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Dance In Guru Granth Sahib

Aug 18, 2005
Fremont, California
This is a very controversial issue, so please keep comments tame and do not attack me. I am a health practitioner and believe in the healing benefits of dance, I am not promoting into Sikh religious public services the nightclub drinking party type dance, nor Sanyasi ecstatic dance of Yogi Baba Ji Sants, and not for showing off spirituality. If the majority of any society wishes dance in their prayerlife, private or public, that is their business. Who are we to judge. Life is a symphany and dance.

Dance in Guru Granth Sahib

Harsimrat Kaur Khalsa

President and Founder

Guru Granth Parchar Mission of USA, Inc.

(510) 432-5827


What is dance and its relevance according to the Guru Granth Sahib? Are we humans the only ones that dance? Is dance a taboo for Gursikhs, condemning all who engage in such activity? Are there exceptions to what is considered proper dance for appropriate occasions? When Sikhs congregate in religious services or pray privately, they do not clap their hands or move their feet, or sway their bodies like people in a nightclub or Yogis and Sanyasees in ecstatic movements. Traditionally Sikhs humbly sit peacefully only engaging the spiritual dance of the mind accompanied with Guru gian and simran. For Sikhs, the closest thing to religious physical dancing with the body is the beating of the table, strumming of the stringed musical instruments, and percussion of the harmonium and chimes. Have Sikhs reformed the Sikh faith and practice by placing a strict taboo on dance totally as a reaction to the negative abuses of dance by manmukhs, or have anti-Sikh forces enforced no dancing as a control mechanism to distract others from being attracted to Gurmat? This topic demands a proper definition of dancing in light of the lifestyle of Gurmat according to the teachings in the Guru Granth Sahib.

Dance is an artistic form of nonverbal communication. Dance Therapy is a method of psychological treatment in which movement and dance are used to express and deal with feelings and experiences, both positive and negative. This is also known as movement therapy.http://www.yourdictionary.com/dance-therapy Dance/Movement Therapy is the "psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration of the individual." http://www.movement-education.org/therapy/There are non human examples of dancing, too.

Are humans the only ones that dance? Animals and fish dance for courting, using unusual movements and posture to attract their mate, or to pose a warning to attack or act in self defense. Plants gently or slowly move to sound vibrations or sunlight. http://yohea.info/dancing.shtml Water crystals form symmetrical patters to pleasant sounds, and asymmetrical patterns to unpleasant sounds. An object exposed on freezing camera lenses can produce water crystals that duplicate the object. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/salud/esp_salud16c.htm Water crystal form various patterns according to pleasant and negative sounds, vibrations, and inspirations. http://www.unitedearth.com.au/watercrystals.html Positive inspirations affect the cells in the human body to aid in healing or comfort. Dancing also increases circulation, enhancing synovial fluid to the joints, and aids in physical healing and increased immune system that prevent diseases. Please visit the weblinks if you cannot see the photos.

In molecular science, molecules dance during cellular processes such as signal transduction and protein sorting. Glycoproteins interacting with protein channels inside the lipid membranes of cell walls direct the flow of certain specific ions and water molecules across the membrane involving signal transduction and protein sorting. http://www.uni-leipzig.de/diffusion/journal/pdf/volume2/diff_fund_2(2005)113.pdfKMf bRhmMf qRY gux nwcy ijn lwgI hir ilv qumwrI ] (5060, gUjrI, mhlw 3) “The planets and solar systems dance in the three qualities, as do those who bear love for You, Lord.” jIA jMq sBy hI nwcy nwcih KwxI cwrI ]5] (5060, gUjrI, mhlw 3) “The beings and creatures all dance, and the four sources of creation dance. ||5|| Gurbani admits that all of creation dances to the melody of God’s hukam. Humans also dance in response to stimuli. There is a long history of human social dancing.”

Dance is as ancient as the history of man. Archaeologists have uncovered traces of 9,000 year old paintings in India and in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 3300 BC. Belly dancing is the oldest recorded dance form in history seen on ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt as far back as 4,000 BCE, a fertility ritual in ancient Goddess traditions to ensure crop fertility and achieve spiritual enlightenment. Dancing is also written in the ancient Vedas of 4,000 BCE. Every culture throughout history includes dance as a vital part of social or religious life. The Guru Granth Sahib critiques various intentions of dancing and explains whether they are good or bad examples of behavior.

