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Cutting The Veil Of Illusion

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 102

mwJ mhlw 5 ]
sB ikCu Gr mih bwhir nwhI ]
bwhir tolY so Brim BulwhI ]
gur prswdI ijnI AMqir pwieAw so AMqir bwhir suhylw jIau ]1]
iJim iJim vrsY AMimRq Dwrw ]
mnu pIvY suin sbdu bIcwrw ]
And ibnod kry idn rwqI sdw sdw hir kylw jIau ]2]
jnm jnm kw ivCuiVAw imilAw ]
swD ik®pw qy sUkw hirAw ]
sumiq pwey nwmu iDAwey gurmuiK hoey mylw jIau ]3]
jl qrMgu ijau jlih smwieAw ]
iqau joqI sMig joiq imlwieAw ]
khu nwnk BRm kty ikvwVw bhuiV n hoeIAY jaulw jIau ]4]19]26]

maajh mehalaa 5 ||
sabh kishh ghar mehi baahar naahee ||
baahar ttolai so bharam bhulaahee ||
gur parasaadhee jinee a(n)thar paaeiaa so a(n)thar baahar suhaelaa jeeo ||1||
jhim jhim varasai a(n)mrith dhhaaraa ||
man peevai sun sabadh beechaaraa ||
anadh binodh karae dhin raathee sadhaa sadhaa har kaelaa jeeo ||2||
janam janam kaa vishhurriaa miliaa ||
saadhh kirapaa thae sookaa hariaa ||
sumath paaeae naam dhhiaaeae guramukh hoeae maelaa jeeo ||3||
jal thara(n)g jio jalehi samaaeiaa ||
thio jothee sa(n)g joth milaaeiaa ||
kahu naanak bhram kattae kivaarraa bahurr n hoeeai joulaa jeeo ||4||19||26||

Maajh, Fifth Mehla:
Everything is within the home of the self; there is nothing beyond.
One who searches outside is deluded by doubt.
By Guru's Grace, one who has found the Lord within is happy, inwardly and outwardly. ||1||
Slowly, gently, drop by drop, the stream of nectar trickles down within.
The mind drinks it in, hearing and reflecting on the Word of the Shabad.
It enjoys bliss and ecstasy day and night, and plays with the Lord forever and ever. ||2||
I have now been united with the Lord after having been separated and cut off from Him for so many lifetimes;
by the Grace of the Holy Saint, the dried-up branches have blossomed forth again in their greenery.
I have obtained this sublime understanding, and I meditate on the Naam; as Gurmukh, I have met the Lord. ||3||
As the waves of water merge again with the water,
so does my light merge again into the Light.
Says Nanak, the veil of illusion has been cut away, and I shall not go out wandering any more. ||4||19||26||


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