Dasam Dwar

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Apr 6, 2006
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Any gursikhs that have been reading Anand Sahib in the 38 paurii you read about 9 doors and tenth hidden. IT also says if you keep your love at gurudwaras the door will open. I now some information about this for i live in a very spiritiual and saintly family but i would also like to now some the stuff you guys know. I dont ever hear anything about this subject on any of the forums. I dont know if it is because lack of knowledge or something else but this should be a big part of sikhi.

There are 9 open doors, 2 eyes+2 ears+mouth+2 nostrils from which we breath+ i wont say the name but where we urinate from+ where we excrete solid waste= 9 open passages of our body 9 openings or doors. There is the tenth where the 5 thieves call them that if u will, cannot enter. God is in here and every night when we sleep we go up to him in the tenth door to see our days karms. While we are sleeping. Yogis use it to lengthen theirs ages for they cannot breath and their body does not work while their souls are in dasam dwar. It is the ultimate source of knowledge and understnading. It is every one of us and anyone from any religion can enter there and find knowledge. :wah: It can take many many births deaths and rebirths just to expirenece it once. People have taken hunndreds of lifetimes or just 40 days to enter it. There is a world larger than our own in it. And it is located in the middle of our forehead. meditating and simran can help to open it.:) It is one of the most imporant things about us that we need top do besides getting mukti. If I have missed anything please some gursikh fill me in my age is not too much and neither is my knowledge. Also tell me if i have thought any of my fellow sikhs something.


BAltej SIngh


Mar 28, 2006
bss12 said:
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Any gursikhs that have been reading Anand Sahib in the 38 paurii you read about 9 doors and tenth hidden. IT also says if you keep your love at gurudwaras the door will open. I now some information about this for i live in a very spiritiual and saintly family but i would also like to now some the stuff you guys know. I dont ever hear anything about this subject on any of the forums. I dont know if it is because lack of knowledge or something else but this should be a big part of sikhi.

There are 9 open doors, 2 eyes+2 ears+mouth+2 nostrils from which we breath+ i wont say the name but where we urinate from+ where we excrete solid waste= 9 open passages of our body 9 openings or doors. There is the tenth where the 5 thieves call them that if u will, cannot enter. God is in here and every night when we sleep we go up to him in the tenth door to see our days karms. While we are sleeping. Yogis use it to lengthen theirs ages for they cannot breath and their body does not work while their souls are in dasam dwar. It is the ultimate source of knowledge and understnading. It is every one of us and anyone from any religion can enter there and find knowledge. :wah: It can take many many births deaths and rebirths just to expirenece it once. People have taken hunndreds of lifetimes or just 40 days to enter it. There is a world larger than our own in it. And it is located in the middle of our forehead. meditating and simran can help to open it.:) It is one of the most imporant things about us that we need top do besides getting mukti. If I have missed anything please some gursikh fill me in my age is not too much and neither is my knowledge. Also tell me if i have thought any of my fellow sikhs something.


BAltej SIngh

Respected BALtej SIngh Ji,

Dasam Dawar is not something physical, it is a mental state. IT IS BRAHMGYAN, NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE IT.
Dedicate yourself completely to Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; Read Bani; understand it; then LIVE it. This is the only way to it for a Sikh.

pRBu inkit vsY sBnw Gt AMqir, gurmuiK ivrlY jwqw ] nwnk nwmu imlY vifAweI gur kY sbid pCwqw ]

Aidstu Agocru pwrbRhmu imil swDU AkQu kQwieAw Qw ] Anhd sbdu dsm duAwir vijE qh AMimRq nwmu cuAwieAw Qw ]

dsm duAwrw, Agm Apwrw, prm purK kI GwtI ] aUpir hwtu hwt pir Awlw, Awly BIqir QwqI ]

sBu Awpy Awip vrqdw Awpy BrmwieAw ] gur ikrpw qy bUJIAY sBu bRhmu smwieAw ]

pUry gur kw suin aupdysu ] pwrbRhmu inkit kir pyKu ] swis swis ismrhu goibMd ] mn AMqr kI auqrY icMd ]
Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Sep 2, 2007

Does anyone with better understanding know about what this deleted (So called Nirmal Devi) is tring to tell in the following artical?

Sikh 'saints' have no idea what or where Dasam Dwar is despite five centuries!

She is tring to be become God over here with a little understanding of Simmaron. I think its nothing but a offshoot/Offset of the some technical teaching of Gurucharan Singh Khalsa by manipulating and changing things in it. And off course that came from Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (And many more; I am not aware of them) which ultimately from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

And offcourse someone can only become one with Waheguru (God) only by the grace Waheguru. And only if Waheguru wishes. Its something that one will have to try him self to experience it.