Guru Granth Sahib examines closely why certain individuals dance. Some dancing is for showing off to get attention for fame or to attract a mate. Other dancing is the lure into maya materialism where there is no escape. Others dance thinking it will cure them of their sufferings, but when they stop the dance, the problems continue. Dance only provides a temporary relief from pain, the moment you stop, the pain returns. Dance can aid in removing pain, but the mind must work it out as well (the dance of the mind intoxicated with Guru’s wisdom and love of God.) Some people dance to please their gods, but God is not looking nor does He need us to dance. Nobody can dance without the hukam of God as seen in His creation. Physical dancing is not required for you to see God, but it may help you prepare for it by relieving tension built up in the body, releasing excess lactic acid in the muscles and psychological strains.

In conclusion, dancing in itself is not evil, but the intentions if it can be negative. The intentions of the mind of the dancer or judgments of onlookers determine the value of the action. Gurbani has already given prime examples of vanity or foolish dancing. Guru Granth Sahib prescribes the most effective dance, the dance of His Hukam, the dance of the love of God, the dance of the Shabad, and the dance of the heart. Gurbani would never forbid remembering God at any time of one’s life, sitting, standing, sleeping, running or exercising. It is important to take some quiet time out and sit still to contemplate on God, but this does not mean to place a strict on taboo on dancing with Him. The Hindus use religious dance and Sikhs have estranged themselves from it due to Guru Ji’s criticism of pakandi intentions imposed on people. If anyone dances physically before God with a pure heart, that would be his personal decision. If a group of Sikh worshippers unanimously chose to incorporate a modest form of dance, who are we to forbid them? If one person dances during public kirtan, he would be a fool and be kicked out, but not if his fingers dance while playing the table. Man-made rules and the peer pressure of misunderstandings of Guru Ji’s message have lead to extremism that condemns even modest physical dancing before God. It is not recommended for anyone to visit any Sikh religious service and start dancing. It is important to respect the norm of the majority in group participation. There is no requirement to dance and neither is it forbidden, as long and the intentions are worthy and modestly performed within the accepted norm of the group. Science has proven therapeutic advantages in using dance therapy to aid in healing. The Buddhists monks have also included religious creative, transic dancing as an expression of their devotional worship. http://www.ask.com/web?l=dis&o=15955&qsrc=2869&q=Is+dance+allowed+in+buddhism The Jews have done spiritual dancing throughout their history. The dance of Miriam (Exodus 15:20-21); King David’s composition “Praise Him in the timbrel and the dance” (Psalm 150:4). Various Christian denominations dance in their services.

Our live is an entire symphony and dance to the hukam of God, both physically and in the mind. Each of us is give a paintbrush to illustrate (color) our environment (world) as we interpret it. We are all given the same materials and background to use. We should choose our colors, textures, and strokes wisely. Our creative art of action-reaction tells others how we see life, our selves, and others. The mind and body must cooperate in union to fulfill one’s destiny of health, happiness, and success. This requires a clear open mind, information, courage, faith, understanding, and obedience to what Guru Granth Sahib teaches. Unless we study what Guru Ji’s hymns say, how else can we perform the dance of His Shabad? It is not a religious formula based on merits attained through good deeds used in bribery. A transformed person would not think of performing sewa to impress God, but would use it as an act of appreciation and love to God and mankind. These following verses pertaining to dancing are many found in the Guru Granth Sahib for review:

hau bwhuiV iCMJ n ncaU nwnk Aausru lDw Bwil jIau ]21]2]29] (74, isrIrwgu, mhlw 5)
I shall not have to dance in the wrestling arena of life again. Nanak has searched, and found this opportunity. ||21||2||29||

scw qwlu pUry mwieAw mohu cukwey sbdy inriq krwvixAw ]3] (121, mwJ, mhlw 3)
Let your true and perfect tune be the subjugation of your love of Maya, and let yourself dance to the Shabad. ||3||

