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Leisure Convoluted Story


Oct 14, 2012
Surrey, Canada
Well, this isn't quite an intro. But it isn't quite not one either. And it is kind of an explanation as to where I'm at right now in several arenas. Call it a short autobiography... ;-)

As some of you know, I've been learning punjabi for a while. I have a blog I write in partly about that. I've been appreciating aspects of punjabi/Sikh/Indian culture more and more (I put all three as I know there is overlap to a degree). I really enjoy going to the gurdwara, even though I do consider myself to be between agnostic and atheist. I find it peaceful and calm and hey yeah there's good food. ;-) and I really want to go to India. There are some friends I've made over there, and I really want to a) have the experience of doing so and b) meet those people before too many years to by. But I've been through a long round of bad luck and (touch wood) I hope I'm just about to come out of the tunnel. When I say bad luck, I mean nasty costly divorce, horrible custody battle, and almost loss of my kids, as well as loss of a baby, almost loss of a relative, and there is more but I won't go on. I honestly don't know how I'll manage to save up for a trip to India...as much as I want to visit. I won't say I've been good at saving money ever, but it's been especially tight the last number of months. I don't know for sure what the next few months holds. I do know that unless I win the lottery there's a darn good chance I won't get there until March 2016 at the earliest (boo hoo :'( ). So I guess I could also call this a vent. ;-)

Thanks for listening ;-)

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