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Aug 27, 2007
'Kundalani yoga' is a branch of Yoga and is meant for opening the so called ' Shiv Netra' or the third eye. In theory it is equivalent to the tenth Gate. I have no comments to offer about the article but it is fairly known that many sikhs also practice this 'kundalini yoga' or kundalni Jagran.
Submitted only for information. I do not know any one who has stated that he is been thru. the tenth gate.


ਨਾਮ ਤੇਰੇ ਕੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਲਗਾਈ (Previously namjap)
Jul 14, 2007
Nirmala Devi and her empire advertise widely about Sehaj Yoga. If one were to attend their Yoga centre, you will see an altar with her picture. So the devotees are unconsciously idol worshipping. Some will deny but nothing could be further from the truth.
Their "Sehaj" yoga practise involves using imaginary actions of purifying the inner body which is very similar to Pranic Healing. All these fall into the category of cosmic mind stuff which will never take you towards Turiya Avestha.
Making outright claims about sikhs and their beliefs isn't going to change anything. Nirmala Devi's claims are more towards, "if we don't dramatise our cleansing process, we will not reach our goal - 10th door quickly."
If this was reality, then a monkey will reach heaven faster than us.


ਨਾਮ ਤੇਰੇ ਕੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਲਗਾਈ (Previously namjap)
Jul 14, 2007
Many self-proclaimed Gurus and Yogis talk of Kundalini: also there is mention of the piercing of inner chakkars. There are different theories about them.

According to the philosophy of the Gurus, breaking of these chakkars is not necessary at all. Guru Nanak's religion is very convenient and simple. It can be called the path of Surat Sabad Marg? (The way of contemplation on Sabad, the holy word, sound) or the path of naam (Gods name). Even a person of the lowest intellect, if he has full faith, can walk on this path, by taking prayers and the recitation of the holy name and texts can cross this ocean of the world; whereas it is beyond the capacity of the common people in this iron age (Kalyug), to negotiate this tough path (of bursting the chakkars). The reason is that in the Iron Age, people?s conduct, behaviour and diet have become low class. The body has not the strength, which is needed for bursting those chakkars, nor is there such a favourable atmosphere, where one can sit and practice such penances constantly. If a thousand seekers try practicing these austerities, the heat produced by pranayam (breathing exercises) will drive 999 out of them mad.

That condition would be beyond cure, even by the doctors. In olden ages the body used to be strong and stout. Celibacy was practiced fully; and the body had the latent strength to endure these very tough penances. In today?s age, there is the forceful churning of the thoughts, and the bonfire of desires renders a man slave to desire for wealth and property. In such an atmosphere man?s inner consciousness is unable to think of anything other then Maya (false pleasures of the world). For this reason, Guru Nanak, the emperor of the universe, keeping in view the foul atmosphere of the world, popularised such methods, as are simple and comfortable, in short, he put the seeker on the path of detachment while working in the world with devotion as a chief way, and knowledge of the fundamentals.

To help that programme, he popularised such practices as doing one?s duty, sharing what you have with others and repeating the name of God. On this path all can walk, educated or uneducated, the rich or poor.
about hathyog (practices of body torture), so make a detailed study of these. In bygone times, these used to be the practices in places of solitude and caves far from the madding crowds. The chief items of that school are Dhoti, Neti, Basti, Tratak, Neoli, and Kapalbhati, which are explained below.

Dhoti: - Take a long bandage of fine cloth, 4 fingers broad and 22.5 foot. Dip in luke warm water and practice inserting it inside your mouth, at the rate of 1.5 foot per day. The whole cloth will be pushed inside your body in 15 days. Then holding the outer end of the cloth firmly in your teeth, try to take out the whole cloth bit by bit.

This would clean up the regions of one?s liver and the intestines.

Neti: - Take a strong cotton thread very fine and soft, as long as the stretched human hand. Push it inside through the nose, by holding the breath and pushing it through the power of breath. Take it out of the mouth as if you are churning the curds. In this way, the impurities of the nose and the throat can be cleaned.

Basti: - Sit in a water tub, dipping yourself up to the navel. Take a bamboo tube 6 fingers long and one finger thick. Insert it through the **** and by the force of breath push it inside and also pull in water. This is doing enema in water.

Tratak: - Focus your eyes without winking on any object concentrating your attention on it till that time, when the eyes through sheer fatigue begin to water. This exercise could destroy all diseases of the eyes. It can break the evil tendencies towards too much sleep and laziness. Just as a very precious article is kept with great care, similarly know that the centre for the exercise is the nostrils or the middle place of the two eyebrows.

Neoli: - Sit, keeping down both the shoulders, straighten your back, and keep your backbone erect at 90 degrees. With the power of breath, move the stomach (belly) right and left, up and down, as if you are churning the curd.

Kapalbhati: - one has to do Pranayam (breathing exercises) in three stages drawing in breath, holding in, and releasing the breath (rechak) again and again; like the blacksmith?s bellows that keep a fire burning bright.