mwieAw mohu iesu mnih ncwey AMqir kptu duKu pwvixAw ]4] (122, mwJ, mhlw 3)
The love of Maya makes this mind dance, and the deceit within makes people suffer in pain. ||4||

mwieAw kwrix ipV bMiD nwcY dUjY Bwie duKu pwvixAw ]6] (122, mwJ, mhlw 3)
For the sake of Maya, they set the stage and dance, but they are in love with duality, and they obtain only sorrow. ||6||

gurmuiK gwvY gurmuiK nwcY hir syqI icqu lwvixAw ]1] rhwau ] (124, mwJ, mhlw 3)
The Gurmukhs sing, the Gurmukhs dance, and focus their consciousness on the Lord. ||1||Pause||

rwij rMgu mwil rMgu ] rMig rqw ncY nµgu ] (142, mwJ, mhlw 1)
Intoxicated with power and thrilled with wealth, they delight in their pleasures, and dance about shamelessly.

Bgiq krih mUrK Awpu jxwvih ]
The fools perform devotional worship by showing off;
nic nic tpih bhuqu duKu pwvih ]
they dance and dance and jump all around, but they only suffer in terrible pain.
nicAY tipAY Bgiq n hoie ]
By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed.
sbid mrY Bgiq pwey jnu soie ]3] (159, gauVI guAwryrI, mhlw 3)
But one who dies in the Word of the Shabad, obtains devotional worship. ||3||

hir ky dws dws hm kIjY mnu inriq kry kir nwcy ]3] (169, gauVI pUrbI, mhlw 4)
Make me the slave of the Lord's slaves, so that my mind might dance in Your Love. ||3||

kbhU inriq krY bhu Bwiq ] (277, gauVI, mhlw 5)
Sometimes, they (re: AwigAwkwrI bpurw jIau ] The helpless beings) are subject to His Command) dance in various ways.

ijau pRB BwvY iqvY ncwvY ] (278, gauVI, mhlw 5)
As it pleases God, they dance.

mrkt mustI Anwj kI mn baurw ry lInI hwQu pswir ]
The monkey stretches out its hand, O crazy mind, and takes a handful of corn;
CUtn ko shsw pirAw mn baurw ry nwicE Gr Gr bwir ]2] (336, gauVI, kbIr jI)
now unable to escape, O crazy mind, it is made to dance door to door. ||2||

mn ry Cwfhu Brmu pRgt hoie nwchu ieAw mwieAw ky fWfy ] (338, gauVI, kbIr jI)
O people, O victims of this Maya, abandon your doubts and dance out in the open.

nwrdu nwcY kil kw Bwau ] (349, Awsw, mhlw 1)
Naarad dances to the tune of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga; (Narad gossips in mythology and dancing)

iequ rMig nwchu riK riK pwau ]2] (350, Awsw, mhlw 1)
So dance in this love, and keep the beat with your feet. ||1||

horu ncxw KusIAw mn mwh ]1] rhwau ] (350, Awsw, mhlw 1)
Other dances produce only temporary pleasure in the mind. ||1||Pause||

iequ rMig nwchu riK riK pwau ]2] (350, Awsw, mhlw 1)
So dance in this love, and keep the beat with your feet. ||2||

iequ rMig nwchu riK riK pYr ]4]6 ] (350, Awsw, mhlw 1)
So dance in this love, and keep the beat with your feet. ||4||6||

inriq kry bhu vwjy vjwey ] (364, Awsw, mhlw 3)
One may dance and play numerous instruments;

gurmuiK inriq hir lwgY Bwau ] (364, Awsw, mhlw 3)
The Gurmukh's dance is to embrace love for the Lord;

pwKMif Bgiq inriq duKu hoie ]3] (364, Awsw, mhlw 3)
But the dances and the worship of the hypocrites bring only pain. ||3||

kb ko nwcY pwv pswrY kb ko hwQ pswrY ] (368, Awsw, mhlw 4)
How long must one dance and stretch out one's feet, and how long must one reach out with one's hands?

audmu krq hovY mnu inrmlu nwcY Awpu invwry ] (381 Awsw, mhlw 5)
Making the effort, the mind becomes pure; in this dance, the self is silenced.

qyrw jnu inriq kry gun gwvY ] (381, Awsw, mhlw 5)
Your humble servant dances and sings Your Glorious Praises.

