Darbar Sahib Wilting Under Sangat Pressure

Tejwant Singh

Darbar Sahib wilting under Sangat pressure.

http://epaper. hindustantimes. com/ArticleText. aspx?article= 16_04_2010_ 403_003&kword=&mode=1

`Devise new ways to meet devotees' rush' The Golden Temple is one of the most sacred places in India. Sikhs, non-Sikhs and foreigners have a desire to pay obeisance at this temple but the congestion and time-consuming rush inside the sacred sanctum * the Darbar Sahib * is becoming a deterrent. For non-Sikhs, it is a favoured tourist spot.

The SGPC is the sole gov- erning body to look after the affairs of the Golden Temple and improve its conditions, including giving more comfort to the visiting devotees. For their convenience and smooth flow of the sangat, it should consult renowned architects to find alternatives to the nar- row passage from Darsani Deori to Darbar Sahib.

Another exit route could be made by making a glass tun- nel on both sides of the exist- ing entry and exit passage, under water. It will be visible only at the entrance and exit near Darshni Deori; without any visible change in the out- side structure of the Darbar Sahib, where Gurbani is recited.

The sangat should be allowed to pay respects at the Darbar Sahib from all four doors and devotees should not be allowed to sit around the Guru Granth Sahib in the cen- tral area. The sitting area for the Sangat should be shifted to the first floor. The existing entry and exit should be used only for entry to the Golden Temple.

This will create more space, comfort and convenience.

Putting barricades with bam- boo sticks gives quite a nause- ating /bureaucratic look and should be done away with. In the present scenario, bowing in front of Guru Granth Sahib has become difficult and one is pushed around due to over- crowding and space shortage. In the melee, the very sanctity of obeisance is disturbed. Many devotees return without getting entry to the Darbar Sahib.

If new arrangements are not made, devotees may have to get recommendations to reach inside.

Besides, once the flyover, parking area and roads become functional, the rush to Darbar Sahib is going to increase manifold.

Dr Ranbir Singh Pannu & Dr B.S. Dhillon


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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Yes the way the sevadaars do their job is so rude and obnoxious..and some in the sangat are no better..they sneak in under the bamboo sticks !! anyway its a real bother..long wait..and all that RUSHING..pushing shoving....normal matha tek cannot take place..its just TOUCH and GO..or SEE no touch..KEEP MOVING FOLKS !!:angrykudi::omgg::confusedmunda:
Yes Gyaniji,

Shortly Darbar sahib is going to become like Tirupati or Jaganath Puri where the employees do not allow you to stand in front of the main deity even for 1 second.
And there are different lines for people paying different amounts or for those with recommendations.
As it is some favored people are allowed to sneak in through the exit lanes which are strictlt meant for Ragis and Granthis.

Tejwant Singh

Darbar Sahib has been turned into nothing but an idol worshipping place. One knows that there are many rooms around the parikarma where paath of SGGS is being performed daily- made to order, a new way of "divine food take away", many paid by Visa, Mastercard, American Express with its new slogan, " you do not have to leave home with it" from literally worlds apart. No one bothers to matha tek in these rooms. They forget that it is the same Guru that is in Darbar Sahib and on the first floor.

Sadly, it has become a money printing press for SGPC and thanks to Maharaja Ranjit Singh who gold leafed it, perhaps from the gold taken by him during the wars, hence made it into a white elephant whose upkeep can educate and feed many needy.

What a total disregard to the original idea and vision of our 4th Guru, Guru Rama Das ji!

Tejwant Singh


Yes , there are some practices which need a rethink and change apart from rush management.

i) It is painful to see the behavior of sevadars inside Darbar Saheb ji . The way they talk to devotees.
ii) The sevadars watch for people who during matha tek pay obeisance with higher amounts. and are then given prasad of patasha / saropa.
iii) The sevadars watch the quality of Rumala's presented by devotees and only costly ones are actually worn , rest are just roughly touched.
iv) The tourists are not guided and handled. A great opportunity to apprise them about Sikhs , Sikhism is being lost. They are amazed and really want to know more.

Hope there is enough Sangat/group pressure to bring about positive changes.

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