Pranayam: - Controlling the movement of breathing is called Pranayam. According to specialists, there are in the human body 72 crore 72 lakh, 10 thousand and 201 nerves and ducts. Ten out of them are helpful in the breathing exercises. There are many methods of Pranayam, which are very difficult. But the two types are more prevalent, moon ? limbed and sun ? limbed. There are three chief nadis (nerve or ducts) in our bodies They are Ida to the left of the nose; Pingala to the right and the one between the two is called Sukhmana.

First by the way of Ida, repeat Gurmantar 16 times, while slowly drawing in the breath (its called poork) then holding breath while repeating Gurmantar 64 times (it is called kambak) and then slowly releasing the breath, while repeating Gurmantar for 32 times (this is called rechak).

Sukhman Nadi runs from Mooladhar (lowest spot near the naval) up to the tenth gate (crown of the head). Inside this Sukhmana, there is in a fine form Kundalini Nadi, which has the sheen and power brings perfect peace of mind. It can destroy all sins and ignorance?s. Another nerve called Bhujang Nadi has shut the opening of the Sukhmana Nadi. When the seeker practices Pranayam by its force, Bhujang Nadi gets a little away from the mouth of the Sukhmana Nadi. With the power of the Pranayam, these chakkars (circles) are broken one by one and by living force the life breath, prana enters the tenth gate. Making a reference to this, Guru Maharaj has ordained thus ?

One may recite by heart the wisdom of the six schools of philosophy. He may perform worship; bear the frontal mark and bath in shrines. He may practice inner washing of feat and adopt eighty-four postures of the yogis. But in these he shall find no peace.
Page 98 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Making the still of the circuitous chord, whosoever practices the inly washing, inhalation, exhalation and suspension of breath. Without the true Guru, he obtains not right understanding and straying in doubt, he is drowned to death. The blind one is soiled, yea, so soiled and defiled, that whosoever he washes himself, his minds filth departs not ever. Without the name, vain are all deeds, like those of the conjurer, who deceives men through illusion.
Page 1343 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Thou keepest fasts, sayest vesper prayers, purifiest thyself and doest good deeds. Thou goest on pilgrimages in all directions and eatest not anything. Touching no one, thou cookest thy food. Thou makest a great display of thy inly-washings. Thou burnest incense and lamps in the temples. All these equal not God?s name.
Page 1229 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The gate of the Sukhmana is opened with a very great difficulty by means of a Pranayam. For Pranayam, there is the exercise of Kapalbhati. By massaging the tongue, they make it so thin and long that it can come out and touch the forehead. Then making it turn upside down, it is made to enter the ear and with its tip, it closes the hole, which is above the palate. This step dissipates the great heat created by the Pranayam (which otherwise makes the man either mad or dead). According to ascetics, to the left of the frown spot, the moon rains Amrit (nectar). The nectar is tasted by the tongue. This liquid (Amrit) is also called Amar Varani (immortal drink).

Now I will briefly explain to you about the six chakkars in the body. Those who want to take notes may take them down.

1. Mooldhar Chakkar ? (Pelvic Plexus) This is the chakkars in the region of the ****. This contains an inverted yellow lotus with four petals. The four petals are its 3 corners in the shape of the letters (va, sa, kha, sha). This is the centre for the desire for knowledge. Above where Kundalini Nadi is situated, is the thrones of sex, where are born the ideas of woman, swan, and mind. At this place, the yogis meditate on God Ganesh.

2. Swadishthan Chakkar ? (Hypogastric Plexus) It lies at the root of the male organ and it contains an upward positioned lotus with 6 petals. Its 6 petals are symbolised by the letters (ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, la). At this position, the ascetics meditate on God Brahma (Creator).

3. Mani Poorak Chakkar ? (Epigastric Plexus or Solar Plexus) It is located in the region of the navel. It has an inverted lotus of blue colour having 10 petals. Its 10 petals are in the shape of letters (da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, pha). In this position the ascetics think of God Vishnu.

4. Anahat Chakkar ? (Cardiac Plexus) It is a golden coloured lotus with 12 petals located in the heart. Its 12 petals and the 12 letters (ka, kha, ga, gha, na (as in long) cha, chha, ja, jha, na, ta, tha). Here the yogis mediate upon Rudra (Shiva) along with his mountain abode (Kailash Parbat).

5. Vishudda Chakkar ? (Carotid Plexus) Here is smoke coloured upward looking lotus with 16 petals, which is situated in the throat. Its 16 petals stand for 16th letters namely (a, aa, I, ee, u, uoo, ri, ree, lri, lree, a, aie, o, ou, ang, aan (n as in long). It is called jalandhar throne. Here one meditates on the self.