AYsI inriq nrk invwrY nwnk gurmuiK jwgY ]4]4]43] (381, Awsw, mhlw 5)
Such a dance eliminates hell; O Nanak, the Gurmukh remains wakeful. ||4||4||43||

kr ibnu vwjw pg ibnu qwlw ]
He plays the instrument without hands, and dances without feet.
jy sbdu buJY qw scu inhwlw ] (412, Awsw, mhlw 1)
But if he understands the Word of the Shabad, then he shall behold the True Lord.

sur isD gx gMDrb iDAwvih jK ikMnr gux BnI ] (455, Awsw, mhlw 5)
The angels, the Siddhas, the beings of spiritual perfection, the heavenly heralds and celestial singers meditate on You. The Yakhsha demons, the guards of the divine treasures, and the Kinnars, the dancers of the god of wealth chant Your Glorious Praises.

kyqy ncih mMgqy igiV muiV pUrih qwl ] (464, Awsw, mhlw 1)
So many beggars dance, spinning around to the beat.

vwiein cyly ncin gur ] (465, Awsw, mhlw 1)
The disciples play the music, and the gurus (Hindu gurus) dance.

pieAY ikriq ncY sBu koie ]
According to their actions, so do all people dance.
nic nic hsih clih sy roie ]
Those who dance and dance and laugh, shall weep on their ultimate departure.
auif n jwhI isD n hoih ]
They do not fly to the heavens, nor do they become Siddhas.
ncxu kudxu mn kw cwau ] (465-14, Awsw, mhlw 1)
They dance and jump around on the urgings of their minds.

igAwnI ncih vwjy vwvih rUp krih sIgwru ] (469 Awsw, mhlw 1)
The spiritually wise dance and play their musical instruments, adorning themselves with
beautiful decorations.

pihir colnw gdhw nwcY BYsw Bgiq krwvY ]1] (477, Awsw, kbIr jIau)
Putting on the skirt, the donkey dances around, and the water buffalo performs devotional worship. ||1||

suriq mwih jo inrqy krqy kQw bwrqw khqy ]1] rhwau ] (480, Awsw, kbIr jIau)
and dance in the mind, teaching and speaking. ||1||Pause||

Ab moih nwcno n AwvY ]
Now, I no longer dance to the tune. (of maya)
myrw mnu mMdrIAw n bjwvY ]1] rhwau ] (483, Awsw, kbIr jIau)
My mind no longer beats the drum. ||1||Pause||

GUMGtu qyro qau pir swcY ]
Your veil (bridal) shall be true only if
hir gun gwie kUdih Aru nwcY ]3] (484, Awsw, kbIr jIau)
you skip, dance and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||3||

mwtI ko puqrw kYsy ncqu hY ] (487, Awsw, rivdws jIau)
How does the puppet of clay dance? (Only by Hukam can one move)

inriq krI iehu mnu ncweI ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)…
I dance, and make this mind dance as well…
nwcu ry mn gur kY AwgY ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
So dance, O mind, before your Guru.
gur kY BwxY nwcih qw suKu pwvih AMqy jm Bau BwgY ] rhwau ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
If you dance according to the Guru's Will, you shall obtain peace, and in the end, the fear of death shall leave you. ||Pause||
Awip ncwey so Bgqu khIAY Awpxw ipAwru Awip lwey ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
One whom the Lord Himself causes to dance, is called a devotee. He Himself links us to His Love.

