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Cute Video Explaining The Turban


Aug 23, 2016
In regards to Turban and Kesh. What is a Turban, is it just a head covering like a bandana, or is it more like the Jewish Tichel and Islamic Hijab. And with Kesh, does that refer to only the hair on your head, or your whole body. This may have been asked on another forum topic and if so I apologize.


May 9, 2006
Turban (also called a dastaar) is a headdress worn mainly by Sikhs (but also by other people) and is characterised by it's usually distinctive shape (the video shows illustrations of people wearing turbans) and the fact that it's usually a long length of fabric wound around the head many times.

A turban is not equivalent to a tichel or hijab. A patka is sort of like a tichel, I suppose, but it's still not a turban.

Kesh... well, that one is complicated. I am led to believe that 'kesh' means hair, while 'rom' means body hair specifically. Most of the time though, Sikhs say kesh = all hairs, anywhere.

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