6. Aagiya Chakkar ? (Medular Plexus) It is located at the root of the two eyes and the nose. Here is situated an inverted lotus with 2 petals, white like the moon. Its two letters are (khya and gya). It is called the Udiyang throne. Here the yogis meditate upon God himself, the giver of salvation. Phal (fruit or result). Whatever fruit (gain) is achieved by the meditation of the various above-mentioned chakkars, can be obtained by the meditation of this single Chakkar. Hence the great souls lay emphasis on concentrating one?s mind on this Chakkar, named Agya Chakkar. When living force and mind are stabilized at this place, it has the potentiality of being able to practise Samparigyat Samadhi (Transcendental Meditation).

At this point meet the three nadis; named Ida, Pingala and Sukhmana, the start from Mooldhar Chakkar come by different routes. Hence the confluence of the three nadis is called the Triveni. (At Triveni at Prayag or Allahabad, meet the three rivers, Ganga, Yamna and the underground Saraswati). Ida is the Ganga, Pingala is Yamna and Sukhmana is the river Saraswati of the Triveni This place (Triveni) has been designated the king of all pilgrimages; it is also called Atam Teerth (place of the pilgrimage or the self or the bath at the sacred tank of Amritsar). By bathing the mind at the confluence, all sins are destroyed. Guru Maharaj has ordained thus-

Then alone is one known as true, when he abides in the pilgrimage station of his heart. He takes instruction from the Guru and sits and abodes according to his will.
Ang 468 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

This Agya Chakkar is also called the universal heart or the heart of all. It is the same spot, which is mentioned in connection with heart of the holy name. One with the gross intellect is called the (fleshy) heart. This is the first step of the opening of the divine eye.

It is called the organ of clairvoyance, or the instrument of the divine sight. It is the spot of Third Til (mole). It is also called the point of saveeda.

Above the Aagiya Chakkar is the place of mid forehead. This spot has been variously called the Guru Chakkar, Manas (mental) Chakkar, Forehead Chakkar but all these are included in the seven Chakkars.

Above it is the thousand-petal lotus, called the tenth gate. From the region of the mid forehead, the physical body finishes. Above it begins the universal self. The crown of the head and the blank Chakkar are its symbolic gross form (cerebral plexus). Above the palate in the forehead is the divine hole. This is the centre of all the powers. With its sheen of multi coloured lights is the lotus with myriads of petals. On these petals are the alphabets from (a) to (kha) with all the sounds and letters. At this place, the yogis through the power of yoga become omniscient, having knowledge of all lores and learning?s, and having got that gyan (true knowledge) they are able to know all the languages, dialects, also all the past, present, and future events. At that place is the residence of God almighty, with all his powers. At this stage, the mind being stable, one?s all tendencies are effectively controlled and one develops the capability of Asampragyat Samadhi (highest form of contemplation of God). Many scholars are of the opinion that this is the living place of the divine. Who is thumb dimential. This also is the seat of the sky, on the scale of a thumb. Here one obtains the realisation of the self, and it is the place of the supreme divine. When the living force and mind become stable, at this very place, one gets the ability for Nirvikalp Samadhi (the supreme meditation); and all tendencies are totally controlled. At this place, the light of the soul falls on the intellect. The intellect of consciousness is casual body and because of its relationship with Supreme Self, it is known as Jiva Ataman. The casual body is incorporated in subtle body and the subtle body is part of the physical body. Thus the soul is spread all over the body, and by bursting its working self, one can point to all the spots. In short, in a very fine spiritual condition, the place of the soul is said to be the region of the heart because the heart is the chief limb of the body.

The entire activities of the body are directed from the heart region. From here all nerves (or ducts) are branching to all parts of the body When the physical heart stops beating, all activities come to an end. Therefore in the godly state, the seat of the soul can be said to be the heart. In the dream state, the place of the soul is said to be the throat. In the walking state, whatever object one sees, whatever object one hears and whatever enjoyments one tastes have the epi centre in the Nadi named Hita, which is as fine as the thousandth part of the hair. Hence the knowledge of the experienced things is in the throat, in the dream state. During the waking state, the soul with the help of the sense organs is spread all outside. As Guru Maharaj has pointed out in Gurbani ?

The bride who goes amiss by seeing the body of nine apertures, obtains not the peerless thing of God?s name.
Ang 339 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

It is the soul, which sees through the eyes. During the meditation, the place of the soul is said to be Agya Chakkar. This is also the place of divine vision. Here it obtains the divine eye. During the Asampragyat Samadhi (meditation) the soul stays in the divine hole; because from this centre, the control of all tendencies is possible.

