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UK Daily Mail ISIS Entrapment

Sep 19, 2013
The Daily Mail has possibly been involved in an attempt to persuade British Muslims to support ISIS, the ultra-Salafi terrorist organisation busy destroying Iraq. The Daily Mail has a record of performing these kinds of operations, which are intended to entrap people into making radical posts to create content for anti-Muslim shock stories.

RIGHT-WING hacks were accused of “entrapment” yesterday after an online post by a supposed Islamist extremist was traced back to the headquarters of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard.
A forum post on British Muslim social forum Ummah.com urged others to “pledge allegiance to the caliphate.”
New user “abuaisha10” suggested that people “get out of this evil country and pledge our allegiance to the muslim sharia law and get out of evil west (sic).
“Who wants to join me so we can wage war and jihad against the corrupt west?” the post read.
But the call to arms drew only bemusement from forum regulars.
One traced the IP address back to a known hotbed of extremist rhetoric — the papers’ Northcliffe House HQ in London.
Hope Not Hate researcher Simon Cressy described the revelations as “very disturbing.”
He said: “If it has originated from the Daily Mail, it smacks of a honeypot, it smacks of entrapment.”
The Daily Mail Group did not respond to the Morning Star’s requests for comment, while an operator with Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist hotline confirmed they would investigate the source.
“If someone is obviously trying to rally people together to commit violence, that would be an offence we would look into,” she said.
The inflammatory posting came as police continued to seek the killer of University of Essex student Nahid Al-Manea, who was brutally stabbed to death in June in what investigators believe to be a hate crime motivated by her conservative Islamic dress.
The Federation of Student Islamic Societies president Omar Ali said: “Islamophobic hate speech, be it barefaced or disguised as news or political commentary, is having a real impact of the lives and safety of Muslims in the UK.
“It is high time that those politicians, commentators and institutions that espouse pernicious narratives about Muslims and Islam take responsibility for the terrible consequences of their words,” he said.
The affair also follows a string of attacks on Britain’s Muslim communities since the killing of British soldier Lee Rigby last May.
In the days immediately after Mr Rigby’s death an English Defence League supporter was arrested for attempting to blow up a mosque in Braintree while holding worshippers at knifepoint.
In another attack two ex-soldiers were filmed lobbing firebombs at a Grimsby mosque while a young family was inside.
Four teens were arrested in connection with the torching of an Islamic boarding school in Chislehurst and three arrested over a similar attack on a mosque in Harlow.
In October a High Court judge sentenced Ukrainian national Pavlo Lapshyn to life behind bars for the racially-motivated murder of Birmingham pensioner Mohammed Saleem and a string of nail-bombings that terrorised worshippers in mosques across Walsall, Wolverhampton and Tipton.

Yeah, the source website here is a weird socialist site, maybe even as biased as the Mail itself. However, that's the best actual news story I can find, and I am certain that this is a real story because of this link to a snapshot of the actual forum conversation.

This story has been making the rounds on social media and I expect it to start making an impact on more 'normal' news sources too.
Apr 11, 2007
Most of the times you see extremism, I think without any proof that most of it would be right wing politics anyway. Any faith based rhetoric. The use of extremism has become so common that I think all there stupid policies have become pointless. It mostly seems to be all based on the economy and the control of it all, from all these Abrahamic faith's perspectives, that want to dominate and keep control of it all really. Sex, sells it is the oldest trade in the world, and they use that as an excuse to create there slaves. There are I guess probably genuine problems and grievances in these communities, like all communities. I will not deny that, but religious men are mainly peaceful people, if they are following there true essence of it. So they are all peaceful people they don't want to fight, but they cant find a solution to a war? Obviously it is further mass hysteria built on economics and other issues like Eugenics, so and so forth. Hitler was in on it. A lot of people suffered as they where against these trades in there own communities from Hitler's era. Without hard evidence though it is always hard to prove, but the systems make sense when you see the way they operate and work, to keep us uninformed and unresponsive to there messed up agenda's. The Mughals were one gang that used to do it to the Indians over the Afghan borders, these are old gangs and industries, that they want to keep control of. Money should be created why not make more honest livings like investing in manufacturing and industries, do they even remember the industrial revolution? Not my place to say I am not a businessman but you cant build a world based on useless polices and agenda's that don't work and they make themselves look stupid as it all blows up in there own faces, the public are many and they are few and they can see right through it all. Anyway why do people even waste time on such issues. The media keeps reporting stuff that is extreme hoping it will change minds put fear, into the general public. . They've probably got crap on some of these families threaten them with deportation and stuff and these simple people most of them being from abroad are uneducated people, which oblige to these stupid issues that don't affect the common man. Why would these types of politics affect the common man anyway, prosperity and there own general well being would be there first most common concern from a logical point. Life has characters but that is few and far between. Send them to jail with the rest of the idiots that further these stupid policies I say. Anyway generally people just don't give a crap, when your hungry. If they want to change society use your own children and stop playing with innocent kids. Dirty evil minded individuals!
Sep 19, 2013
The Daily Mail has a record of performing these kinds of operations, which are intended to entrap people into making radical posts to create content for anti-Muslim shock stories.
I misremembered the specific events I described here, in fact it was someone working for the Sun who conducted the 'entrapment' operation I recalled (which took place on the same forum).
See Wikipedia, citation number 93:
Sep 19, 2013
Ummah Forum (the site which was either targeted by DM or itself targeting DM) has issued an official announcement protesting their innocence (and the accuracy of the information about the IP) and distancing themselves from the specific accusations/abuse made against Richard Ferrer's person in social media.