deserted his post and commited suicide after coming home due to shame.Uh!

Perhaps Das is not reapeating the deeds of Sikhs in Armed foreces but Hindus also sing them to inspire there young.But there are Hindu Pandits,Sikh Granthis,Padris and Maulvis in Indian Armed Forces but Das does not if there is any Mahashya or Arya Samaji prist or any of ther temple over there.

Indian Armed force tend to live in harmony and fraternity of various faith but they can not want bad fish in.Das is anyway interseted if there is any Arya Samaji Mahashya as religious preacher.

Anyway there are mnay Arya Samjis who come to Sanatan Dharam Temple and some even go to fetch water from Ganges on feet(Kanwarias) and then back home to offer on Shiva Linga.Hinduism has already absorebed Arya Samaj.Like lamp shivers before exsausting so this could be there last attempt.

As they are devoiod of devotion then there is no offering in or finace with them.so they come to Sikhs or to Hindus for fund.They bite the very hand which feed them.Sikhs protect them on border and on streets.Hindus are father of Arya Samaj.If Hindu were not there ,Arya Samaj would not have existed.

There progress in various fields show there strenght.Which das knows is not very much.In fact Das know that they use to do a good lot of self boosting by copying from us Sir Jai to Jai Mera Sikhi Sidak Na jAI by saying sir jaye to jaye mera Vedic Dharam na Jaye.But this cyber tiger Singhvj if he says something wrong one face of Nihung or say Bajrangdal,He will have thier Trishul measuring his intestines. So he can not say this in front of commen hindu or Sikh and if he say that he is doing what that guy from Rohtak did.

Das is only asking this Singhvj two question if he answer them here under neath then das will tender an appology for his writing truth for swami as no one kicks the dead dog.

1. As per swami ji five basic element were not created by God but were just assembled so it was Pursh making forms out of Prkriti.but sky or Akash we see in moring or in night is visible due to air so it is not at all sky but something visible due to the refraction of air(say during day blue particle of light scatter) and in night rays from star and moon are seen moving in air and not in Vaccum.Fire that is also only an extent of action of Gas.Can be crated or destroyed.Now das talks Earth and water.

what is ice,Earth or water.Let it be earth.Then we melt it water comes.If we pass electricity(What the hell this thing is out of five elements) Gas Hydrojen and oxygen occur.Oxygen like all other element as per presnt day sceince are made up of Hydrogen.Earth was made by sun so all earth was of hydrojen.

In sun there is something call fusion occur.Hygrogen becomes hielium.And futher helium makes other elements.But there is a diffrencae of wight between heilum and Hydrojen.Thats what is sunlight.

So this hydrojen can be further decayed hypothaically,eletron remived.Protton can be biffuracted into neutron and positron.And futher till no mass is left what can we do with neutron perhaps that can not be answered by Nastik of present day scince another thing could be to decay it further till no mass is left.But electron has no mass. nor Quark nor Postron.They move like enrgy more but even when they levae there +ve or -ve chareges .As ray which at present striking your moniter Mr Singhvj are made by pothons striking emmitter and eleectron striking the screen.

So like hypothatically water moves as one body with smaller partilce combined so does ray of light a from of energy moves.It is non of the five elements.Nor there mixture.

Question of the das is if five elements were never created then how can they be destroyed or even created by elements which are not at all any of five? Does it happens or does not it happens?What does your Satyrath Prakash said.That is anyway anti Vedic.Das know that there is an answer to it in Vedas and Gurmat.You will have to chose logirthims or computer.

2.Then next you have been saying that earth or universe or mankind was when created then Vedas were writtan.And they only know truth about deep mystroys of creation of universe correct.Das tells you.

So when Paper was created there has to be a man and when man was created there has to be an earth and when earth was created there has to be a universe.So for your Vedas to come to earth Man and paper are prerequsite.Only when they two were made then only can Veda happen.Das is even Ready to say that earth,universe and Man and Paper were created at one time and Vedas were created and not writtan by human but came in existance from no where like in films Vishnu Bhagwan becomes visible from nowhere or they were Prakat from no where.