Kundalini Shakti ? All the powers that exist tin the universe have been collected by Waheguru in this part of the body. But the main triangle of Sukhmana Nadi, rising from the backbone, is spread upwards. In the normal state it remains closed (sleeping). Hence its power remains secret and unknown. Therefore its power combined with the power of life?s airs and joined with the Ida and Pingala, by the way of the left and right and bursting the various Chakkars is spread upward. It keeps on flowing all over the body. In this three cornered region, this Nadi, extremely fine like the electric power lies coiled around. We can give the example of such a she serpent, which is sleeping, coiled three and half times and pressing its tail in its mouth. This is called the power of the Kundalini. This remains sleeping, unless awakened by special exercise. None of the functions can be visible to the eye of flesh. For this reason, the physiologists have not been able to discover anything about it. But in olden times, learned men of countries like Greece and Rome, such as Plato and Pythagoras, who were seers of self, have made references to all these in their writings. They state that under the navel, there is such a wondrous power, which by lighting up one?s intellect, makes manifest such divine powers within man.

If by any exercise, this Kundalini Nadi unwinds it coils and gets inside the Sukhmana Nadi, then it is said to have come awake. Just as in the house, if you press the electricity buttons all the bulbs, fans, fridges, etc start functioning, similarly if you press the switch of the Kundalini Nadi the electric current carried by the Sukhmana wire travels all over the body and lights all the Chakkars and all the Nadis (nerves or ducts). Wherever the Kundalini power reaches in the body all the lotuses become straight and the mind is stabilized. As Guru Maharaj has ordained ?

Turning away from the world, the heart lotus filled with Nectar and this mind, then goes not anywhere. Merging in the primal lord, man forgets not the mental meditation. By the Guru?s grace, all the organs are blessed with five virtues and man abides in his own home. Nanak is the slave of him, who by searching the Lord?s name obtains this home of his.
Ang 1291 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

When the current reaches the Agya Chakkar, it also touches sampragyat and the tenth gate (crown of the head). Then all human tendencies come under complete control and one develops real capability for Asampragyat Samadhi (transcendental meditation). In this condition the seeker attains the knowledge of the whole world very quickly. When Kundalini power enters the mouth of Sukhmana Nadi one begins to have supernatural experiences. Making show of them is forbidden. There is reference to that ?

Indulge thou not in ego and abide within thyself. The knower himself knows everything
Ang 580 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

With so much talk, the time of the meeting was almost over. Sant Maharaj said that above that is the blank place in the universe, and there the universes end. The seeker who has crossed all the illusions, reaches the region of Truth (heaven) by the power of repeating God?s name and experiences ecstasy by observing the phenomenon of the infinite. Above that is experienced the miracle of ?being full of bliss, in the shower of the grace of God? as says Satguru Nanak. The almighty God attracts to himself man?s soul, which was separated from him and merges the individual self in the universal self. As is ordained ?

As water comes and gets blended with water, so does his lights blend with the supreme light. His coming and going end and he attains rest. Nanak is ever devoted unto the lord.
Ang 278 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

For this reason Guru Maharaj has clarified ?

What are they like, who forget not the name? They are like the lord. Know that there is absolutely no difference between the two.
Ang 397 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

That between the saints and the infinite lord, there is no difference.
Ang 486 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The same is ordained in the Sukhmani Sahib ?

The great god, Shiva, searches for the man, who knows god. Nanak the Braham gyani, is himself the exalted lord.
Ang 273 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

A saint who reaches this state is called Brahmgyani (one who knows God), and gets the title of the Khalsa. But the foolish persons, badly lost in the darkness of ignorance, do not accept the fundamental philosophy of the Guru, get the title of Manmukh (the ignorant) mind orientated. Like the crows, they crow together and spoil the path of truth. Sceptical to the fundamentals taught in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and having turned their face away from the Guru, they fall a prey to spiritual quacks and do not achieve any good state. They cannot be rid of the cycle of births and deaths. Spiritual ideas are the only true ideas. By accepting them, in the light of Gurbani (Holy writ), is the only path to one?s real welfare.

Dear loving devotees, you may be connected with different faiths and communities and though you may have heard the sermons of many great persons, but so long as you do not pull yourself out of the slush of Dvait (duality or that there is second reality other then God) and do not take to the path of self realisation through the divine word, that long you can?t enter the higher strata of universal soul. Till then you will keep wallowing in your present condition ?

Because of profane affection, the man suffers agony. Death?s courier is spying all. Nanak, the Guru wards are saved by contemplating over the true name In words we are good, but in deeds bad. Within mind we are impure and black, but white from without. We emulate with those who stand and serve at lord?s door. They are imbued with the love of their bridegroom and enjoy the pleasure of his alliance. They remain powerless even when possessing power and are ever humble. Nanak, our lives become profitable if we associate with them (such brides).
Page 85 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Thus the whole congregation showed obeisance to the great saint and dispersed to their respective activities, with a keen desire to hear the discourse of the great saint in the evening also.

