Dec 4, 2011
One should understand what the thread is about?
.The thread is for specific Word s pronunciation.Why unnecessarily create deviations for confusion.?
As ever I am grateful for your remarks and views.


Prakash ji

Harry ji is correct, many of the threads have been hijacked with unnecessary grammar issues that deviate in no paricular direction or with a valid explanation.


Aug 19, 2022
First of all, Guru Gobind Singh Sahibji de gurpurab di bahut bahut wadhai howe.

Secondly, Please help me on this:
What is the correct pronunciation of the word: Waheguru.

In Gurmukhi, there is sihari(i) to the letter h in the word waheguru. Do we pronounce it as WAAH-E-GURU or WAAH-GURU without the long A sound.

For example: In the word AAD, there is sihari to the letter d, but we don't pronounce it as AAD-E. Similarly, In Sat Shri Akal, There is Sihari to the letter t, and we say it SAT not SAT-E.

My thinking is that there is a pause and stress to the letter where there is Sihari to the letter and not the E(long a) sound.

Actually its a bit confusing how every body says (Wa hae) Guru but when I was young my Grandmother always use to say (Wah) Guru, it always use to feel different then all of us use to say, as she studied and learned all gurmukhi and path from Gurudwara at her young age. So when I say it like her it makes so much difference and easy to me to say (Wah) Guru) or (Wah) Guru Ji Ka Khalsa (Wah) Guru Ji Ki Fathe. Be forgive if say something wrong but that's my thoughts

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
firstly the waheguru or wahiguru is written by bhat gayand on sggss pag 1402 and 1403
next how it came to be ; before gayand, parmanand keeps praying and sayign wah guru and repeat
then the next came the turn of Gayand; he also started praying by saying wah guru, wah guru. then he combined the two togather. gramatically it can become waheguru or wahiguru. Gayand adopted the word W A H I G U R U.the sihari is proniunced as half or not complete like heee.
then bhai gurdas also copied it and made his own which is completely wrong explanation although he also said wahiguru.
wahiguru is the correct word because other than Gayand no one has mentioned it in sggs.

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
Ambarsariah Ji, Gurfateh.

YES JI..Prof sahib Singh Ji has doen a Monumental seva of the Guru Khalsa Panth with hsi Grammar based Guru Granth darpan in 10 Volumes. Its the Best katah so far.

I have no idea IF the Gurbani Viakran is available in Soft copy. I have 2 copies . The Hard Copy just published is avilable form Singh bros at their new shop in Industrial Focal Point Amrtisar...a little bit further from the darbar sahib than their old shop. The New edition is better paper. I have 2 just to make it convneient so I have a copy handy downstairs in my study room/Computer Table ...and upstairs in my bedroom/computer table.

2. The Beas Connection..Ha Ha..they have been trying to "recruit" me for past 20 years... have sent personal driver and car to pick me up from New delhi Airport every year...I use that to go to Darbar Sahib !!.FOC .and always politely declined..a detour to BEAS.....but in 2006 did succumb to a viisit (Day visit only)..and I was shown around the entire Complex..langgars and all...and YES its superlative service and very well organised..and USD/British Pounds/Euros compared to Indian Rupees !! Thats becasue they make millions. But the Teaching failed to IMPRESS ME...and I said so straight away...still the car and driver was waiting as usual in 2007, 2008, 2009 and i guess they havent lost hope yet....and the Parcels of sawan singhs books charan singhs books etc continue to arrive FREE at my address without fail and i send them to the Recycling Centre and pocket the fee !!( tax FREE )..But i love their perseverence..IF only the SGPC had even 0.0000000000000000000000001$ of THAT perseverence..we would have Amrtidharees all over the Punjab/World in great numbers...:eek:rangesingh:gingerteakaur
you are great giani jee. thank u