Like in bible it appears to be said that got created earth/universe and not made.So Das even Agrees that Vedas needed a universe to come into existance.BUt tell does not universe need a space to be created.

Vedas were not there when that space was created.As with out matter Vedas can not exist they need brain or book to be recorded and that needs earth in universe to be there.And universe needs a sapce.

Does not this proves that Vedas where not there during creation which you say have happened ?

Is it immpossilbe for one who created space and in space universe and delivered Vedas to sent successive and more detailed information in the form of Bible,Kuran and Three books of Sikhs ?

Is there anything impossilbe in this realtive world?

Can Das means that there is Verse of Veda Hirangarbh Sarv....Which is often read when Bharat Ek Khoj use to come in TV.

Who is the creator of earth? Creator or anti creator?Always reamins leader.
That only knows or perhaps does not know,No one knows.

Does it means that vedic sages were not at all aware of God or were only telling about views of those people at that time who did not know God.

By the way at last das will tell you about what is Rishi or Sage.Riksh is made of three words Ri(cirecle here it is cirecle of body or of hairs) k(no) Sh(here it is falling dowen).

So it is for Reechh or bear whose hairs does fall appreantly that is Riksh.

and Rishi Ri(Hairs) Shi(able them to decay naturaly or without any manmade interference).
So Rishi were those who let there Hairs fall naturaly or those who kept there hairs.

The four Rishis who got Vedas were primitive Sikhs.By one Bodi Brahmin has littel Gyan and by total uncut hairs by mrecy of Akal Sikh knowes Veda better then you.Do you ever feel that after combing you cut hairs that comb has charge.And with uncut hairs charge is there in brain to understand logerthims Table.

Vedas are both secular and spritual writing but for that Sanskrit has to be learnt which your swami did not know.

In our mool Mantra we have nirbhau of which your idoit swami made fun of Guru.It was not Guru but Purush who made Veda we call Akal Purukh who tells his attribute.
Nir(without) Bhau(Fear/emotion/Creation)

so this is has three meaning.God is not created as God is Nir(without) Bhau(happened or created).

Anyway try the Das's question as so far none of the Arya Samaji Realtive are even able to understand them.Do tell so that Das could tell them also.A bit of help from you from those Arya Samajis.Dayanand anyway is not salvaged but hanging in between Earth and sky(one of the five elements).
Akal Bless.
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das would like to tender an apology if his writing appeared to be racist or some what anti Brahmin.

Das has many Brahmin relative and many great Siks also had Brahmin ancestors.

So as Das said that not all Arya Samajis are Bad.Das only wrote bad things about Swami Ji so that people must understand that how someone feels pain if some leader is offended whom they regard.

Das has still many things which are vague if we go by satyarth Prakash or life as per swami Dayanand Ji and perhaps Gurmat has answer for them.

Das will come back soon here after doing a bit of work with his Dasham Granth artilce.

Das do respect many Arya Samajis also as most of our Sikhs but till they behave themselves.As they are doing here in India.Das will put a few more points which actualy made Pandits of Benaras won swami Dayanand in debate thier.Das recently got them from high comand.(note Chetanmatth of Nirmalas(Benaras) is also brain Bank for Hindus like Taksal is for Sikhs,Yet many Chetan Math Pandits go to Taksal for Gurmat education).
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

So Das will put a bit of more light on what actually happened in Benaras.

Arya Samaji's like our pro Kala Afghana lobby always try to paint thier defeat as thier victory.

As per Swami Dayananda Purans were anti Vedas.But Pandits or Even Nirmalas do not agree.As per Swami there is no mention of PuraNA in Veda.

Das just got the information by mercy of Akal.

In various Sikh scriptures we have mentin of BED(Ved) Baras or Ved years.It is coded for four years as Vedas are four.

In Guru Granth Sahib Ji term ATHDash is used to represent Puranas.As per Gurmat all things are work of God.So ARe Puranas.God of Arya Samaji does not exist so even Vedas are not 'his' work.