(Excerpts from : Final Revolution)

Further reading : http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/gurmat-vichaar/16923-what-is-faith-dharama-per-gurbani-2.html
Aug 27, 2007
There is a reference at many places in Sree Gri Guru Granth sahib ji regarding Kundalni/jagran/awakening. Kundalini as per the above posts is an energy that is lying dormant in every one of us. Practicising Pranayam or not pracising is also not related to any religion. One can practice it if one has the blessings of a good Yoga teacher. In India there are many ' Ashrams ' that proclaim to teach the methods of awakening of Kundalini.

It is a part of Raj Yog and not Hath Yoga. Hath Yoga is meant to strengthen the physical aspect of the body and adds only to the longevity by making the body strong. The aim of raj Yoga is slightly different. It is aimed at making the dormant energy to get unwound. It is stated that with the kundalini awakening one is able to reach the Tenth Gate.The theory is based on a well structured science that has been practiced by ancient saints. However, no data is available as to how many actually suceeded in awakening the Kundalini. Nonethe less, it is admittedly a pracice that is stated in SGGS ji at ang 912 as follows:

iknhI invl BuieAMgm swDy ] (912-15, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
Some practice inner cleansing teahniques, and control the breath through Kundalini Yoga.

moih dIn hir hir AwrwDy ]1] (912-16, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
I am meek; I worship and adore the Lord, Har, Har. ||1||

qyrw Brosw ipAwry ] (912-16, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
I place my faith in You alone, O Beloved Lord.

Awn n jwnw vysw ]1] rhwau ] (912-16, rwmklI, mÚ 5)
I do not know any other way. ||1||Pause||

However, Guru Sahiban has preferred the route of Naam. But there is no outright rejection of the theory of Kundalini.

At other place ang 972 It has been stated as per the english Translation that "Turning away from materialism, I have found intuitive support.I have entered into the sky of the mind, and opened the Tenth Gate.The chakras of the coiled Kundalini energy have been openedand I have met my Sovereign Lord King without fear. .[972[1.2.3]

Further one may perform exercises of inner purification, and fire up the furnace of the Kundalini, inhaling and exhaling and holding the breath but without the True Guru, one will not understand; deluded by doubt, one shall drown and die.[ang1343 [7]

Guru sahibaan has preferred the route of Naam and have impressed upon the importance and significance of the Sangat and the holy congregation.Infact it has been stated that kundalini is aroused in the holy congrgation it self thru. the word of sabad. It also appears that Kundalini Jagran ,probably , is a must for a seeker for the arrival at the tenth gate. The route may not be Yogic but Naam.

kuMflnI surJI sqsMgiq prmwnµd gurU muiK mcw ] (1402-10, sveIey mhly cauQy ky, gXMd)

The Kundalini rises in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation; through the Word of the Guru, they enjoy the Lord of Supreme Bliss.

The theory of kundalni jagran is not rejected by Guru sahibaan but it has been bye-passed in preference to the method Sabad/naam than the pracice of Yoga. Needless to state that this a very specialised branch of yoga and there are schools in India that specialize in this art. It requires total control over breath or 'Praan'/swas'

I have relied on the translations that have been used in the present edition Of SGGS ji that I have referred to.

One may refer to literature of Swami Vivekananda who has propagated the idea in the west. Pranayam can be pracised by anyone for general improvement of Health. Kapal Bhati as mentioned in the above post has been employed for treating 'Depression' in may psychiatric centres in India.

Bhul Chuk Mauf.


Jun 16, 2008
where is the th n th door.................or how can we get true salvation..............one thing more i want to know what is saar-shbd .is it the higher form of anhad-nadd.....???
Jul 30, 2004

Well where we have spinal cord meeting the brain,there is shape like hood,which is therefore called Kundli hence Kundaline,Guru Granth Sahib Ji have term Bhuyangam Sadhe(Concentrating with snake).Nirmala devi is telling of that area(We should not use term {censored} with such people as {censored} is loyal to the Master,We are all all dogs of Akal but we can doubt this about this lady).

Like wise we have term Trikuti,where both eyebrows meet and bone of nose ends.Asutosh followers call it Dasam Dwar(He throws a light on forehead of person who sits with close eyes).No one says that he is not having a divne feeling as if he says then his prestige will be down as a sinner.

Well exact Dasam Dwar is a gland on the top of the head(Celebrum) it is Penial Gland(so far scince does not know much about it but agrees about its limitless powers(It may move faster then light so could make mass,space and time negative so seeing in past or in remote,out of site area or reaching there even could be explained scintifically as time machine is also a logical concept based upon the theory of relativity).Another term is Sastra Dal Kamal as it is shaped like a lotus of hundreds of petals.

But Akal is still higher than this body part.


