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Sikh News Dalit Sikhs : Is It So?

Indian Christianity, all its institutions and churches are totally captured by Syrian Christians who claim Brahmin origin. Christianity has served Brahmins with high level education system, medical care.

What then is the use of such conversions? I am a Sikh but I don't like to be a member of this caste-based Sikh society though I like Sikh philosophy. So what should I do? Where should I go? I found Budhism as my original Dharma but the Budhists don't like me because I am a Sikh. But Sikhs also don't like me because I am a "low caste" Sikh. Muslims and Christians also don't like me. I am in a terrible fix.
But, believe me, as a Sikh I love Islam and Christianity for their egalitarian principles. Our forefathers had left Hinduism and joined Sikhism only to gain equal human status. But here in the Sikh society we are still Dalits of low castes Ð hated by the upper caste Sikhs.

Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied Human Rights

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