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Nature Death On Earth: How The World's Wildlife Vanished


Aug 17, 2010
World citizen!
The world's wildlife has declined by nearly a third over the past 40 years, a new estimate of the health of the planet suggests.

In some parts the figure is much higher – in the tropics, losses are estimated at more than 50 per cent, while in tropical freshwater ecosystems specifically, average losses may be as high as 70 per cent, according to the 2012 edition of the Living Planet Report, produced by the WWF.

Typical high declines include the wild tiger, which has suffered a 70 per cent decline in the size of populations, and run right up to the extreme case of the baiji, the freshwater dolphin from China's Yangtze river, which appears to have become extinct in recent years.

However, in northern areas such as Europe and North America, wildlife populations are doing much better, reflecting the amount of conservation that wealthy societies are able to afford.

The Living Planet Report is published every two years and is based on the Living Planet Index, an aggregated measure of the health of more than 9,000 populations of more than 2,600 species, collated by the Zoological Society of London. The wildlife index is accompanied by an appraisal, the Ecological Footprint, which measures the impact of humanity on the Earth's natural resources. In the latest report, the Ecological Footprint is shown as exceeding the Earth's capacity to replace what humans are taking by more than 50 per cent – in other words, we are using 1.5 times the resources naturally produced each year and the wastes that can be absorbed (including the carbon dioxide emissions which are causing climate change).

The contrast of the two measures – the wildlife index right down, and the human exploitation index right up, reflecting expanding population levels – means that we are using up the Earth's natural capital, the report says.

"We're now in the danger zone, exceeding the planetary boundaries for natural capital," said David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF-UK. "If we continue to use up our planet's resources faster than it can replace them, soon we'll have exploited every available corner of the Earth. Thankfully it's not too late to reverse this trend, but we need to address this with the same urgency and determination that we tackled the systemic financial crisis globally."

Jonathan Baillie, conservation programme director with the Zoological Society of London, said: "This report is like a planetary check-up and the results indicate we have a very sick planet. Ignoring this diagnosis will have major implications for humanity. We can restore the planet's health, but only through addressing population growth and over-consumption of resources."

The detail of the Living Planet Index shows that since 1970, the global tropical index has declined by 60 per cent, but the global temperate index – the wildlife portrait of the temperate zones, including much of Europe and North America – increased by 31 per cent. However, says the report "this disguises huge historical losses prior to 1970".

The report has been released early to set the agenda for "Rio Plus 20" – the UN conference on sustainable development to be held in Rio de Janeiro next month.



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May 26, 2011
UNTIL..they are ALL DEAD. PERIOD...THEN we will see just HOW MANY "JOONS" still exist ?? 42 lakh in water..and 42 lakh on land ?? HA HA....the 42 lakh on land are going to go first....then the 42 lakh in the sea....and then there will be just ONE...HUMAN.??????

I should have been more clear with my words, I meant to say it is never going to stop on Earth (Bhoomi/Prithvi), but when you get reincarnated, your soul doesn't just stay on Earth, it can reincarnate to other planets where people exist.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Kamala Ji wrote:...>>>your soul doesn't just stay on Earth, it can reincarnate to other planets where people exist........<<<<<<<<< ......duh..another spin to the popular..42 lakh in water..42 lakh on land..42 lakh in SPACE ?? yeah i can live with that....jsut a chnage of environment like what NASA is hoping for in its Space programme...MOVE AWAY on D-DAY....the JOONS must be having their own NASA...cheerleader

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
I feel the talk of reincarnation here is missing the point Kamala ji. For me the article was more of another wake up call to examine my life and the impact I have on the Earth and how I can make that more positive!!!


that is the way of the reincarnationistas, nothing matters on this earth, it is merely one episode in a long running series, a bit like south park, there are no consequences, kenny dies, and comes back again the next time, it merely strengthens the argument that you take this life a lot more seriously without the safety net of another one.
Feb 23, 2012
United Kingdom
Saint Hildegard of Bingen, back in the 12th century, was very concerned by how mankind was mistreating the earth:

"...Do not mock anything God has created. All creation is simple, plain and good. And God is present throughout his creation. Why do you ever consider things beneath your notice? God's justice is to be found in every detail of what he has made. The human race alone is capable of injustice. Human beings alone are capable of disobeying God's laws, because they try to be wiser than God...The Word of God regulates the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. The Word of God gives the light which shines from the heavenly bodies. He makes the wind blow, the rivers run and the rain fall. He makes trees burst into blossom, and the crops bring forth the harvest...Oh fire of the Holy Spirit, life of the life of every creature, holy are you in giving life to forms ...Oh boldest path, penetrating into all places, in the heights, on earth, and in every abyss, you bring and bind together. From you clouds flow, air flies, Rocks have their humours, Rivers spring forth from the waters And earth wears her green vigour...God created the world out of the four elements, to glorify His name. He strengthened the world with the wind. And he filled the world with all kinds of creatures. He then put human beings throughout the world, giving them great power as stewards of all Creation. Human beings cannot live without the rest of nature, they must care for all natural things...The rest of Creation cries out against the evil and perversity of the human species. Other creatures fulfil the commandments of God; they honour his laws. And other creatures do not grumble and complain at those laws. But human beings rebel against those laws, defying them in word and action. And in doing so they inflict terrible cruelty on the rest of God's creation..."

- Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), philosopher, mystic, visionary, artist, poet, composer, theologian and Doctor of the Catholic Church

She painted mandalas to try and illustrate pictorially her view of mankind's central position in the natural order (of which I will show you two):



'In the roundness of the human head one finds the roundness of the firmament. The just and rigorous dimensions of the firmament correspond to the same dimensions in the head of man.' (IV, 15-16). This illustration represents the divine love of the Word of God. The fires of love and judgement burn in his chest, marking the exterior limits of the universe, in which man (the central figure) takes his place as the crowning glory of Creation."



"...The colour circles and animals, framing the mandalas, symbolise God's eternal order, and their attributed qualities match the cosmic law. A circle of luminous red represents fire. It embraces all others and illuminates them...Beneath comes a zone of watery air, symbolising the holy works of righteous individuals. It represents water. Closest to the centre is a sphere of clear air; indicating moderation. The centre represents the element of earth...The animal heads, representing the characters which match the elements, [6] uphold the equilibrium by their breathing. "It is these winds which keep the universe in balance... and which keep human beings aware of salvation." [7] "All six circles are bound to each other... If the divine had not strengthened them through such an association, the firmament would come apart and have no stability." [8]
The equilibrium is further held together by the binding of the elements. The opposites result in a harmonious order to guarantee perfection for whatever is central to the particular cosmogram. However, the centre plays a vital part in maintaining the balance; the relationship is reciprocal...The cosmic wheel in her fourth vision, entitled On the Articulation of the Body explains the celestial influence on Men, animals and plants. Here Hildegard shows Man's activities within the natural cycle of the seasons, again corresponding to their natural qualities, temperaments and elements. If Man sins, he will disrupt the harmony of the cosmos. Nature will be too dry, too wet, too hot or too cold.
"The Earth is strengthened by rocks and trees. Like it, we humans are created because our flesh is like the Earth; our bones... like rocks... and... trees." [9] And she adds: "the just embrace the wisdom and know what is living" [10] and "Because of such considerations, humanity should regard almighty God as a seal and recognise all the divine wonders and symbols." [11]
The second vision, entitled On the Construction of the World, describes the human body and soul as a microcosm, repeating the divine plan and the natural world in miniature. Man as microcosm is at the centre of Creation, with which he shares a special relationship. "The ball in the midst of the circle... represents Earth... such a ball, which is round and rotating, most resembles that form of the world in all its details. It is maintained on all sides by these circles, is tied to them, and receives constantly from them the greening freshness of life and the fertility needed for the Earth's support." [12]
Man is framed by the elements in the traditional manner, except for one significant difference: "The figure in whose breast the cosmic wheel appears is the source of true love in whose knowledge the wheel rests. And this order... preserves and nourishes everything." [13] The head on top represents the Godhead, the source of Divine Love. The feet of "true love" represent thrones of justice and righteousness that support the universe.
Through the act of blessing, God infused Humankind and Creation with Divine Love, thus established his 'covenant'. Righteousness and justice are its guarantors. Christ...re-established this oath, which, according to Hildegard, involved the protection of nature. "Those who trust in God will also honour the stability of the world: the orbits of the Sun and the Moon, winds and air, earth and water... We have no other foothold. If we give up this world we shall be destroyed."..."

Saint Hildegard composed many pieces of music which she claimed God revealed to her, one of which was this ode in praise of creation called "Spiritus Sanctus" (Holy Spirit) and based (I think) upon Psalm 110/111 - she wrote the lyrics and composed the music:

Hildegard of Bingen, Spiritus Sanctus - YouTube

Original Latin Text
texts from the chants of
[SIZE=+2]Hildegard von Bingen[/SIZE]

Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vita

Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vita,
movens omnia,
et radix est in omni creatura,
ac omnia de immunditia abluit,
tergens crimina,
ac ungit vulnera,
et sic est fulgens ac laudabilis vita,
suscitans et resuscitans omnia.


