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Apr 4, 2007
(forgive the repost, i posted this in the wrong forum before and wasn't sure how to "move" it.)

I've been thinking a lot about "dasvand" recently. when i was blessed with Amrit, the panj piyare stressed on the importance of giving "dasvand", but they did not elaborate on just what that means.

the word Dasvand means "one tenth part". it is often understood as giving one tenth of one's income to the gurdwara. my feeling is that this is a bit simplistic.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said, "consider the mouth of the poor as the Guru's cash offering box". so one can assume that dasvand can be given to anyone in need, not only to the Gurdwara.

Dasvand is also in the form of time given, thorugh seva, simran, nitnem, study of gurbani, etc. one tenth of a day is only 2.4 hours, time for nitnem banis, some naam simran, and still time to offer one's time to help someone in need.

when we compare it to the catholic concept of "tithe" or the muslim concept of "zakat", dasvand seems simple, practical, and logical.

catholics are required to give 10% of their income to the catholic church. that's it. no other donations or seva can be substituted. simple and inflexible.

islamic zakat is a bit more complex. muslims give 2.5% of their wealth (not income), and must give specific percentages to specific causes. in other words, it's complex and inflexible.

dasvand can be given to anyone in need, at any time, and not only with cash, but with goods, services, time, etc.
even for those who do not have jobs or are poor, we can still give our time to God, to Sangat, to anyone in need of our help.

remember that "Vand Chakko" is one of the three pillars of sikhi. dasvand is an organized way to make sure you don't forget this.

anyone else have thoughts on the concept of dasvand and exactly what it means to them?


Jan 9, 2008
“ghali khai kichhu hathhu dei, Nanak rahu pachhanahi sei"

—He alone, O Nanak, knoweth the way who eats out of what he earneth by his honest labour and yet shareth part of it with others.
Oct 14, 2007
nwnk AgY so imlY ij Kty Gwly dyie ]1] (472-8, Awsw, mÚ 1)
O Nanak, in the world hereafter, that alone is received, which one gives to the needy from his own earnings and labor. ||1||
Just an after thought,I am sharing this line.

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