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India Deadly Blasts Rock Mumbai

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

July 13, 2011

Deadly blasts rock Mumbai
Up to 10 reported killed, dozens injured

Injured victims of a bomb explosion are loaded onto a truck to be taken to hospital at Zaveri bazar in Mumbai, India, on July 13, 2011. Three explosions hit busy locations in India’s business capital of Mumbai, where a terror siege nearly three years ago killed 166 people. (Associated Press)

By Sujoy Dhar - Special to The Washington Times
10:59 a.m., Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MUMBAI — At least three explosions rocked India's commercial capital of Mumbai on Wednesday evening, injuring and killing an unspecified number of people in a what the Home Ministry has confirmed as a terrorist attack.

India's NDTV said 10 people were killed in the blasts, which struck the crowded Dadar West, Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar areas of the city. The CNN IBN news channel put the death toll at eight.

Indian officials told The Washington Times that 60 people were injured, but eyewitnesses said many more were injured in the blasts. Unconfirmed reports put the number of wounded at around 100.

Mumbai was the target of terrorist in November 2008, when 10 Pakistani-trained militants armed with assault rifles and grenades waged a three-day seige of the downtown area, killing 166 people including six Americans. More than 300 people were wounded in the assault.

Wednesday evening's attack occurred in crowded places during the rush hour.

Police, fire fighters and rescue teams were engaged in operation to clear the areas and take the injured to hospitals.

One blast occurred in a car in Dadar West's Kabutar Khana area near a railway station in central Mumbai, while in Zaveri Bazaar it occurred in a jewelry shop.
Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House, two scenes of attack, are in south Mumbai.

Zaveri Bazaar is the chock-a-block hub of the jewelry trade in the city.

Opera House is an upscale area of Mumbai, which is known for its Bollywood film industry and headquarters of the large corporations.

Mumbai and other Indian cities were put on high alert after the blasts.

India's National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been sent to Mumbai to probe the explosions.

source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/jul/13/three-deadly-blasts-rock-mumbai/



Three blasts rock Mumbai; 20 dead, 113 wounded


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Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
When a city has so many attacks, people get used to the feeling of fear. When fear becomes part of people's lives, their soul dies.

One question, can such a thing be carried out with ZERO help from elements in the city itself?


May 10, 2010
Ancient Greece
Terrorism is a blot on the face of secularism, but will it continue indefinitely? Will a person boarding a bus always have to worry if he comes out alive? Will the parents always have to worry so that their son doesn't get kidnapped?
It will continue as long as hate is preached in the name of religion , as long as the common man has to go on strikes even to get his basic rights, as long as the minorities cannot walk free in the market.......But where is the solution?


Nov 5, 2009
Bangalore, India
As long as the divide and rule policy of the Indian Government continues, terrorism will also continue. It's like a chain of reactions. First of all there can't be majority-minority divide in a truly secular system. The government wants this division to deepen to keep the people busy fighting each other and give politicians the free hand to plunder. The government practices pseudo secularism for vote bank reasons. The first thing a child is asked while being admitted to a school is the religion immediately followed by caste. The problem starts right from here.

Government's apathy towards national and internal security is the major cause. Govt members are so corrupt that they get paid by the terror agents or their sponsors and refuse to act against the perpetrators of violence. In the meantime, a communal colour is given. Victims are sympathized by a group and the attackers are simultaneously glorified by another group which further brainwashes it's community members for political gains.

The brainwashed people of the other community and fanatics look for opportunities to retaliate. This is fuelled for political interests. This triggers another set of explosions. The chain continues. The perpetrators and politicians flourish, the innocent common men perish. The end will come only when people wake up from the hypnotic spells of the dastardly politicians, embrace equality, mutual respect, uphold human values and fraternity and reject terrorism together.



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