English Translation
texts from the chants of
[SIZE=+2]Hildegard von Bingen[/SIZE]

Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life

Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto all life,
moving in All.
You are the root of all creatures,
washing away all impurity,
scouring guilt,
healing their wounds.
Thus you are luminous and praiseworthy,
You are our true Life,
awakening, and re-awakening all that is
from its ancient sleep.
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Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

I am sure there are many aspects of Catholicism that do not mesh with Sikhism so perfectly and completely as the quotes you bring to this forum, how refreshing that you, as a Catholic bring to the table what we have in common, rather than what divides us, if only others of different religions were as enlightened as yourself, maybe their standing on this forum would be as great as your own

Feb 23, 2012
United Kingdom

I am sure there are many aspects of Catholicism that do not mesh with Sikhism so perfectly and completely as the quotes you bring to this forum, how refreshing that you, as a Catholic bring to the table what we have in common, rather than what divides us, if only others of different religions were as enlightened as yourself, maybe their standing on this forum would be as great as your own


My dear brother Harry Haller ji mundahug

Much love and joy to you my friend! I am very humbled by your kind words.

I bring no dogma, no doctrines, no creeds of my religious tradition to any of the forums that I am on, you are spot on. That would be plain offensive, not to mention out of keeping with a spirit of true tolerance and compassion for our brothers and sisters of different faiths.

Doctrine divides, separates, whereas the virtues, mysticism, love for creation, immanence and transcedence of God and everything else we hold in common highlights the underlying unity of all religions, bare of doctrinal differences and diversity of rites and customs. In truth I believe that there is only one religion in a diversity of religious faiths if we get to the very heart.

You will never see me mention dogmas such as the Trinity, or Incarnation, or whatever else, only the bonds that unite us in common around the One Truth. And believe me, when you dig that deep, it is amazing how much great spiritual hearts from the world religions have in common, despite doctrinal differences. After all, each one of us - no matter what our faith tradition - is engaging with and experiencing one, single, supreme, divine mystery.

Truth is One! But its forms an manifestations are many, as the Hindu adage goes.

What I so admire most about Sikhism, amidst many things, is the lack of doctrine. This makes Sikhi one of the most, if not thee most, universal of religions, the most open, most all-embracing.

I believe only in touching the soul - the outer aspects of religion, the pomp and doctrine and what-not, can look elsewhere. gingerteakaur

"...The way of truth is one. But into it, as into a perennial river, streams flow from all sides..."

- Saint Clement of Alexandria (c. 150 - c. 220), Church father

All the great mystics, from Guru Nanak to Jalaluddin Rumi to Blessed Jacopone da Todi, have reached a stage where - having let go of all egoistic attachments - they come to feel as if they possess all, transcending doctrinal, religious, ethnic, racial distinctions and indeed time and place itself and nationality, country of origin. Everthing in creation, everybody, every religion now belongs to them.

Thus the great Sufi mystics Rumi and Ibn Arabi wrote:

I profess the religion of love,
Love is my religion and my faith.
My mother is love
My father is love
My prophet is love
My God is love
I am a child of love
I have come only to speak of love

- Jalaluddin Rumi (1207 – 1273), Sufi mystic

My heart has become capable of all forms:
A pasture for gazelles, a monastery for monks,
A temple for idols, the Kabah of the pilgrims,
The tablets of Torah, the Book of Quran.
I profess the religion of Love.
Whatever direction love’s camels take,
That is my religion and my faith.

- Ibn Arabi (1165 – 1240), Sufi mystic

And the Catholic mystic Blessed Jacopone da Todi writes:

"...France and England are mine, from sea to sea;
So firm is my grip,
No one takes up arms against me.
Mine is Saxony, mine is Guascogne,
Mine are Burgundy and all of Normandy.

Mine the kingdom of Prussia and that of Bohemia,
Hibernia and Roumania, Scotland and Frisia.
Mine is Tuscany and the valley of Spoleto


Mine is Campagna, the Roman hills, and the plains of Lombardy;
Mine are Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, and Crete,
And unknown kingdoms and numberless subjects beyond the seas -
Medes, Persians, Elamites, Syrians and Mongols,
Georgians, Ethiopians, Indians and Muslims


Land, fields full of flowers, trees,
Succulent fruits, livestock - all at my command, all mine.

Lakes, rivers, and oceans teeming with fish,
Air, winds, birds - all pay me joyful homage.
Moon and sun, sky and stars, are but minor treasures:
The treasures that make me burst into song
Lie beyond the sky that you can see.

Since my will is centered in God, who possesses all,
I wing with ease from earth to heaven.
Since I gave my will to God
All things are mine and I am one with them
In love, in ardent charity


Spiritual poverty, deepest wisdom, you are slave to nothing,
And in your detachment you possess all things.

God does not dwell in a heart that's confined,
And a heart is only as big as the love it holds.

Where God enters in, the old world is swept away,
Lover and Beloved are fused in wondrous union.
Love no longer needs the heart,
Nor knowledge the intelligence - our will is His.

To live as myself and yet not I,
My being no longer my being,
This is a paradox
We cannot pretend to understand!

Spiritual poverty is being attached to nothing, wanting nothing,
And possessing all things in the spirit of freedom..."

- Blessed Jacopone Da Todi (c.1230-1306), Italian Catholic mystic
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