(previously amarsanghera, account deactivated at t
Jun 7, 2006
all this talk of glands and Hormones makes me think whether if God is not just another hallucination !!!
Feb 15, 2006
all this talk of glands and Hormones makes me think whether if God is not just another hallucination !!!
That perspective presupposes that what we can see of the physical universe is all that exists. It doesn't account for any other reality, or that the human being is multidimensional containing sheathes of energy and that the jivatman may not consist of physicality at all, but be a kind of energy matrix which forms the physical body based on patterns of consciousness.
Physicists at the University of Michigan have coaxed two separate atoms to communicate with a sort of quantum intuition that Albert Einstein called "spooky."
Physicists Establish 'Spooky' Quantum Communication
the existence of nonlocal phenomena would mean that the two photons are communicating at superluminal speeds which is a no-no. Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance." Many have refused to accept the completeness and even the correctness of QM (Quantum Mechanics) for this reason. But the superluminal objection is flawed in my opinion, because it assumes the physical existence of space.
As soon as one realizes that there is no space then it is easy to see that there is no superluminal or any sort of communication taking place between the entangled photons. Particles do not exist in space, they just exist. There is no spooky action at a distance because there is no distance between particles. This is not the same as saying that the distance is zero; distance simply does not exist: it is abstract. More precisely, it is the abstract vector difference between two positional properties. The entangled polarities are facets of the same coin. In other words, nonlocality is equivalent to nonspatiality. Nature is able to apply its principles of conservation "everywhere" because the universe is one.

More Nasty Little Truths About Physics

Spooky action at a distance. Non-locality. Quantum entanglement. Hidden variables. Superimpositions. Modern science cannot describe how consciousness works, or how two disconnected particles can communicate across space and time. Modern science cannot explain intuition or premonition or prediction in terms of standard models of the brain. What is required is for people to think outside of the box. To be willing to let go of the scientism which denies what it can't explain. But there have always been unusual events, predictions or strange prophecies downplayed or outright ignored by science which persist throughout human history suggesting there is a phenomena quite outside the box of the prevailing world-view.
Robertson's novel features a ship, the Titan, "..which was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men." No expense was spared on making the ship luxurious and the steward's cabin is described as being 'equal to that of a first class hotel.'

The latest technology was used in the building of the Titan including the addition of '..nineteen water-tight compartments.. With nine compartments flooded the ship would still float, and as no known incident of the sea could possibly fill this many, the steamship Titan was considered practically unsinkable.' Because Titan was considered unsinkable she only carried the minimum number of lifeboats required by law - 24 - able to carry 500 people. This was not enough for the 2000 passengers on board.

Morgan Robertson's Titan hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank...

Nationality of Titan: British. Actual Titanic: British
Length: 800ft. Actual Titanic: 882.5ft
Passenger Capacity of Titan: 3,000. Actual Titanic: 3,000
Number of Lifeboats: 24. Actual Titanic: 20
Speed at Impact: 25 knots. Actual Titanic: 22.5 knots
Time of Impact: near midnight. Actual Titanic: 11.40pm
Month of impact: April. Actual Titanic: April
Point of Impact: Starboard. Actual Titanic: Starboard​

Uncanny, but true!
Did the book predict the Titanic disaster?

Titanic - Futility by Morgan Robertson

One of the key ways of determining madness from mastana, or kundalini awakening from simple schizophrenia is how it impacts other people and is not just a mental experience in isolation. It can't be a hallucination, disordered perception of an individual brain if can be caught on film, or tape recorded, or predicted years in advance with witnesses. When more than one person is having an experience, something interesting is happening. According to yogic theory, the body is composed of many layers besides the physical, subtle sheathes of dimensional vibration from the co{censored} material to the imperceptible. We can speak of pineal and pituitary glands, because yogic theory is actual science. There is a science of consciousness research and we can see how powerful changes in brain chemistry and consciousness can occur from certain practices such as pranayama and japping Gurmantara. Sadly, most accept uncritically the Western paradigm that a physical universe is all there is to existence.

Just consider this question: By what mechanism do prophecies come true? Is there a collective unconscious of the world which can be accessed somehow? Is there something about parallel universes and alternate realities? Is something accessible to certain sensitive people able to move outside the limits of space and time?
And before you would even consider the validity of such a question, the skeptics would have to honestly analyze how certain prophecies have come true. It is beyond coincidence that such accurate predictions could be mere hallucinations. Intuition. Psychic perception. Messages. Predictions. Prophecies. There is credible evidence that something beyond the merely physical operates in this world.
"...It was said the visionaries at Kibeho were shown terrifying glimpses into the future: a tree in flames, a river of blood, and many abandoned, decapitated corpses."-The Final Hour, pg 255 (note: This book was published two years before the Rwandan holocaust)

Kibeho, Rwanda 6 visionaries began to receive visions of the Divine Mother warning of a coming catastrophe if people didn't change their hearts. The visions persisted from 1981 to 1989. By the end of the decade the warnings were adamant: "Leave Rwanda." All 6 visionaries saw that a river of blood was coming with uncountable decapitated corpses. "Build a Church and call it Gathering of the Displaced." They were told not to pray for the death of one man, but his conversion. All knew it was the President, who the population hated and wanted to die. In 1994, the Presidential plane was shot down and then ensued 100 days of genocidal massacre killing nearly 1 million people, most hacked to death or decapitated with machetes.