Anidnu nwcY skiq invwrY isv Gir nId n hoeI ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
One who dances night and day, and banishes Shakti's Maya, enters the House of the Lord Shiva, where there is no sleep.
skqI Gir jgqu sUqw nwcY twpY Avro gwvY mnmuiK Bgiq n hoeI ]3] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
The world is asleep in Maya, the house of Shakti; it dances, jumps and sings in duality. The self-willed manmukh has no devotion. ||3||
suir nr ivriq piK krmI nwcy muin jn igAwn bIcwrI ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
The angels, mortals, renunciates, ritualists, silent sages and beings of spiritual wisdom dance.
isD swiDk ilv lwgI nwcy ijn gurmuiK buiD vIcwrI ]4] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
The Siddhas and seekers, lovingly focused on the Lord, dance, as do the Gurmukhs, whose minds dwell in reflective meditation. ||4||
KMf bRhmMf qRY gux nwcy ijn lwgI hir ilv qumwrI ] (5060, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
The planets and solar systems dance in the three qualities, as do those who bear love for You, Lord.
jIA jMq sBy hI nwcy nwcih KwxI cwrI ]5] (5060, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
The beings and creatures all dance, and the four sources of creation dance. ||5||
jo quDu Bwvih syeI nwcih ijn gurmuiK sbid ilv lwey ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
They alone dance, who are pleasing to You, and who, as Gurmukhs, embrace love for the Word of the Shabad.

mwieAw kY AriQ bhuqu lok nwcy ko ivrlw qqu bIcwrI ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
So many people dance for the sake of Maya; how rare are those who contemplate reality.

syeI nwcih jo quDu Bwvih ij gurmuiK sbdu vIcwrI ] (506, gUjrI, mhlw 3)
They alone dance, who are pleasing to Your Will, and who, as Gurmukhs, contemplate the Word of the Shabad.

ik®s˜w qy jwnaU hir hir nwcMqI nwcnw ]1] (693, DnwsrI, nwmdyv jI)
Know that, through Krishna, the Lord, Har, Har, the dance of creation dances. ||1||

hir kw bwgrw nwcY ipMDI mih swgrw ]1] rhwau ]
In this Garden of the Lord, we all dance, like water in the pots of the Persian wheel.
nwcMqI gopI jMnw ] (693, DnwsrI, nwmdyv jI)
Women and men both dance.

hir hir hir jsu GUmir pwvhu imil sqsMig Eumwhw rwm ]2] (698, jYqsrI, mhlw 4)
Dance to the Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har; meet with the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, with sincerity. ||2||

iehu mnu nwcY siqgur AwgY Anhd sbd Duin qUr vjeIAw ] (834, iblwvlu, mhlw 4)
This mind dances before the True Guru. The unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds, vibrating the celestial melody.

nwcnu soie ju mn isau nwcY ] (872, goNf, kbIr jI)
He alone is a dancer, who dances with his mind.

iesu nwcn ky mn rKvwl ]2]
The Lord is the Protector of the dancer with such a mind. ||2||
bjwrI so ju bjwrih soDY ]
She alone is a street-dancer, who cleanses her body-street,
pWc plIqh kau prboDY ]
and educates the five passions.
nau nwiek kI Bgiq pCwnY ]
She who embraces devotional worship for the Lord
so bwjwrI hm gur mwny ]3]
I accept such a street-dancer as my Guru. ||3||

inriq kry kir mnUAw nwcY Awxy GUGr swjw ]1]
Move your mind like the rhythmic hand-motions; do the dance, and shake your ankle bracelets. ||1||
rwm ko inriqkwrI ] (884, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
This is the rhythmic dance of the Lord.

eyik ncwvih eyik Bvwvih ieik Awie jwie hoie DUrw ] (884, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
Some are made to dance, and some are whirled around; some come and some go, and some are reduced to dust.
khu nwnk so bhuir n nwcY ijsu guru BytY pUrw ]4]7] (884, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
Says Nanak, one who meets with the True Guru, does not have to dance the dance of reincarnation again. ||4||7||

eyhu inriqkwrI jnim n AwvY ]3] (885, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
Such a dancer is not reincarnated again. ||3||

iknhI GUGr inriq krweI ] (913, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
Some dance, wearing ankle bells.

aunvY Gnu Gn Ginhru grjY min ibgsY mor murly ]3] (975, nt, mhlw 4)
The clouds hang low, the clouds tremble with thunder, and the mind dances joyfully like the pea{censored}. ||3||

myr sumyr moru bhu nwcY jb aunvY Gn Gnhwry ]4] (983, nt, mhlw 4)
The pea{censored} dances on the mountain, when the clouds hang low and heavy. ||4||

lwlI nwcY lwlw gwvY Bgiq krau qyrI rwieAw ]2] (991, mwrU, mhlw 1)
My slave mother dances, and my slave father sings; I practice devotional worship to You, O my Sovereign Lord. ||2||

