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News Dastar In Punjab (jagbani)

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Re: Dastar in Punjab (Punjabi only)

This is how the Sikh Dastaar is "respected" in the Sikh Homeland...the PUNJAB ? And its NOT the first incident...the Akal Takhat has been continously sent VCD's of Previous incidents but has chosen to keep quiet.

So whats the justification for these same Jathedars and sgpc makkars to go to Delhi and protest against the American Airport security agencies for merely PATTING DOWN Sikh Dastaars ?? For the recored this protest gathering was adismal FAILURE becasue only 500 persons came..but never the less how can the sgpc and takhats ask Diaspora Sikhs to "protest" a pat-down and that too in private (if requested)...when in PUNJAB the Sikh Dastaars are REMOVED IN PUBLIC and the Bare headed Sikh with his KESH flowing is PARADED as a common Criminal....and it happens at each and every demonstartion !!

As they say..aapnne peehree heth sota phero...we have to RESPECT OUR DASTAAR before we ask others to do it....the Tkahts and SGPC's deafening silence speaks volumes...about SINCERITY in this issue...

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