Prophecies have been a real part of the human experience for as long as recorded history. Nearly every spiritual teaching claims some form of Divine revelation, or communication from dimensionality higher than the sensual world. Skeptics would do well to stop trying to conform mystical experiences to mere brain chemistry, or degrading them as some category of mental illness. The primitive knowledge of modern neuroscience and psychiatry cannot effectively explain anomolous events in history such as the predictive novel "Futility: Or Wreck of the Titan." Nor can it relegate the Marian apparitions of Kibeho Rwanda to simple hallucination.

These things are too intelligent, too consistent, too meaningful to readily dismiss as coincidence. I don't have a problem with anomolous history because I believe in the reality of God. I believe what Gurbani teaches about the reality of other worlds, about the jeea, and the atma, and the mann, that the nature of spiritual perception is being grounded in the human body through the chakra system, and unfolded by opening of the dasm duar. The physical body aligns and conforms to a presumed chakra system. But the chakra system is metaphysical theory, it isn't physical. So we must be made of something beyond the merely physical, which would be believed if someone accepts the teaching of a jivatma.

There is logic and consistency and purpose behind the warnings and predictions related by visionaries and seers. There is a true spiritual message. Every modern warning has been unequivocally clear: "Pray for peace because great suffering is coming." "Pray for world peace and help those who suffer."


Can we really afford not to listen? Evil things happen to stir the conscience of the world. Spirituality is not about Divine intervention or dramatic miracles, which do occasionally occur. But it's about how we ourselves change and evolve as spiritual beings. The dukh of bad choices imprints itself on our psyche, on our jiva, and causes us to turn away from the evils within our own hearts which perpetuate destructiveness. It's a blackboard on which a spiritual lesson can be taught. Darkness exists to show everyone how beautiful is the light of mercy in comparison. It is the only thing powerful enough to break through the delusions of self-justification, greed and cruelty. Only love is stronger than death. And if someone thinks powerful predictions aren't being communicated in a way and symbolism which people can culturally and religiously understand, whether it is the Ganesha milk miracle or the Marian apparitions, he isn't being honest with the facts.

God is speaking to humanity in the way that will reach us. That is the nature of sarguna, it conforms to our expectations because it is intuitive perception within the cultural and religious context of our understanding. No human being with kalpas can possibly have experience of the Divine without misinterpretation. Is God male? Is God female? Does God have blue black skin like Krishna? No. Does the Divine conform to Catholic Christian theology? No. But human beings superimpose definitions and concepts on their supernatural experiences. One see's Durga Ma. One see the Virgin Mary. Another see's the Prophet Mohammed. But perhaps, it is something so beyond human description that words and concepts of mind simply dress up the unfathomable according to our expectations.

The Virgin Mary and Christ reportedly appeared to teenagers, and these visions were accompanied by intense reactions: crying, tremors, and comas. On August 19, 1982, those who saw the visions reported gruesome sights (rivers of blood, sliced heads, etc.) which some today regard as an ominous foreshadowing of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, and particularly in that specific location in 1995.
After the 1994 genocide, Kibeho was the site of a refugee camp, with many of the refugees suspected of having participated in the genocide. The camp, which held between 165,000 to 200,000 persons, was one of the more gruesome sights of the reprisal massacres against Hutu by the Tutsi-led "Rwandan Patriotic Army" (RPA) (formerly the Rwandan Patriotic Front) that followed the 1994 genocide. Estimates of the number killed range from 4000 to 8000 people. The worst of the killings took place over the weekend of April 22, 1995.
Many of these were killed in the same school in which the apparitions had occurred; one of the children who reported the vision was even one of the victims.

Kibeho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Is God merely brain chemistry or hallucination? Or are human beings themselves completely disconnected from spiritual reality and sleepwalking in the Maya world of self-deception and destructiveness? If God is real, then it is clear He is trying to wake us up. All spiritual teaching says the same things. Be good. Do good. Pray. Connect with God. Turn away from selfishness and evil. Overcome hatred. Change who you are.

~Bhul chak maaf


Sep 16, 2004
all this talk of glands and Hormones makes me think whether if God is not just another hallucination !!!
To Halucinate you must percieve something in oher words there has to be perception of some kind to call it Hallucination

Now Can you percieve God by any of your senses? if NO ,then it cant be hallucination

If YES then may be you are having hallucination of God!

Well Mostly God exist in human Brain as a Thought process or FairyTale surely!

Everyody can take a pick for themselves

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