So some Pandits said that term Attdash(18) in Vedas is there to siginfy Puranas.And he proved it.Swami Ji were defeated but in his true spirit he tried to give vey brave face up to the level of attacking Vedwans(schooloars) personaly.Das will not write what Pandits did with him.

But Arya Samajis officialy say that some Brahmin fabricated a verse of Veda on leafe to say about Purana are pro vedic is false.Why did not they get hold of it.Das ask them using thier logic?

Das is not passing verdict over Vedas or Puranas here as Swami Ji did in Satyarth Prakash that till this day most of hindus who read Satyarth Prakash hate him.

Das considers Draupadi as mother.It was not her fault that she was forced to marry five husbands.In that 'vedic' era what a lone lady could have done.
But she had a faith in Akal so Akal protected her from being striped naked in court of the king.It gives us the message that a lady with Five Worldy husband can not protect her hnour without the help of Akal.

Then swami used unworhty words for her as well As Mother Marry.Well out of millions there could be a case that Female can get zygot formation with her eggs without male sperm(it is also possible if she herslf can produce sperm or even in otherwise also).Then Dayanand Ji were not awre of cloning either.

So Mother Mary could also be a virgeon and swamis utterance towards Lord Jesus were like some one spiting on moon and spit comes on his own face.

As Swami Ji were unmarried so he use to fancy a lot on sex so prevert things could come to his mind whcih he used to humiliate to Hindus and Christians alike.

(to be continued..)

Ek Oankar Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh

So Das was wrong when he wrote that Swami Ji were having cosy realtion with Raja but rather Swami Ji said that he must not go to his harlot as it is like lion sleeping with {censored}.

This was his views for female.Well it may not be the fult of harlot that that what he was.

This annoyed Raja or Harlot and Arya Samajis say that Swami Ji were givne poision.What ever be the thing but in anyway his presentation was not good and in fact non of the Raja or his son etc became Arya Samaji as Arya Samjis claim.

Why did Swami Ji had so Krodhi or angery attitude?

Well one unccle of Das ,who are Arya Samaji once told Das that swami Ji were Yug Purush and better placed then other tow ie Rama And Krishana.
Becasue Swami Ji was Calibate(Brahmchari).

Is not marrying something Great.Krishana was great nation bulider,He delivered Gita.He resoved many matters and still he had a big Family.

Rama also knew great of faith.He did give good preaching to dieing King Bali similar to Gita.Rama defeated the whole world in one Yagna and killed many big demons with small amry of monkeys(could be a human race).Yet he made a family.

What was wrong with Swami Ji that he did not make his own family?

Perhaps he would not have carred it preaching 'well' as he did if he had a family.He 'sacrfised' for 'us' and did not marry.

Wow! a Great leader of Great interpetation of Veda was INCAPABLE to marry to prech or to serve truth others.If he was incapble then he can not be perfect.He can not be bigger then Bhagwan Ramchadra or Bhagwan Krishana.

He had a 'weakness' that if he had wife or women or family then he would have been devaoted from 'truth' he discovered.How strong was his 'truth ' whcih could not prevent him from devaiting by earthly deviations.

And Das has seen many people taking him role model and going to Haridwar or Kankhal to serach truth from Vedas.Well if Swami Ji already has serached it and put it in Satyrath Prakash then why to read Vedas again and why to go to Hardwar.

If All Arya Samaji's will be like role model Swami Ji then perhaps thier female folks will maary hindus and may they also go to Hardwar.

So in 50 years no new Arya Samaji.

(to Be continuded..)
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

so as Singhvj Ji are talking of Natural laws but Swami Ji himself did an unatural act to not to marry.

He suppressed his seman.How natural this could be but by this one thing happened that his natural body mechanism did get altered a bit.

As he supressed his seman so he did got two things one was frustation and resultant anger due his body going against him.and then after his thinking that his body has been won by him he got ego also.

