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Covering Heads

Jun 3, 2007
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Respected Sadh Sangat Ji

This extract i have taken from the site mentioned at the end of posting. Please express ur views.

As a tradition it has been there to cover our heads whenever we are in a company of elders. It has been more as a respect then ritual. But wearing a turban is more scientific then ritual. In older days people who were from upper caste could only wear turbans, carry kirpan and riding on the back of horse. But Guru ji said that his Khalsa will not only wear turban but will also carry kirpan and ride on the back of horses.
If you look closely at the universe you would notice that our is the only living planet. There is energy that flows around the earth, but that energy is guided and protected by ozone layer. Which means the ultra violet rays of sun are filtered before it reaches us and the atmosphere that is present around earth is prevented from flowing out i.e. energy is well preserved. Where as, planets that do not have ozone protecting them, the temperatures reaches beyond human existence.
Guru ji knew it very well, there is energy that flows out from our heads, in order to preserve it we wear turban, so that we are well protected from both sides. The first side is if we fall our turban help us and give us a cushion, it protect us from heat and cold. The other side is it preserves our energy and makes it well confined.
The most important thing for me is it has been ordered to us by Guru ji, it gives us identity and I think that is most important.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji


Gurvinder Kaur

Sidqui sikh

Jan 9, 2009
Your views on the issue of wearing turban were both scientific and spirtual but what about those who get their head shaved off what is the reson behind their this act :idea:!

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