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Jul 30, 2004
Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Well bro !

Das think you have so far come accross the Dayananda type of Sikhs.

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you will get the answer.

As a Sikh Das can bow his head in all direction thinking of God Akal.

Who made God'sown form like that of Rama,Krishan,Jesus or Rasool Mohmud(PBUH).

That God is present in present Avtar of Khalsa.Like form of Rama did worship universe by serving universe.

And universe in Total form of Akal(God).

So Avtar of this Era Khalsa is here to serve universe.That is Sikhi.Well about holy Vedas why are there Six differant opininon or Philosophy over there in interpretting Vedas?

By will of source of Veda Akal.Do not say that there is no God in Veda it is your interpetaion.And you are human with five sense and may not be knowing about other senses.There is a verse in Rig Veda(Das is sorry that he can not rember page number )but it stated that about two sages were protected by Demon by worshipping Indra(This not a demi God but an attribute of Akal God of Sikhs).

so like Dayananda's Nayik version you have got to work with Sikhs who are Arya Samaj version of Sikhs.

This could be first time that you could have met Sikh from Sanatan Dharama.

By mercy of Akal das will try to answer your question.Gurmat is there by God to complement Vedas and Holy Bible and Holy Kuran as there are a good lots of misinterpetations in them.There are attempts to misinterpret Gurmat also.

Das is not mistaken when you asked that Guru was not knoung the differance between Meat and like student saying that Teacher is not not knowing as he is asking the question to take Exam.Guru was only asking there to Brahmins and Vedics to tell what is the diffarance and if they do not know then by they treat both Veg and non Veg .

Just look the link of Das below where he answered some of your queries.

You are wrong if you say that creationed already has occured and Vedas were there.It is your faith and it may what Vedas say.but you can not show the oldest copy of Veda which is at the time of creation as we have techniques by carbon or nulcaer dating which can prove that.

Das can make a Fifth Veda and can say that it passed to him via oral tradition and infact it has writtian in it that it is from the time of Creation.

By the way what is creation?

Creation of Universe? or World?Do not you know that Creation is still on of universe as it is still expanding.So continous state of creation is Evolution.

At present Das a former Hindu with Arya Samaji mother and with some knowledge of Stayarth Prakhash can say that Religion has evoloed to best as Khalsa order were follwer enjoys the status of Guru or even higher.

truth regarding us is that more someone hurts us more strong we become.Logic and mind have some limitation.

Das is hoping to hear the answer from you that as per your interpetationof Veda Just tell Das WHY our Brain works(Das can tell by Veda as For Das Veda is from Akal but like Sikh scripture or Vedas or Semitic texts.It is Akal who binds the book and no book can bind Akal).

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