We all know that for a blind light is something unknown.A deaf may say that there is no sound as he does not listen.So his failure to understand Yoga and Bhakti and refusal to have faith in devine was due to the fact that he was resless due to his frustation and could not reamained dedicated to practise so he was fed up and left it.In Hath Yoga also it needs very patient and years of effort but Swami Ji could not get that.

Then he got to learn with some another swami.his level of Sanskrit could be judge by the fact that he wrote Satyath Prakash in the language of Hindus,the Hindi and not in Sanskrit.

And wow! he interpeted mother with water going to father as earth revolving sun,That is real Arya Samaji logic,when sceince will prove that sun also revolves arund earth in relative motion as our Mliky wave galaxy is moving then Das is sure that Father will be earth and mother will be sun and water will be in sun as it soaks it.

Anyway just by the logic of Arya Samaj,when they condem other faiths just by going in littral sense and not understanding deeper meanin,Was writer of Veda born out of intercourse of earth and sun so that he is calling them mother and father.

Arya Samajis simulate world of thier own which is artificial.Just being afraid of Hindus inspite of Vedas aknowledging useage of beef they did cahnge the meaning of cow in vedas or else hindus would have done justise to swami Ji.
Hinduism as per Puranas do tell not to kill or eat cow in a particular situation(not always).But Arya Samajis either could be old wine in new bottle(many of them are drunkered so will understand this thing) ie Brahmanism presented in a new way.

Well Singhvj Ji were asking for a dialogue,But actually wanted a debate,like swami ji he had some views a certion and in no case he was going to learn anything from us but wanted to prove us wrong.Dialogue is di(two) people loging or are in league or in unity as they both learn from each other.To be one with Akal as per Dasham Granth vivad is not good.

but De Bate is an attempt to beat other.Vivad has another name Shastrath taking out true meaning of scripture.but dia logue is samwad or talking by respecting other as equal.

But like nooseless dislike good nose or person with one eye dislike good eyes of other person so thier is a sense of envy in the heart of those devoid of faith towards those who have faith.

Faithless are restless and without peace of mind.They are in sorrow and frustration and thense can not tolrate others who are happy due to faith,Satan is something like this state of mind of non beliver.

So such person wants to be happy but for that he has to follow the path of beliver.Sometime by killing self ego that person comes to the path of beliver and follows the same.but some are rigid and will never say that they are wrong as they consider the temporary pleasue of ego satisfaction of one up manship.So they try to prove that belivers are wrong.

They know that they are wrong and due that they are angery and for them when a person is enraged that means that he is angery and thense wrong.That is the way Arya Samaj is still alive and dying a slow death.They are not aware that protest to falsehood is not anger.It is rather amusing to see people doing our Nindya or slander.Salnder is soap to us.

If we see Aurobindo Gosh Ji,Pandit Malviya Ji or Vevekanand Ji,they were more truthfull then swami Dayanda Ji but never offended any as they saw Truth who is eternal in all.But Arya Samji sinse long have been intellectual terrorists.

when one person who knew Gita said that God is in all.So even if we worship stone thier is no harm as as per Gita all worship goes to Akal(Akalustat has simlar signals).

Great Swami Said,If God is in east then while going in west we go far from God.

This means that Swami Ji were unawre of natural science,Singhvj if you talk of natural scince then you are going against swami Ji.

As earth is round so even if we go in west and keep on going and do not stop due to inpatent as swami Ji did with Yoga.We will reach from where as per longitude eastern most part of earth is marked(directions are also temporary).

Even if we move in north or south or in anyangle thier is always either a small or big circle in spheroid or in truth Geoid of earth wich will take us to east.

Sphereical trignometry proves that on earth directions are realtive or all path can take us to God we need to have stemina to keep on moving on them.And then thier shoould be the will of one who is source of power which gives stemina.

Then we have one more statement by Singhvj Ji that Vedas were made on creation and are true like innocense of child.So he gave very contradictory view.

Till this date in universe thier are many stars which die and from thier remins new one are borns.So is creation which he said is completed.