GUMGr bwiD Bey rwmdwsw rotIAn ky Epwvw ] (1003, mwrU, mhlw 5)
The temple dancers tie bells around their ankles to earn their living.

maulw Kyl kry siB Awpy ] ieik kFy ieik lhir ivAwpy ]
The Lord Himself stages all this drama. Some, he lifts up, and some he throws into the waves.
ijau ncwey iqau iqau ncin isir isir ikrq ivhwxIAw ]7] (1020, mwrU, mhlw 5)
As He makes them dance, so do they dance. Everyone lives their lives according to their past actions. ||7||

ijau nwnk Awip ncwiedw iqv hI ko ncw ]22]1] (1094, mwrU, mhlw 3)
O Nanak, as He Himself makes us dance, we dance. ||22||1||

jb nwcI qb GUGtu kYsw mtukI PoiV inrwrI ] (1112, quKwrI, mhlw 1)
When you dance, what veil covers you? Break the water pot, and be unattached.

qpI qpIsur muin mih pyiKE nt nwitk inrqwey ]2] (1139, BYrau, mhlw 5)
I have seen Him among the men of severe self-discipline, the silent sages, the actors, dramas and dances. ||2||

ibnu bwjy kYso inriqkwrI ] (1140, BYrau, mhlw 5)
Without music, how is one to dance?

suKu nwhI pyKy inriq nwty ] (1147, BYrau, mhlw 5)
There is no peace in watching dances and plays. (Nor in anything else except remembering God)

ijau bysÍw ky prY AKwrw ] …
He (blind fool who forgets God) is like the prostitute, who comes to dance,…
pUry qwl inhwly sws ] (1165, BYrau, nwmdyau jIau)
She dances to the beat, exciting the breath of those who watch her.

myG smY mor inriqkwr ] (1180, bsMqu, mhlw 5)
When the clouds and the rain come, the pea{censored}s dance.

khq nwmdyau qUM myro Twkuru jnu aUrw qUM pUrw ]2]2] (1252, swrMg, nwmdyau jI)
You Yourself (God) sing, and You Yourself dance. You Yourself blow the bugle.

ieik AMnu n Kwih mUrK iqnw ikAw kIjeI ] (12854, mlwr, mhlw 3)
Some dance and dance and keep the beat, but they do not worship Him with devotion.

jru jrvwxw kMin@ ciVAw ncsI ]
Old age, the tyrant, dances on the mortal's shoulders.
siqguru boihQu byVu scw rKsI ] (1290, mlwr, mhlw 2)
So climb aboard the boat of the True Guru, and the True Lord will rescue you.

pg nwcis icqu AkrmM ]
You dance, but your consciousness is filled with evil.
ey lµpt nwc ADrmM ]3] (1351, pRBwqI, byxI jI)
You are lewd and depraved - this is such an unrighteous dance! ||3||

ibKXMq jIvM vs´M kroiq inrq´M kroiq jQw mrkth ] (1358, shsik®qI, mhlw 5)
You take the corrupt, sinful beings in your power, and make them dance like monkeys

PrIdw dunI vjweI vjdI qUM BI vjih nwil ]
Fareed, the world dances as it dances, and you dance with it as well.
soeI jIau n vjdw ijsu Alhu krdw swr ]110] (1383, slok, syK PrId)
That soul alone does not dance with it, who is under the care of the Lord God. ||110||

guir ktI imhfI jyvVI ]
The Guru has cut away my bonds.
hau bwhuiV iCMJ n ncaU nwnk Aausru lDw Bwil jIau ]21]2]29] (74, isrIrwgu, mhlw 5)
I shall not have to dance in the wrestling arena of life again. Nanak has searched, and found this opportunity. ||21||2||29||

scw qwlu pUry mwieAw mohu cukwey sbdy inriq krwvixAw ]3] (1218, mwJ, mhlw 3)
Let your true and perfect tune be the subjugation of your love of Maya, and let yourself dance to the Shabad. ||3||



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