On earth many new one are born,Himalaya is still in the process of making.In Fact weather seven contnents were made after Vedas werew writtan when Pangea Continet was fragmented into smaller sevens.

So by which proof can he say that creation is done.Or which stage of creation is he talking about when Vedas were writtan.

So far Das did prove that Vedas were made only after space was made where Vedas could be stored.And that also after making matterial by whcih Veda could be composed either in mind or in papper or leave.

Das is going to write a thing which is to prove that Akal is bigger then Veda,Gurbani also say the same and Vedas also say the same that one who made then Veda is going to be bigger then Vedas.Perhaps as Singhvj Ji keep on saying that Sikhs have not read Vedas but problem is that Dayanand Ji also did not read Gurbani as a whole.And if know any Arya Samaji aknowldges this then they will go against thier founder Dayanand Ji.

So does Das startss.

Say if Vedas were made at start and they are eternaly perfect then there could be many great men at start who leanrt Vedas and were one who completely understood them.

Then what happened that they all were extinct and only at the time of Dayanand Ji it was to be revived?

If Vedas were perfect then why did they fail to maintain thier true meaning?If thier follwer were perfect then why did not they were they successful to prevent puranik hindus to indulge in idolatory or making meaning of Vedas false as per Arya Samaj?

Then if thier was a samll gruop of people like Guru of Dayanand Ji who still were knowing the true meaning of Vedas then what thing new did Dayanand ji did,he only made old thing to move forwards.

Then why is he a founder of Arya Samaj?

Then let us say that since creation Vedas were OK but non could understand then correctly since Swami Dayanand Ji came.Had someone understood it like Dayanand Ji had in acuent vedic time then Arya Samaj would have been since thier and hindus would have never been powerfull.

As before Dayandand Ji no one was able to understand unfailable Vedas correctly so non was strong enough to prevent non vedics from domnating.So that failure of Vedas in past did not occur as no one did understood or decode it as Dayanand ji did as since then till Dayanand Ji thier was a wrong interpetation of Veda.Only Dayanand Ji presented it in correct form.not even the writer of Veda was actually aware of the meaning which Dayanand Ji gave.

If Vedas were practically perfact at initial stage then they would not have failed to go to background and there would have been no situation that Dayanand Ji would have to start his Arya Samaj with new label.

If Vedas were perfect and infalliable since creation then Arya Samaj would not have been started in last 200 years but would have been here since long.

But as Dayanand ji are great and he started then this means that true knowledge of Vedas could be only be obtained via satyarth Praksh.So much time after coming of vedas and so much time after creation.

(to Be continued..)

Gurfateh !

so as per Das,

It was swami Dayanand ji who did bring first time the rtur meaning of Vedas to human race.Had someone did it in past then due to the perfection of them and thier follower thier would have been perfect enough to survive attackes on then and would not have been destroyed.

So this means that in the soul or mind or brain of Swami Ji there had to be some special permutation and combination of neurotransmiters or other matterial which composed him so that he became so great that he decoded Vedas correctly after millions of years and all other followers of Vedas before him were fools this includes his Guru who tought him nayik matt or one who toaught him Sanskrit.

As they all were fools so they may have taught Nayik matt or Sanskrit him in foolish manner but due to combination of matterial like genes or other environmantal or orgainc factors Swami ji were great and they understood all in correct prespective.

So if they were matterial s which made swami Ji perfect then can any Arya Samaji tell that why did such combination of matter happened in the case of swami Ji.

If they say that thug is a thug and no reason for that then it is something unreasonable.

But Arya Samajis are champions in reason and logic.Can they tell that if by chance many oragnic and neurological matterials got combined to form a creation(much more after the creation of which Vedas tell) called mool Sankar then what was great about that creation but of matterial which was in sprem of his father and eggg of his mother before he was born.

So such combination as per Arya Samajis are just by chance and that chance is something great.So it is fluke that is great and not thier Guru as he did what circumstancess made him to do.But Arya Samajis are not unable to explain why do circumstance occur?